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Nov 9, 2019

Neon Genesis Evangelion... a.k.a. Depression:The Anime!
Considered a mess by some and considered a masterpiece by some. Very controversial and full of symbolism.


Evangelion doesn't start very strong, but it doesn't start weak also. The beginning of the story is pretty mediocre. Later on the plot progresses and becomes much more complex. There are some episodes dedicated to the progression of the plot and those episodes were very well written. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of these episodes since the characters and their clinical depression is the primary focus of this anime.
First 15 episodes are a monster of the week action show read more
Sep 13, 2019

I cannot believe this masterpiece has only 8.01 on MAL. I know that this is not an anime for everyone because it uses too much symbolism and metaphors instead of just telling us what's really going on. The show is very tough provoking and I recommend thinking about the show as a whole once you finish it. You should also consider rewatching it because it will be easier to understand the second time.

I can see that this anime gets a lot of praise among elitists because of the deeper meaning, but I didn't really care for the symbolism or the read more
Jul 1, 2019
Have you had enough of anime with complex plots where you always have to deeply think through every single episode, desperately struggling to find a meaning to the story or a life lesson? Do you want to just relax and enjoy something that is made just for people to almost die from laughter? Do you like things which are so bad that they are good? Inferno Cop has it all covered.
Objectively one of the worst anime, but that doesn't mean you cannot enjoy it. There is barely any animation(of course this is played for laughs). Most of characters were forgettable(except for the Inferno Cop, the read more
Jun 30, 2019

Kimi no na wa. is the highest rated movie on MAL with a score of 9.13. A lot of people were amazed by this movie, but I have a lot of reasons which made me hate this movie.

Reason no. 1:Plotholes
The movie is about two people swapping bodies, but they do not live in the same moment. They are born the same year, but Mitsuha is 3 years older. When they swap bodies they leave each other notes on their phones. THEY WERE CONSTANTLY ON THEIR PHONES AND THEY NEVER CHECKED THE DATE.
Another plothole is the fact that the bodyswap was never explained read more
May 20, 2019

Stone ocean is in my opinion by far the worst JJBA part. This is because I expected a well made story, but instead I got non-stop action. I literally mean non-stop action. During the entire part(except for some chapter focusing on DIO) characters do nothing but fight. I also consider fights in this part to be the worst fights in all of JoJo. They were boring and almost never advanced the story. Main cast was good with fun characters. I liked the protagonist Jolyne Cujoh the most, but other characters were also interesting. Unfortunately, they don't get much spotlight. Antagonist read more
May 18, 2019

Hello, people!

I am going to review JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 2012.

The show is split into two parts:
-Phantom Blood(first 9 episodes)
-Battle Tendency(next 17 episodes)
I am going to review them each individually.
This is where Hirohiko Araki didn't have much experience in writing stories and that is why this part is often considered the weakest JJBA part. IMO, the main flaws of Phantom Blood are the boring main character and slow pacing. Although the pacing is slow, Phantom Blood is only 9 episodes long so I could get trough it. The big bad of this part, Dio Brando is presented in a way read more
May 14, 2019

This will be a biased review since Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood is my favourite anime although it doesn't start out very well. First 14 episodes were good, but compared to the rest of the show they weren't THAT enjoyable. Bad comedy is overused in first 14 episodes, they use less comedy later, but it is still present. Episodes 15-18 were the only episodes I didn't like and honestly I do not even remember them. Episode 19 is one of the best episodes and that is where FMA:B gets good. The end is absolutely the best part and my favourite anime ending.

I liked read more