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Apr 17, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Brief overview:

Story: 6/10. Multiple parallel worlds setting. Plot was a little confusing at times.
Art: 6/10. Indie.
Sound: 6/10. Mic noise present for certain characters and basic sound design.
Character: 5/10. Cast has different personalities, but little development.
Enjoyment: 5/10. Felt a little rushed.
Overall: 5/10. A little too short for what it's trying to be.

More in-depth overview:
Mar 16, 2022
~~Minor spoiler warning in second character analysis~~

Brief overview:

Quick heads up: lactation, femdom, and drunk partners are involved.
Story: 7. Basic plots with a few heartfelt moments.
Art: 8. The adaptation actually had a reasonable budget.
Sound: 7. A couple instances of voicing being subpar.
Character: 7. Nice synergy between the cast.
Enjoyment: 6. A little unstimulating at times.
Feb 7, 2022
Preliminary (57/100 chp)
Brief overview:

Story: 7. Nothing special.
Art: 8. Conventional style. Panels occasionally bring out the characters’ charms.
Characters: 9. Both mc’s are so cute!
Enjoyment: 10. I have diabetes now.
Overall: 9. I do not want it to end.

Less brief overview:

I usually refrain from writing reviews for works that aren’t complete or I haven’t finished, but it felt appropriate this time around. I’ll keep this short. Being a slice of life rom-com, this manga revolves around a husband and wife who misunderstand each other and try to grow closer. Storywise, it’s nothing life changing, but it does feel good to read; solid 7/10. The art is pretty standard ...
Oct 31, 2021
Mixed Feelings
In brief, if you like lactating cow girls and nice ahegaos, "Ushichichi Tabehoudai!" is for you, granted that you're alright with older, less photogenic men. However, there are far uglier ones both mentally and physically in the grand scheme of things.

More in depth...

Story: 6. We have a couple of guys struggling to get sales up for their business until they come across a girl, Nana, that fits the bill for their marketing campaign. When the two guys get her all dressed up, she recommends to go for a sexier theme for a marketing campaign since her dress is more risqué than usual. You can guess ...
Oct 22, 2021
Kiss Hug (Anime) add
In terms of animation quality, right off the bat I could tell something was amiss. Throughout both of the episodes, most of the runtime was taken up by single frames that look like they're being warped in Photoshop in order to imitate movement. While it can make for some relatively smooth movement if done correctly, Kiss Hug, unfortunately, wasn't very lucky. The warping of frames resulted in one of two things happening: the motion being unnaturally smooth or the human body moving in ways that do not make sense (I'm looking at you jiggle physics!). In either case, the animation was so distracting that it ...
Jul 27, 2021
"Kyonyuu Kazoku Saimin" is based around the typical plot where the protagonist's father remarries and leaves for work shortly after, leaving the protag, Yuuichi, and his step-mother and step-sisters alone together. Yuuichi gets his hands on a mind control device and you can piece together the rest.

Despite the plot being a bit cliché and the cast not having any memorable characters, "Kyonyuu Kazoku Saimin" isn't too bad of a hentai. The animation quality is satisfactory and for being only 1 episode long, there are a good amount of scenes present. My main issue, however, is that it is unclear if the mind control wears ...
Jul 26, 2021
Mixed Feelings
"Shikoyaka Naru Toki mo Hameru Toki mo" is composed of four different stories, each with their own quirky cast, making each section a quick watch. However, the animation quality is a bit lackluster compared to other projects out there, which can detract from the overall experience.

Regarding episode 1, it's a bit of a mess. For starters, the art quality is a little bit under average as there are a couple instances where body proportions were an issue, but in the end were not that distracting. The real problem is that many of the cuts are very stiff and repetitive, almost making me want to ...
Jul 25, 2021
Mixed Feelings
If you're here for just the hentai part of this, then "Gaki ni Modotte Yarinaoshi!!!" is just for you. Overall, its animation quality is above average with only a few quality drops here and there and has some very good scenes. However, if you care about plot even remotely, then tread carefully.

When I had read the synopsis for "Gaki ni Modotte Yarinaoshi!!!," I had anticipated a similar scenario to that of "Redo of Healer", where the main, already aware of what would happen, would use that knowledge to their advantage and turn the tables. And yeah, our boy, Boku, does that pretty well. He's able ...

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