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Initial D Fourth Stage
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Initial D Third Stage
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Initial D Second Stage
Nov 12, 4:33 PM
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Mandy Jan 19, 8:48 PM
I have to say I know this 'situation'. I'm not that good in keeping conversations up, too. I'm trying to respond to messages and comments as far as I have the time for because of studying and work, but sadly sometimes the contact breaks off.
It must be really annoying not to enjoy anime as you used to. Let's just hope that someday your affection returns. Of course I could try to recommend you some of my favorite shows but I see no sense in it because you already have seen most of them :D
By the way I hope you feel better soon.
Mandy Jan 13, 6:59 PM
Thank you for responding after all this time!

Now I'm looking really forward to start the anime when I got more time.
By the way why aren't you active here anymore? (if it's not too personal)
It's kinda sad because I really liked your profile design, it looked great!

Anyways, if you won't be active here anymore I wish you the best.
And again thank you for your help, you helped me a lot.
Mandy Dec 10, 2017 4:26 PM
Thank you for accepting the friends request <3
I saw that you got the Darker than Black series in your favorites.
Since a while I'm considering to begin the anime because I read that it should be pretty similar to Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, which is totally one of my all-time favorites.
But I also read that some kind of 'magic' (?) plays a bigger part through the plot. Is this magic aspect a main part of the series or more a minor- one? I already watched a bunch of magic based anime but sadly I never could really get into them.
So I wanted to ask you if you could still recommend it in good conscience to me?
MissIntrovert Aug 25, 2017 5:16 AM
YES! It's such a good website!!! I use it a lot for my renders, I didn't realize I forgot to paste the website XD

I found it looking for yuri renders of course :3
MissIntrovert Aug 22, 2017 5:28 PM
Lol I figured that :) it would take so much time to go through and tag everything though >.> just thinking about doing that gives me a headache.
If you ever need any females I also found this site:

It's in a different language (German I think) but I have the link to the renders already so you don't have to translate anything. I find there are some useul renders on there and some nice filters you can use to get the graphic you want.
It also has some other features and things you can use so I would definitely check it out :)
MissIntrovert Aug 22, 2017 4:53 PM
XD that's nice of you... not that I should be saying anything. Also good job on the render db!!!! Can't wait to use it. Just wish it was easier to search certain renders but this is still better than searching google all the time :)
MissIntrovert Aug 21, 2017 2:59 PM
lol nice :P I try to check it every once and awhile but I was really bad at that... I'm working on getting better XD

Maybe I will come up with a new one or maybe there's someone else who wants to give it a go!
MissIntrovert Aug 20, 2017 8:27 AM
O.O whoops... I guess I can try to make one similar to it if you don't have the time? I made a discord one on the club profile page and I think for the most part it matches pretty well :P
MissIntrovert Aug 19, 2017 11:33 PM
Just if you were still making them, there was a request a few weeks ago for a club card! Sorry o bother you I know you are busy with classes! :)
Yuunarii Aug 8, 2017 7:15 AM
Yay I'm not the only one. But yep true.. Fancy motion graphics aren't really necessary for my type of videos.

Very true yep, though I guess it's just human nature to wanna keep improving/learning more ^^
Yuunarii Aug 7, 2017 9:20 AM
Oww that's pretty awesome ^^ And yeah pretty much every company nowadays is begging for back-end developers nowadays XD Or at least.. Around here. Plus it's a really well paying job, so it's awesome you're this passionate about IT. Some of my classmates are also quite passionate about front and/or back-end development, though lots of them are also really passionate about designing.

Yeah around the age of 11 I started making crappy slideshows in WMM. Nowadays I work with Adobe After Effects, but I'm still not suuuuper skilled with the program. Mainly because the type of content I make doesn't necessary require that much of fancy After Effects stuff (like fancy motion graphics), though I still try my best to improve my editing ^^
And thank you :D Yeah I'm quite a nitpick, so I really wanted a nice looking end card.

Very true yep. I mean when I look back on the drawings I made a couple years ago I can tell I improved, but I'm still not satisfied where I am today XD But yeah you're right, that pretty much goes for any field ^^
Yuunarii Aug 7, 2017 8:08 AM
I know right. It's pretty much like: "Hey can I make an appointment with you regarding [something you need to talk about]"
"Oww sure I have time next month". Not that extreme of course, but.. You get the idea.

Oww no no no, it's just something I personally felt like trying out. And.. Seeing how I'm lazy I don't feel like looking for alternatives, seeing how I've gotten pretty familiar with jQuery.
Oww looks nice so far ^^ Damn, 9 years of coding? That's a long time O.o Personally I only have about 2 years of experience (all from college related stuff). Though I do have 8 years of digital drawing experience ^^ And about 10 years of video editing (though my skills in both fields are still a bit iffy XD)

Ah I see ^^ Meh.. Personally I lack that drive to continuously keep improving my coding skills, my passion lays more with drawing and visual communication/video stuff.
Yuunarii Aug 7, 2017 7:00 AM
True.. Over here every student does have their own "education guide person" sorta like a mentor (idk the exact english translation), but they don't really do much, unless you yourself go up to them and ask for help (say, you're struggling with something). Though then again, it's pretty hard getting a hold of these people, as they're pretty much busy 24/7, so if you need their help, they almost never have time. I haven't spoken to my mentor person in like.. A year or so XD
Yeah there's this one guy who's in my project group for semester 3 and 4, and he failed both semesters on the IT part of the learning goals. Which is really weird cause.. I'm pretty sure he's better at coding than I am (though I do know he's not the best at documenting).. So yeah..

True yep.. Especially when you're sure it's suppose to be working. Hell, I've even had times where the teacher came in to help out and even they couldn't figure out why it wasn't working.
Well.. We don't really get taught jQuery, but it's something I personally like to use, as it's a loooot easier to work with than raw javascript. I did a jQuery and CSS animation story project back in semester 3 ^^ Pretty much all the stuff regarding coding you learn in college all comes down to self teaching, watching tutorials, etc. Aside from semester 1, where you do get classes in that sort of stuff, to understand the basics of programming (we started out with C#). As for HTML and CSS, they basically threw a book at us and were like: Just.. Make a website.. You can use the book for help.

Uhm.. I do have some stuff put up online but there's nothing that I'm like.. SUPER proud of XD Most websites I started working on were just purely made for showing portfolio related stuff. So.. Yeah.. I've been meaning to make my own "professional" portfolio website, but I'm just waaaay too picky when it comes to the design, as I don't want the standard one-page, minimalistic type of website. I want it to be somewhat.. Cutesy.. But also professional.. Basically it needs to reflect me. I have made a start on it, but.. It's faaaar from finished.
Yuunarii Aug 7, 2017 6:21 AM
Ah I see, that sucks yeah. Our college tries to refrain from tests like that as much as possible, as to the teachers it's important you actually understand what you're doing and are capable of applying said knowledge, rather than just cram a bunch of theory in your head for a test.
And wtf that's indeed really biased D: Then again, it's the same way with grading here. This one guy got completely destroyed by one of the teachers when showing his learning portfolio (getting a lot of harsh criticism that was pretty much just all nitpicking), meanwhile me: "You had an amazing portfolio, very well written [insert some very minor criticism]."

Yeah.. Especially when you get stuck creating a web application, and you keep getting errors.. Here at IT & Media Design we mainly focus on front end development (only briefly touching upon back-end stuff during semester 2, where we had to build our own CMS). Front-end isn't THAT awful to do, as long as it isn't about coding web applications, I mostly enjoy doing the basic HTML, CSS and Javascript/jQuery stuff, and make websites look pretty :D

I hope so... I already showed them a lot of the work I've produced (both college stuff I made and my non-college stuff), so.. They kinda have an indication of what I can do... So.. Lets just hope for the best XD And thank you ^^
Yuunarii Aug 7, 2017 5:11 AM
Ah that sucks.. Yeah here at my college we tend to only have 1 "exam" each semester, all the way at the end. There's a set number of learning goals you need to pass by the end of the semester. The way you do this is by creating a giant portfolio/documentation thingy where you write down what you've learned throughout the semester in regards to each learning goal, and show evidence. Imo it's a bit of a flawed way of juging students, as a large part of you passing will be determined how well you explained yourself within your "learning portfolio". If you're awful at writing/describing things, you're kinda screwed ^^; That, plus teachers tend to be pretty biased (personally I just happen to be lucky being be able to write documentation pretty well, plus teachers just overal like me, though I do feel really bad whenever I see other classmates get low grades despite them working just as hard as me :c)

Hmm.. I wouldn't say I HATE it but... It's not my fav part nope XD I mean, I'm pretty decent at web based coding and stuff, but it's sooooo boring and mentally draining. But yeah, I already firmly told my contact person at the company that I'd rather keep the IT part of the intership as tiny as possible.

It's mainly because I've never had a job before, neither have I done an internship before, so I'm really scared of what's to come. So I have no idea what to expect.. I'm mainly afraid the company will have too high of expectations of me and leave me to do stuff all on my own.