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Nov 21, 2016
The review will be mainly of the first 4 seasons.

From the very name of the anime you already understand you are going to see something out of the ordinary. “Yuujin” is not a word very commonly used in anime, its either “nakama” for comrades or “tomodachi” for friends. However Yuujin carries with it a weight, and it tells you this show is not one of those simple “happy go lucky” ones, and boy didn’t it carry a lot of weight.

The show starts off right in the middle of action and uses the action as an exposition of its nature. This serves its purpose of engrossing read more
Mar 6, 2016
FLCL (Anime) add (All reviews)
So lets see, I have seen the anime world pretty divided in opinion about this one, some calling it a masterpiece and some calling it trash. So I am going to start by busting a few myths. Unfortunately spoilers will follow.


Now that we have got these two away lets start analyzing to see what the show really is.

As I had said before this show is how you interpret it. And no, do not stop after watching episode 1 because it is essentially read more
Jan 7, 2016
Anime review(part 2)

tl;dr at the bottom
Anime:- Major
*check my previous review on S3 before reading this*
This is for seasons 4,5,6 epilogue and world series OVA.
Genre:- Sports, Drama, romance

As I had said in my first review the first 3 seasons are appetizers, the real deal starts from season 4.

These three seasons are undoubtedly right at the top of sports anime genre, treading a path very few sports anime do. Most of the anime have a school setting in this genre, while a select few like Giant killing, One outs and a few others go on to show us the professional nature of sports. And Major read more
Jan 7, 2016
Anime review(part 1)

This review will have the first 3 seasons mainly.

Firstly, Major is essentially one of the most complete anime you can find, I will give a list of who can enjoy this anime, and you will see it really does cover a very broad spectrum of watchers.

The first episode of major was incredible, so incredible that I was literally hooked into a marathon. While one of the more well know drama VN/anime maker Jun Maeda requires at least 10 episodes to start the drama, this anime gets you into the drama in the first episode itself. By fifth episode you are literally reeling in read more
Dec 21, 2015
Now that I have got your attention via my ratings (even when I know many will insta dislike my review), read the last paragraph at least. lol

Do try and read through this fully..

One Punch Man, saviour of anime or just a creator of an idiotic fanbase?

So its over, the most anticipated anime of fall 2015. An anime which generated so much fanbase that it routinely got subreddits of the day and had a subtopic created in meme pages. But as experience teaches us, popularity does not automatically convert to quality but we also cant deny if we act as hipsters and start dishing out read more
Nov 29, 2015
Genre:- Slice of Life, Romance(yes its there and not yuri), Drama

tl;dr- A slice of life anime that ticks the right boxes, leaving you with a warm fuzzy feeling. If you need a healing anime and cannot really get into Aria and the likes because of less drama, this one just might be for you. It pulls your heartstrings in the first half and gives a memorable conclusion in the second. An anime that everyone should watch. Of course I cannot guarantee that you will like it or it is flawless, but then it will all depend on how much you focus on the flaws itself. read more
May 21, 2015
Gosick (Anime) add (All reviews)
Anime review:-
Anime:- Gosick
Genre:- Supernatural/Mystery/Romance
Number of Episodes:-24
Rating:- Animation and Artwork-8/10, Music:-8.5/10, Voice Acting:-7/10, Story-8/10, Coherence-7/10, Characters-6/10, Enjoyment-9/10(53.5/70)

To review Gosick is a really tough job. This anime has so many things going right for it and the fact that yet it fails to satisfy is what makes it so difficult. I would not go so far as to call this anime the anime of two halves but from the time the anime changed its ED it lost its charm. Let us talk about the positives first and then we will try to figure out where it went wrong.

The artwork is really nice for the setting in early read more
Apr 11, 2015
“All of us are in love. It hasnt all been smooth sailing. Mistakes may have been made. But the love we felt when we first met our sweethearts is certainly the most cherished thing. We will take those feelings one by one and carry them with us into our futures.”
There couldnt have been a better ending words to this anime.

Anime review:-
Anime:- Hatsukoi Limited
Genre:- Romace/Comedy/School/Drama
Number of episodes-12

Rating:- Animation and Artwork-7, Music-9, Voice Acting-9, Story-9, Characters-8, Coherence-10, Enjoyment-9.5(61.5/70) This is for par-8 scale, if rescaled to par-6, this anime will get a 7.5/10(above par/should be watched by this genre lovers)

This anime was suggested to me by read more
Feb 27, 2015
I had been looking for nice romance anime(not manga, because there are plenty there) after I had watched most of the common ones. I found this on my kissanme bookmark and remembered somebody had recommended this to me before but since I was not a fan of horror genre I didnt watch it immediately. But somehow from the first episode of this anime I was hooked and it turned out pretty good too.

The artwork and animation was beautiful. They used the artwork brilliantly to differentiate between the “main characters” and the “other people” at a level even superior to Durarara!! The “ghosts” were also drawn read more
Sep 15, 2014

This is one of the rare anime out there which exudes poetic brilliance. It is very disheartening to see when people talk about anime, they think mostly action/shounen. I think the slice of life genre is much more bountiful and enjoyable than those popular shounen anime that people watch. And this anime reiterated that view.
While I rate an anime the order of rating is Animation, Music, Story, Characters, Enjoyment. There is a reason behind that order. It is in this order that an anime catches my attention. And it is in the reverse order that an anime "continues" to catch my attention. Nagi no Asakura read more