Izumi, Kaneyoshi

Izumi, Kaneyoshi

Given name: かねよし
Family name: 和泉
Birthday: Apr 1
Member Favorites: 5
Blood type: A
Hobbies: hiking, piano playing, feeding wild cats

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Bitter II: Anata dake ni Aisaretai
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Bitter: Nakechau Koi Monogatari
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Cold Game
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Joou no Hana
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Men's Kou
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Ni no Hime no Monogatari
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Sonnan ja nee yo
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Te no Hira wo Taiyou ni
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Lucilar | Feb 13, 2015 4:07 PM
I had a quick flick through of her other series but it just didn't click as well compared toJoou no hana (which I am now addicted to)...This sensei draws/narrates historical genres very well! Ni no hime monogatari almost brought down to a sobbing mess (again historical/political)

Mayuka | May 24, 2014 8:47 PM
Amazing artstyle, comedy and storywriting!

CookieBun | Nov 10, 2013 8:23 PM
Joou no Hana is a beautiful piece of work. Not the most amazing art, but an extremely solid historical drama with lots of political intrigue and badassery (super awesome female main!) mixed with the kind of romance that makes your heart twinge... Hakusei your devotion to Aki is so heartbreaking. ;_;

It seems like a tragic ending is planned from the opening words of the manga and I dislike tragic stories... but the story is so good I will definitely be sticking around till the end. I just hope she'll throw a bone and put some semblance of a happy ending as per the thousand year flower theme of the story.

jeans | Sep 22, 2012 9:40 AM
Joou no Hana is GREAT!!! I wish people would update it. :(

RenaPsychoKiller | May 21, 2011 5:20 AM
Yes, I can tell it's her best work so far.

Maora | Feb 12, 2011 12:02 PM
Never read Doubt, but Seiho Boys High School is amazing so far for me. :3

RenaPsychoKiller | Dec 9, 2010 10:00 AM
Seiho Boys' Highschool is quite hilarious.

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