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Anime Stats
Days: 150.9
Mean Score: 6.30
  • Total Entries568
  • Rewatched53
  • Episodes9,194
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou
Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Gou
Yesterday, 10:30 PM
Watching 5/24 · Scored -
Haikyuu!!: To the Top 2nd Season
Haikyuu!!: To the Top 2nd Season
Yesterday, 10:29 PM
Watching 5/12 · Scored -
Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre
Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre
Oct 23, 6:53 AM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Manga Stats
Days: 21.1
Mean Score: 7.48
  • Total Entries119
  • Reread8
  • Chapters3,474
  • Volumes354
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Hana ni Arashi
Hana ni Arashi
Jan 24, 7:09 AM
Completed - · Scored 8
Jan 5, 2:28 AM
Reading 265/? · Scored 8
My ID Is Gangnam Beauty
My ID Is Gangnam Beauty
Dec 20, 2019 7:00 AM
Completed 89/89 · Scored 8


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Nexus Aug 29, 1:20 AM
Yep, it's been a long time lol
I'm still working from home. Was supposed to go to the US this year but got postponed due to the virus :/
Ashcom Aug 15, 2:49 AM
Wow! Nice.
Ashcom Jul 7, 2:36 AM
What is your job role at this current company?
SenpaiOO Jul 2, 7:18 AM
yea lol
well just surfing around and messaged btw im from india too
Nexus Jun 29, 11:19 AM
How’s the lockdown life treating you?
SenpaiOO Jun 28, 11:32 AM
oya u like taichi he suffered all 3 seasons dam hope its not a spoiler for u, ig it is not lol
France_Delgado Jun 16, 10:58 AM
I haven't actually spoken to her for about 8 months now. She just stopped logging in all of a sudden, so that worries me. However she is a med student and I know how much of a hell that is, so part of believes she's just really busy.

Here's something to talk about, have you ever had Canker Sores? They're really annoying, not that painful but just reaallly annoying.
Until yesterday I had one on my effing uvula and that is not very fun. Someone recommended gargling Apple Cider Vinegar and like a true genius I did just that without knowing what ACV was. (I didn't even dilute it with water) It was one of the grossest and most painful 3 minutes of my life.
To my surprise, it actually worked. For about 30 minutes my mouth was burning because of the acid but after that I couldn't even feel the canker sore anymore and when I woke up this morning it just disappeared entirely.

I've been having trouble accessing MAL lately, it just won't load correctly. And because of that I might disappear again for a long time.
Ashcom Jun 15, 10:05 PM
Tips? Lol.
What I do is maintain a checklist of all the topics which I have to cover for the day. Then curate one beforehand for the next day. I think many people study in a similar way. People have advised me to use either Pomodoro or Feyman's technique for learning stuff. But I haven't tried them.
Liar_Liar Jun 13, 11:55 AM
Lookism is 250+ chps, its a commitment to start lol. Yeah.. mumbai is in lockdown with some relaxation given after 6th June.
I thought baby steps was a yaoi anime lmao ( cause of the name). The synopsis sounds great.

Kind of not in the mood to watch anime cause of weathering with you. Waited 1 year for the movie, turns out it was utter shit. Kind of glad that I didn't went to see it in theatre, man...I would have probably killed someone.(sorry for the rant)

Liar_Liar Jun 11, 12:11 AM
Yeah.. after watching 10 shows in a row got bored of K-drama. I usually take turn, like Tv show- Anime- manga- games-kdrama it runs around in circle.
Now it's manga season, I read love advice webtoon. Man.... really like the comedy..there was a scene where they were discussing about powerpuff girls... I laughed/cried tears lol..amazingly done.
And the seasons last chp man...the shit got more interesting for sure now.

I wonder how long can Mumbai be in trains are essential for work commute and if they decide to run train, it would be some reseident evil stuff.

Liar_Liar Jun 7, 9:57 PM
"Onegai was a genre" made my day lmao. Years of watching japanese cartoon gone to waste lol.
Yeah, I wanted to read webtoon thanks.
Hmm.. crash landing on you, after reading the synopsis it revolves around politics I guess. Do tell me how it is overall after you finish it.

How's the lockdown? I think most of the stuff has returned to the daily routine in delhi.
ZyrokLarryfish Jun 7, 9:00 AM
ooh sounds nice, my schedules also starting to get cluttered lol. an hour drive sounds quite long damn
Liar_Liar Jun 7, 12:50 AM
Ayyy 'sup. So decided to read some mange/webtoon but couldn't find any good title. Recommend some onegai.

Recently watched extracurricular, man it was amazing. watch it if you haven't
ZyrokLarryfish Jun 5, 7:16 PM
haha, where are you working at? I'm sure you'll be fine :)
ZyrokLarryfish Jun 3, 8:06 PM
I play the trumpet :) It's pretty fun. I also play the piano and sometimes flute (although im really bad at the flute). Ah, we have had some corona cases, but its starting to go down, and more places are opening up, so its looking a lot nicer now :) Glad your family is doing good :) You have any other questions for me?