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Jan 17, 2011
Zombies.... ooo zombies... I feel like I can’t think of apocalypse without you anymore. Gruesome bipeds hunting me for my brains, drooling and screaming while you slowly sustain inordinate amounts of lead to the face without cringing... I love you all for all the beautiful dreams and nightmares you give me.

You can imagine my excitement when I found out my favorite giant robot making studio was going to give it a shot to epically portray all of you in the most gar-ified way possible. Right when I got into the show I was overwhelmed with the amount of familiar faces, all it was missing read more
Jul 4, 2010
…you are walking down through the foggy wet night of an old badly lit neighborhood when you suddenly spot a humming neon sign on top of a brick thorn wall with a small wooden door by it. Walking steadily towards it the echoed water splashing sound caused by your steps against the water on the pavement, give place to a still stuffy mellow deep bass from inside the place. As soon as you open the door your eyes instantly loose themselves on the tick mist of smoke against the small green lamps on each table, which provides the only light to the small cramped read more
Sep 28, 2009
Irony. Harsh or not, unbelievable or not, this word describes this season of Druaga perfectly. Normally I would be against such a broad generalization, but as I was writing the rest of the review, no matter how much I struggled, how much I fought against it, every respect of this season always came back to it, and in the end I had to relinquish all my hopes.

Even while holding true to this concept, don’t rush to judgments, Tower of Druaga: The Sword of Uruk is an overall enjoyable experience, and does indeed have strong points worth mentioning, this is undisputable. Instead the question about this read more
Sep 24, 2009
Entertainment is not a difficult subject to write about since no matter what incarnation of it, either it be a music, a book, a movie or an anime, the main propose is to entertain. In that regard it can only either achieve it or fail, but in between those two there is what we call mainstream (don’t mix it up with ordinary or average), and there have been very few installments that represent the niche as well as Druaga.

Two things will remain constant in this review, first alphanumerical scorings will mean very little since we can only strictly classify an anime by its intrinsic values, read more
Aug 6, 2009
I am very skeptical about giving 10 as a score simply because achieving perfection IS NOT POSSIBLE. The thing is, every now and then I come across something that does what it is supposed to do SO WELL that whatever minor mistakes that it have pale in comparison to the rest, and the result is truly a 10... Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu is one of those rare cases.


This will be a bit brief, but not because there isn't any, simply because the show exists of short bursts of story development instead of a coherent big arc, this makes for a "non continuum" world but at read more
Jun 30, 2009
Just finished this show a couple of moments ago, the hype I got before watching this was IMENSE, but after sitting trough it all I can definitely see where it comes from... for the better and the worse.

I will refrain myself from commenting on the show before I give my view on specific issues. I will try my best to refrain myself from spoilers, but rest assured, some will exist SO if you didn`t watch it yet you are better jumping straight to my conclusion.

In simple words it’s GORGEOUS. If you take into account it’s from 2006 it gets even better, surely nothing that year read more