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Jul 10, 2018
Now this anime Killing Bites is a battle between animals. You might find it interesting, but it just depend on you if you like it or not. Might be a little spoiler but I'll try not to.

Story (7/10): The story was alright. Lots of fighting and lots of fan service (which is good). I think in episode 11 or 12 I found it interesting and also feel horrible at the same time. The ending on episode 12 really was unpredictable but was predictable as the same time too because I already knew something was up when... (STOP I can't spoil this sorry).

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Jul 6, 2018
Alright I'm back with another review with this anime again. This OVA is even better than xxxHOLic, xxxHOLic Kei, xxxHOLic movie, and xxxHOLic shunmuki ( a bit good but not better than Rou). Major spoiler!!! You have been warned!!

Story (9/10): Okay so the story is pretty much rushed BUT it's awesome. The story took place 10 years later and I actually want to know what happened and I hope it show in the manga because I'll be reading it soon. I was really confused to as what happened to Yuuko when she says something about her already being dead and her disappearance. After her read more
Jul 5, 2018
Now when I first saw this anime, in my mind i thought it might be a good anime because I've seen many mystery anime but guess what I was wrong and let me tell you why. Be sure to know that this is my personal opinion and if I say something that you don't agree that's fine. I don't think I'll spoil it but i might just a bit because i was getting pretty pissed throughout the episode.

Story (7/10) : Okay so the story is alright but there were some episodes that didn't quite finish the story and was left not complete. Now I read more