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Jul 21, 2010
10/10. This was a series I happen to stumble upon. It took merely 5 minutes into episode 1 for me to be hooked. This series really created an atmosphere, a storyline, and characters that are enjoyable and entertaining. I watched all of season one in ONE day.

The pacing, I thought, was excellent. I would've loved to see more episodes, but they managed to give you a lot of information with a good balance between the 13 episodes. There was never a point where I was bored, or waiting for it to get on with the story. I was thoroughly involved the whole way along. read more
Jun 20, 2010

What amazing luck. I happen to complete the game the same week the movie comes out. This caught me completely by surprise, but I was extremely excited. When I initially started the game, I thought it was a bit corny and maybe even childish, but a few hours in and there was incredible character development and storyline threads stretching across, to the point where I even cared for the villains. Truly an exceptional experience from the game.

If you are a fan of the game, then there's no doubt you will love this movie. I went in with no expectations, except knowing that read more
Jan 11, 2010
I kept hearing things about this movie, so I finally came around to watching it. On first glance, visually and stylistically, this isn't the type of stuff I'm drawn to. But within a few minutes, the art style grew on me, along with the main character.

This movie really did catch me by surprise. The movie is about....well...a girl who leapt through time. Simple, right? But instead of some cheesy time travel movie with a visit to dinosaurs and futuristic robots, this movie remained fairly realistic.

There were no character types or cliches, there were no contrived problems and overly dramatic scenarios. The characters felt read more
Jan 4, 2010
I was drawn into this series from the very first episode. It's dark, it's gritty, and its emotional. I really enjoy how the show has short but interesting arcs. The first arc dealt with the "laughing witch" and that alone just pulled me in. Spoilers aside, it was a very engaging, emotional arc for me. I actually cared about the characters involved!

I really love the art style and I think though the pacing may be a bit off sometimes, there are very interesting hints dropped by here and there that are always tied in as you progress. I really love that.

This series isn't read more