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Apr 3, 2021
Gunparade March is a disjointed series, equal parts mecha show and high school comedy. Most people are going to be looking more for one or the other, and will be annoyed at this genre fusion. I found myself actually enjoying this blend, for the most part I felt like the two sides helped each other more than hurt, though I did find that the second half appeared to pick a side much more than the first.

This is an anime from 2003 so don’t expect much from the visuals, they were good enough but that’s about it. I liked all of the characters enough, with read more
Feb 19, 2021
Alabaster succeeds in telling an engaging story of how an innocent character falls from grace and becomes a truly evil person. It’s a quick and easy read and i’d recommend it to most fans of manga.

Tezuka has been credited as saying this is one of his works he’s the most ashamed of, citing a bout of depression as the impetus for this extremely dark story. This is a tale of evil, death, destruction, corruption of goodness, betrayal, hate and death. While I can understand where Tezuka is coming from looking back on ‘Alabaster’ i’m going to be far more kind to it. I think it’s read more
Feb 17, 2021
A fun early Manga from Tezuka. The bulk of the manga is a lighthearted adventure story with the typical (but amusing) trappings of shipwrecks, pirates and island adventure. The end throws a curveball that’s (by far) the standout moment and recontextualizes the manga in an interesting way. This twist shows that, even early on, Tezuka wanted substance from the comics medium. Don’t expect an adaptation of Treasure Island, this has hardly anything to do with the original novel. The manga is rather western in appeal, feeling closer to a Little Nemo in Slumberland or old newspaper gag comics than contemporary manga. The art style is read more