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Jul 25, 2021
Story 6: You got the basic Isekai element, man gets teleported to a random world with some gaming elements, you've probably seen or read that thousand of times at this point. I know 6 is a kind of bad score to give but listen please, I enjoyed reading every chapter of this story even if most arcs are really rushed, most of the world building is kinda.... there, and most of the character development is... again just there. In my honest opinion it feels like this story could've been perfect, it has the elements of making a much better series but again those three problems read more
Apr 29, 2021
Let me answer a question first before I get to the review, do I have to read Seven Deadly Sins in order to understand this series? For the time being... it doesn't look like it, it may be a sequel but as far as the first few chapters go you can easily get into it and yeah you will hear about some characters and lore about the first series but it's not enough to force you to read all 364 chapters of SDS. I will re-edit this review just in case tho ~

Story - 8: It's simple, as I said above easy to pick up, read more
Feb 5, 2021
(Review in Progress) This is the current work of the author who wrote both Yankee-Kun to Megane-Chan (Flunk Punk Rumble) and of course Yamada-kun to 7-nin No Majo (Yamada and the Seven Witches). Both of them good series in their right and they both had their own criticisms but they both had a lot of charm to them to keep you reading. I had to mention these two series first because it's not as funny as those two were, doesn't have a big and colorful cast, not really much drama as I thought it would have for love comedy harem, and it feels like there's read more
Dec 30, 2020
The first few chapters are repetitive and follow the same formula but then it started becoming oddly enjoyable to read once it got the ball rolling and it felt like it was up to perfection... well as perfect a manga about a girl taking enjoyment out of blocking a teenage boy's view of tits can get lol. So why did I give it a 6 if it's soooooo goood! Because the last two chapters felt like it came out of no where and to give you a better perspective of them is the fact that it was trying to conclude stuff that haven't even happened read more
Nov 27, 2020
Story - 1: Read/watch To Love Ru, The World God Only Knows, Zero no Tsukishima, or any other harem in fact because this ain't it chief. It had a good premise in the beginning with the first few chapters but just ends up making me want to buy clown clothes for reading it from start to end cause I expected a good ending.... There's so so so so so many questions up at the end and again there's so so so so many retcons in this story as well. It's garbage, it's pure garbage, it doesn't know how to introduce characters well or handle their read more
Aug 29, 2020
First Impressions: This is generally my thoughts on the first chapter and all I can say is that it's not entirely bad as I thought it'll be. I can see some Fairy Tail inspirations... Happy, the talk of friendships, the main character looking like Gray, and the concept of dragons but as a story on its own it definitely does look interesting and some what unique, characters still have that charm Fairy Tail and Rave Master had, the Art is nice to look at but it's really hard not to think once again Fairy Tail lol. (even though the art from Fairy Tails is essentially read more
Jul 15, 2020
I went into this manga expecting to drop it if the very first chapter didn't interest me in the slightest... and yeah, I finally caught up to the more recent chapter (which is chapter 45 at the moment) and I gotta say this is how the f**k is this series so underrated and underscored? It's criminal to see that the score for this is an underwhelming 7.5... I bet that turned away so many heads from this hidden gem.

Story: (8)Sometimes you forget that there's an ongoing story in the beginning because it's mostly the two characters introducing themselves into society, which isn't too bad because read more
May 20, 2020
My first impression after watching the first season was that the anime was amazing but I couldn't wait for the second season so I decided to read the manga and at the time the new arc was barely just brewing and it was amazing, I was reading this, One Piece, and Bleach (which was barely finishing) and in the past it was the manga I was the most hyped up about once a new chapter came out.... After a few years a bunch of chapters came out and that hype died away by a lot and it's just sad because this series started out so read more
Jan 29, 2020
What? That's just my review for this manga lmao, it starts out with a good premise, but after a few more chapters you just want it to calm down and slow the pace down. Like dude, they introduce new characters and the author obviously wants you to care about them but the pace is too f**cken fast for anyone to give a flying sh*t, and the part that had me intrigue the most was about the aliens and how they crashed down to Earth and killed our two main protagonists and made them into basically weapons.... well guess what, the only time you'll ever hear read more
Jun 11, 2019
This was a manga I continuously skipped for a while til one holy day I decided to pick it up. So here's the review!
Story (9): It's an instant classic the moment I decided to read up chapter 1, all the jokes always hit right on mark, whenever it wants to bring in sad, cute, or any type of emotion to the story element, it always delivers. So essentially it was perfect up til the end... the ending left you off with a cliffhanger and so many questions, if felt as if there was supposed to be another chapter right after but nope, it just ends read more