Park, Romi

Park, Romi

Given name: 璐美
Family name:
Alternate names: Romi Paku, 朴 ろ美
Birthday: Jan 22, 1972
Member Favorites: 12,052
Birthplace: Edogawa, Tokyo
Height: 161 cm
Blood type: AB
Hobbies: playing the piano, Shaolin Kempo, and swimming
Abilities: speaks fluent Korean

She graduated from the Touhou Gakuen College of Drama and Music, and studied in Yonsei University. At the first Seiyuu Awards, she won "Best Main Character (female)" for her portrayal of Oosaki Nana.

She has a cat named Kogito and a Dachshund named Sarang, which means "love" in Korean.

(Source: AniDB)

Twitter: @romiansaran
Yahoo profile:


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