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Apr 4, 2018
Leiden, Leidenschaftlich
April 4th, 2018

Dear Reader,

I hope this letter finds you well. Much time has passed since our last correspondence and I humbly apologize for going silent this long. However, rest assured your patience has not been wasted. I am now able to relay to you, in full, my truest insights and reflections of Violet’s journey as I have experienced it. And in doing so, I believe you will be swayed enough to bear witness, yourself.

Visually, first impressions of Violet were quite favorable. She sported a slender face, flowing blonde hair, azure eyes, and a quiet disposition. Many would compare her to read more
Mar 31, 2018
When I look back on this show after everything has concluded, I find my thoughts to be at odds. On one hand, I really loved the way Akira and Kondou’s relationship was handled and developed over the season. On the other, I felt as if the show lost momentum when it focused on their interactions with the supporting cast.

For those of you expecting a straight age gap romance plot, I’m here to tell you now you’re going to be disappointed. The romance ends up being the lens through which to tell a story about two people confronting their inner struggles and how those inevitably read more
Sep 15, 2011
“Daikichi… Daikichi, wake up.”

“…mmhhh… Yes.”

I’m happy. Why? Well, because this show did so much right that it’s tough not to be. Usagi Drop stayed true to the essence of the manga (before the timeskip) and didn’t stray far, if at all, from the original story progression. It captured splendidly the little nuances of an abnormal parent-child reality.

Our lives are full of insignificancies. Waking up irritable and half alert, washing your teeth, brushing your face, fumbling to find your valuables, grocery shopping without a list. The shit we wade through daily but clean up and forget soon after. These are experiences almost all can relate read more
Jul 16, 2011
[C] The Lack of Responsible Spending and Viewer Sympathy

It’s clear from my reinterpretation of the title that I flat out didn’t like it. I sat through the season hoping it would get better as it went along. It didn’t. So to sum up what this show did wrong: Almost everything… except the central concept and opening/ending scores.

Honestly, this anime didn’t give me anything to justify my watching it. Other than its interesting premise of another world called the Financial District which controls and inevitably destroys the economy of each respective country in the physical world, there’s nothing else to see here. Our protagonist, Yoga, Kimimaro, read more
Apr 23, 2011
MM! (Anime) add (All reviews)
Taro is sick in the head. Mio is sick in the head. Yuno is sick in the head. I think you can understand where this leading. Fundamentally, every single character in this anime is sick to the extreme at one dimension of their personality.

MM! is a story about the curing of a closet masochist by a sadist and the resulting shenanigans involving an androphobic, cross dresser, cult leader, prodigious inventor, lolicon etc. etc. It's basically a freak show, a twisted school drama, an exhibition of corrupted youths. But is that good?

Well, overall, the fetish humor had its moments. I especially found it golden when they read more