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Jul 15, 2021
As a ballroom dancer, I might be overhyped by this show, considering that it is the only anime about ballroom dancing, as far as I know. I can relate to Tatara and Chinatsu, especially Chinatsu, as for me it has been extremely hard to find a partner that could lead me.
As for the art and music, the movements might have been a bit exaggerated, but it is still enjoyable.
The characters formed an amazing relationship with one another, being friends and still competing against each other, in fact the competition is what strenghtened their relationship.
I recommend this anime to everyone who loves dancing, as I read more
Mar 7, 2021
Another (Anime) add (All reviews)
Another scared me, but not especially because of the creepy story, but mostly for the music that gave me goosebumps.
The story is very well arranged, with suspense through all the series. I am genuinely interested in mystery , so I really enjoyed the plot very much.
The art is not something very special, but it is good.
Characters are pretty well structured, each one having a particular personality.
They really made me feel a part of the class, liking and disliking characters.
I recommend this anime to all the mystery lovers, but I consider it a must watch, as it is a great anime, with symbols sprinkled read more
Feb 10, 2021
I will not be referring to other animes, expect from those that were made before this one, and I must say that besides the fact hat the story represents pretty ok the folktale, the other aspects are terrible.
The art is not accurate at all, there is no sound, at least the version that I saw had no sound, as for the characters, I can say they were not that bad developed, just like the previous animes (in the chronological order).
I do not say that this anime must be seen by all weebs, but it s good if you want to get familiar with the read more
Feb 9, 2021
Considering the early age and the fact that it is one of the first amines, overall I cannot say it is horrible nor great. The story is inspired from folklore, even though the anime seems kind of senseless. The art is not that bad, reminding me of good old days' animations.
As for the sound, I shall mention that despite the nice and expressive music, used to induce every emotion that the characters go through, the dialogue is beyond poor and even those three lines the characters' have are very hard to be heard.
I would not say it is a must seen, but it was read more
Feb 8, 2021
Short traditional folklore inspired anime, with a thoughtful moral. Wort watching for general knowledge about japanese fables. I liked it because it represents a good source of info regarding folklore, much more appealing than reading it from external sources. I recommend it to anyone, not just weebs, as it is easy to learn from it.
As for the art, taking in consideration that it is the second anime ever made, it was pretty good, as I am not going to compare it with the modern animes.
The sound was clear with nice music on the backgound .
The story does not focus on character development read more