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Dec 2, 2012
Tackling a dark concept, with a dynamic story line Sword Art Online shines as an example to Anime storytelling.
Characters tackle nearly every human emotion, each time tearing your heart out with pity, hope, and tension. And with each event the characters develop and mature in multifaceted ways.
The show pulls you into its world, surprising you when you are reminded that they are still playing a game.
Romance, tension, drama, and bits of comedy combine to create a show with a deep compelling story line. I can't recommend it more.
Mar 18, 2012
Love Hina set up most of the traditional comedy romance elements. Ken Akamatsu (the director) did a great job of popularizing a set up that is still looked upon to this day. From over the top moments of comedy, to the heart racing moments of romance, you will be on the edge of your seat the entire time. But be warned that some of the elements he popularized (the tsundere, the girl from the main character's childhood) are better implemented in other anime. The characters never really break out of their two dimensions throughout this anime. There isn't a lot of revelation to who they read more
Mar 3, 2012
Toradora! Takes the traditional comedy/romance genre and delivers. The anime consistently provides fresh content and three dimensional characters (especially later on). The story may be a classic theme, but the interplay of drama, comedy, and romance creates something beautiful. Unlike many other anime of this nature, this one isn't "episodic" like the others. Rather, the characters and the issues consistently build as the show progresses. The art in this anime is great, especially the animations, but it isn't as "outstanding" as the story. Sound wise, besides the intro and outro music (which are both catchy) there is only the traditional ambience that plays. Overall,
this read more
Feb 26, 2012
In every sense of the word, this anime is unconventional. But I say that in the best possible way. From the first episode the show highlights both the situation and the tone of the entire piece. Parts of Spice and Wolf are romantic and humorous, other parts are dramatic and thought provoking. Fortunately, the pace at which the story uses these elements is perfect, never giving the audience too much or too little. Even so, it isn't till the third or fourth episodes that we see what the show is really known for: The conspiracy and economics that are always at work. This is what read more