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Mar 6, 2015
First episode starts off with a sex scene. As a matter of fact, 99% of the episode alone is made up of it. Little-to-no (non hentai) dialogue in between. No plot whatsoever, cuts straight to the nukige. Great to watch if you're a fan of paizuri's and huge oppai. Ridiculously huge oppai. Other than that there's no girl-on-girl action. Just the main guy who's a born again virgin every time he goes at it with each herorine, one at a time. Animation and sound is decent. ED has some funky jazz instrumentals.
Sep 7, 2014
Great to watch for futa fans. All the "goddesses" are futas. Main girl (redhead, who looks like Rias from High School DxD) has white angel wings, and antagonist "goddesses" have dark fallen angel wings. All the girls featured have some time screen throughout the OVA. No blondes, sadly. Nice blend of story (fighting and action) and sex scenes (of course), not too much sex where it goes on and on, and not too much plot where you just want to skip to the sex scenes. Penises arn't overly exaggerated, yes they're large, but at least they're reasonably large. Animation is good, decent 2011 OVA quality. read more
Aug 7, 2014
A nice change of pace compared to the recent hentai OVAs I've been watching, of which most were based off of eroges (either filled with nukige, rape, NTR or just dark themes in general). This one, however, is based off of a manga, of which I have not read, so I can't give any comparisons, but I enjoyed this OVA enough to add it to my read list.

It's a vanilla friendly comedy with slightly less emphasis on the sex than your typical hentai, slightly. So the sex scenes don't make up too much of each episode, but it's still hentai. Since its a 2006 animation, read more