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Jun 24, 2016
I did not like this anime and I ended up dropping it at episode 8. Therefore I am reviewing the first 8 episodes to be fair.

Story - 6
I did not watch enough of it to get the story, it only really seemed to have a 1-2 episode mini plot before moving up to the next one that is completely unrelated.
But some of these miniplots were somewhat interesting.

Art - 3
It is disgusting, the characters faces are in one colour with one layer of shading to them, I really can't take this anime seriously, like I can watch anime from the 90s but these guys just made read more
Feb 6, 2016
Giant cliffhanger at the end of the season. They chose to sum it up with a OVA for laughs. Even a half-ass wrap-up would've been nice to at least get the story done, if they wanted to do this they could have made this ova not the follow-up of the actual story.

OVA would had been fine by itself but it was a pathetic excuse as the series end.

Art and sound were like the season. Story and characters were pathetic. Overall it was a poor sum up of the anime, this anime deserves a real ending that has something to do with what occured during the read more