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Jul 27, 2018
Set 6 months before the opening the the bakery. Nekopara OVA Extra gives information about Chocola and Vanilla when they first starting living with the other cat girls.

The plot has two different stories that make up the entire episode, Chocola and Vanilla timidly accepting Kashou and the other cat girls as their family. And the second is them celebrating Christmas. It does well with the serious moment and with the hilarious parts. With the majority being funny moments.

The art is on the same level as the original ova that got released back in 2017. So it still looks very good. Every character looks completely adorable.

As ...
Dec 23, 2017
You should not watch this special before watching the main series as it brings in characters that appear and will spoil some moments.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Jugyou is pretty much a small side-story that involves characters that appear throughout the series. Set in a school with Yuuri and Chito. Each episode is short discussing a similar subject or event that happened in the episode of Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou. The art is more "cartoony" than the original series.

If you enjoyed the original series then this is something cute that you should enjoy. I would recommend that you watch this alongside the original.
Nov 29, 2017
So this is the most recent ova for the to love series, being released on the 10th anniversary. I'm going to keep this review short since this is only 1 episode.

Story - 7
Story for this ova is simple, multiplication. This is the result of Lala's invention, its effect on Riko, and how they try to fix the situation.

Art - 6
The look of this episodes matches the look of To Love Ru Darkness and its ova's so nothing out of the ordinary.

Sound - 6
The VA's for this episode did a alright job for this and with multiple voices of Riko at the same time it still ...

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