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Feb 11, 2013 4:56 PM
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Skull Man
Skull Man
Feb 11, 2013 4:47 PM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 7
Rikujou Bouei-tai Mao-chan
Rikujou Bouei-tai Mao-chan
Feb 11, 2013 4:43 PM
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Lost World
Lost World
Feb 11, 2013 4:41 PM
Completed 19/19 · Scored 6
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai: Meakashi-hen
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai: Meakashi-hen
Feb 11, 2013 4:41 PM
Completed 21/21 · Scored 7
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Yoigoshi-hen
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni: Yoigoshi-hen
Feb 11, 2013 4:38 PM
Completed 14/14 · Scored 7


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Kawada Apr 13, 2011 12:31 AM
Huh... Interesting, I had no idea Laon was so steeped in Japanese mythology. I've seen this at the library but the cover reminded me of typical action stories. I'll have to check this out sometime. Thanks!
Kawada Nov 5, 2010 7:34 PM
Hey, it's been awhile! Sorry for the long silence, I don't visit this site often anymore. I hope everything is still going well for you!

For some reason, I was drawn to the premise of Bunny Drop when it was licensed. I don't normally enjoy manga about raising children ("Baby & Me" comes to mind) but there was something about it that drew me in before I ever read it. Maybe I'm just getting old... XD

Daisy's premise reminded me of a few other rom-coms, until I realized it was made in 1986! I think I saw the cover years ago but didn't think anything of it. I like quirky shows though, so I might have to track this one down. Also, I've been looking into Eden of the East and I definitely want to pick it up at some point. I don't know much about the story but the unique art-style really caught my eye.

I hate to say it but I still haven't had much time for anime or manga recently! At the very least, I haven't found any new pearls worth recommending. Actually, I haven't even been writing creatively like I used to. More than just my time, it feels like class, work, and my home duties are draining even my interest in certain things. Hopefully it's just a phase...

By the way, you wondered why I was surprised by my sudden interest in comic books; for awhile now, I think I subconsciously placed US comics at a lower quality level than manga. I also believed 99% of comic books were about superheroes (thanks, Hollywood!). As it turns out, only about 40% of all comics are "super". Anyway, I started out with a few manga digests, came across some adaptations (Bubblegum Crisis, Captain Harlock), looked into the artists, and went from there. Now I have two long-boxes full of the amusing comics I've found... I think I'm past the point of no return. orz
Kawada Oct 2, 2010 12:52 PM
My friend came back from Japan a little over a week ago, with some "Umineko no Naku Koro ni" merch in tow (manga and game). All is forgiven. :D

Speaking of the Shonen Sunday and IKKI sites, it seems like Yen Plus has become something like a pay version of those two. I liked using it to find new manga and manhwa (I had only ever read a couple generic and poorly-drawn manhwa before Pig Bride) but now that the series list is fairly static, and I'm collecting my favorite full volumes anyway, there's no point. Well, it was nice while it lasted. Did you ever get to check out the magazine?

The first set of Toradora apparently had some video issues, such as aliasing and ghosting (2+ frames shown superimposed when you pause the disc). It was on both discs, as well as on the Persona set, so I'm guessing it only happened because NIS had never produced video-only discs before then. The second set seems to be fine and the replacements for the first set are a definite improvement. If you do purchase the first set, I think you'll still be able to get in on the replacement offer. (For whatever reason, NIS isn't recalling the old sets to replace the discs themselves...)

I always have a good time in the comic store. One of the main duties I have is taking bulk comics from the back and organizing them by company. Basically, I get to check out new comics AND expand my comic knowledge base! I noticed just the other day that I'm more familiar with some titles and characters than I was about six months ago. I've even gotten into a couple of series myself, which feels strange. Oh well, it's always good to expand your horizons, especially when you can enjoy the process.

Has anything new happened with you recently?
Kawada Sep 7, 2010 1:14 AM
It's been awhile! I'm doing well (though my friend going to Japan next week is slightly disheartening :P) My classes have been getting slightly more hectic, so my grasp of the anime world has been slipping. Luckily, I always have time for manga. I've been trying out a few of the new Ikki and Shonen Sunday titles, and Yen has introduced some good titles to me as well. Pig Bride is one of very few manhwa I've ever enjoyed, Pandora Hearts surprised me in chapter three by drawing me in completely, and Cross Game (shonen sports/slice-of-life) will probably become one of my favorites before it's over. I would make another mention for Moyasimon but it seems to be MIA right now...

Yeah, TRSI's acquisition of Utena makes me glad I only ever bought the first CPM set (right before they went under).I'll have to rewatch it and see how it is. (All that comes to mind is the exceptionally long staircase sequence in each episode, to "Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku" :D) As for CMX, I think the last manga I bought from them was Land of the Blindfolded... I guess I wasn't their target market. It's still sad to see DC giving up on manga. The one industry surprise that really caught me off guard was NIS America's intro to anime. Toradora license~! I can't recommend Toradora highly enough, but it's hard to get some people into unlicensed series. I can't think of any anime I want licensed as badly as I wanted that (other than Umineko) but I'm looking forward to what else they have in store!

Kingyo Used Books is such a fun series. It reminds us what manga fandom is really about. I've been putting some of my free time into working at a local comic shop, and it is shocking how many adults walk into the store to pick up the newest issue of a series they have collected for over a decade. Such dedication to a character or setting blows me away. Kingyo is the only manga depiction of that dedication I've been able to find, so it has been a fun ride so far.

To be honest, I almost dropped Afterschool Charisma after the first couple of chapters. The idea of clones being trained to follow in their predecessors' footsteps isn't the most original or entertaining idea I've come across. But being killed in the same way as the original historical figures? That piqued my interest. Developments in volume two are really screwing with my mind though. I can't imagine what kind of ending the author will give us but I think it's going to be awesome.

Good to hear from you again! I've had trouble keeping up with friends recently but I always enjoyed our conversations. Have a great week!
Kawada Mar 16, 2010 7:22 PM
I've been cutting back on watching and reading series; with all my time devoted to classwork, etc., I'm trying not to start anything new. I tried that "Baka to Test" anime Funi licensed -- I like the concept of test scores converting into battle points, though the rest of it (typical personalities, fanservice, etc.) seems somewhat shaky. I finally read and loved Moyashimon (bought it in November, shows how well my backlog is going :P). Oh! I don't think I've mentioned Future Diary before; it's one of my current favorite manga! It has a Death Note vibe to it, though there's more comedy in FD. I highly recommend checking it out when you can.

How about you? I'm sure it has been tough for you too, but I hope you've gotten to step back occasionally and watch something fun.
Kawada Feb 26, 2010 5:51 PM
Thanks for the birthday greetings! I was able to do some interesting things to celebrate (at least slightly out of the ordinary) so I had a good time.

I've had tougher classes than ever before recently (hence the sloooowpooooke nature of this message). It's good, solid work that makes me realize just how close I'm getting to my degree. The problem is that I haven't seen anyone aside from my family and classmates in at least half a year now... -.-'

How are things going on your end?
Kawada Nov 20, 2009 3:39 PM
Sorry you weren't able to get into the VA panel. Actually, it's odd but the only anime I know Chuck Huber from is Soul Eater. -.-' So I suppose the vendors' room has been reduced to local retailers? I hope it's due to the recession and not the drop in popularity of AZ cons.

As for Japanese audio studies, I recommend using J-music. There have been a few times when I've heard a phrase in a song that almost makes sense, except for one word. I looked that word up and went back to the song to put the puzzle together. Some of those have stuck in my mind, and when I heard them again, I was reminded of the original phrase. I'm not sure if that will work for you but I recommend trying it out. I hope this helps!

Kawada Nov 20, 2009 12:00 PM
Happy birthday!!! I guess you might be at the age when you don't do much to celebrate, but I hope it goes well nonetheless!

(More to come later; I've tried sending this message three times already, I just want to make sure the site isn't doing something wonky...)
Kawada Nov 15, 2009 11:06 AM
Were you able to go to Saboten-Con? I haven't heard anything about what happened this year; I guess they had low attendance...?
Mimi_Taylor Oct 13, 2009 12:38 PM
O thankya! I saw someone mention that under a Monster clip on YT, but I didn't venture over to the site yet. Now I can do it with a simple click! -is a lazy person-

Well, I'll be sure to catch it next Ani-Monday. This will be my third time re-watching the series lol.
Mimi_Taylor Oct 13, 2009 7:16 AM
Haha looks like we feel the same about Monster! Especially with Tenma's voice.. xD Unfortunately I missed it when it aired on Syfy. T.T But I checked out the eng dub clips on Youtube. Not bad--I'm just happy that Monster is going to be more known around these parts. xD
Kawada May 28, 2009 10:13 PM
So sorry about the long silence! Things have been moving at a breakneck pace for me recently, and most of my time off has been dedicated either to relaxing with backlogged material or setting up our new computer (and even that time has been limited before this week). But the worst is over now, my bookmarks are back, and I'm hoping I'll return to a stable state of mind soon.

Negima is the most mixed bag amongst all the anime I've seen. The original series is fairly accurate to the manga; it's downsides include an extremely low animation budget, mangled character designs, and an ending that eliminates any possibility of a continuation. The first OAV series (Haru/Natsu) is produced by a new company and takes material from the original manga that the first series never got around to; both stories have a fair amount of ecchi elements, though. The same company made a new TV series (Negima!?) which, while having accurate chara designs, deviates completely from the manga. It's still fun, and was marketed toward a younger audience, meaning less fanservice and more story (and gags/references galore). Most recently, Akamatsu commissioned the company to once again make new Negima OAVs, this time following a few chapters of the manga precisely. The animation quality isn't great for the most part (I'm used to more colorful scenes from SHAFT, but they really followed the manga's style well). The character designs are spot-on and even includes some characters never before seen in animated form. It's easy to see how anyone could get confused... ^.^; FWIW, the Kujibiki Unbalance series shown in Genshiken is said to be Kio Shimoku's poke at Negima (two separate anime, with two separate mangas). Anyway, I hope that helps somewhat.

There have been less interesting series coming out recently than I'm used to. Maybe I've just been jaded by shows like Haruhi and Spice & Wolf (licensed, w00!). The two big ones I've noticed are Basquash and K-ON. The latter I always expected to enjoy, coming from KyoAni, but Basquash came out of nowhere. It has a very Eureka Seven-ish feel without being too similar to anything that has come before it. As for DVDs... Well, I've basically just been trying to fill in the cracks in my collection recently, rather than starting new sets. How about you? Has anything in particular piqued your interest?

Hope you're enjoying the summer so far!!
Kawada Mar 28, 2009 12:39 PM
Just a quick note: I tried sending you a message just now and my message was lost. I'll try writing again later but, well... it was a long message. ^.^; Talk to you soon!
Kawada Jan 23, 2009 7:47 PM
I tried sending you a text-message from the con, but just in case you didn't get it...

The staff member who took my ticket told me that participants must sign up and pay for their memberships in person. The good news is that she said Saturday-only passes weren't selling well so far (~12:45 pm) and that there should still be some available tomorrow. Also, the first panel tomorrow starts at 10:30 am; I'll probably be arriving ten minutes before that.

I'm sorry I couldn't be of much help but hopefully everything will turn out well!
Kawada Jan 22, 2009 9:10 PM
Sorry about that. O.O I knew the price went up after yesterday; I didn't know online registration was taken down... Tell you what: Since I'm going tomorrow anyway, I'll see if I can buy a Saturday pass and have them hold the paperwork until you check in. With few other options remaining, that's the only hope I can offer.

(Procrastination is fun, but only as an -ing and never as an -ed) :D