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Sep 1, 2019
My review unlike most others for this anime will be biased simply due to how I connected with this.

In my lifetime of watching anime I have always wondered where the anime with both sex and story were, one that maturely and realistically develops relationships.

I finally found one that fit the query of my searches.

This anime is ugly. Not in a Artistic sense rather the characters you will hate almost every single character and by the end you will hopefully respect most of them.

I connected with these characters because I saw a little piece of myself in every single one of them, the naivety, the desperation, read more
Jun 29, 2019

This feels like a PG version of cowboy bebop in every possible way, it doesn't have any super heavy themes but is nonetheless enjoyable.

The art is decent, above average in my opinion however movement can be choppy at times, the characters aren't anything exceptional however none are intolerable, the story like the characters is fairly vanilla, sound likewise however overall it is a enjoyable show.

Wont change your life but certainly wont hinder it, I recommend this to anyone wanting a lighthearted fun show to watch especially if you don't mind classic anime cliches every now and then.