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Aug 27, 2015
If you just finished Hokuto no Ken and crave more then Souten no Ken is a great supplier. The action, martial arts, and manliness is still there but in a modern gangster Chinese setting.

Story wise, its similar to HnK with Kenshiro having to fight the other branches of Hokuto Shinken (who are mafia leaders) to help his friends (who just so happened to be in the mafia) or because of destiny. There's also a connecting sort of arc that introduces the Nazis and Nanto Seiken, but its just there to introduce characters for the next half. The second half focuses more on the origins read more
Feb 12, 2014
When I first heard the synopsis of this movie, I was a bit reluctant and dismissed this as another, "oh, these are just the Japanese being weird." but then I just suddenly watched it not knowing what's in store for me. And I'm just glad I did. It's rare for anime to delve into the world of religion and seeing it in a slice of life/comedy aspect was interesting to say the least.

I immediately knew I shouldn't take this too seriously after seeing their lives in Japan. What people don't recognize is that this is slice of life and comedy so the lack of read more