Unita, Yumi

Unita, Yumi

Given name: ゆみ
Family name: 宇仁田
Birthday: May 10, 1972
Website: http://unita.txt-nifty....
Member Favorites: 41
Birth place: Mie Prefecture, Japan
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iLya | Feb 22, 11:09 PM
Thank you for the wonderful Usagi Drop ending! I really liked it.

Anime_Reviewer | Dec 1, 2016 1:38 AM
I totally disagree to the negative comments, this manga ended perfectly. The manga has shown me that age is just a number and love will always be love, that is an important thing to know in today's society. We must have the freedom to fall in love with anyone and not get gunned down.

ohnoyouwont | Nov 6, 2016 1:09 PM
>dat feel when you write successful story but decide to be a try-hard and fuck it up

Bellatrix444 | Nov 4, 2016 8:01 PM
Usagi Drop was great,only the end was kinda...creepy.Anyways,it was ok.
Just one thing...why does she kinda look like Masako from behind? 0.0

abpindia1944 | Oct 29, 2016 5:55 AM
Usagi Drop dropped a massive turd at the end. Should've listened to your editor moron.

Bestiarius | Sep 8, 2016 4:54 PM
The ending of Usagi drop is superb and raises complex questions about how human relations can develop and how narrow and unconscious is our "learnt" definition of some basic concepts in everyone's life like love or parenthood, always constrained by the tradition, the education and what's socially acceptable or not.

Usagi drop is a masterpiece and the ending just ices the cake gracefully.

And the worthless uneducated cumstains who are barking senseless insults to the author should go to Freud's page on Wikipedia/Goodreads to complain too.

Dubisek | Aug 30, 2016 5:24 PM
I am with all honesty surprised by all the people hating on the manga and author of UDrop. . I pretty much feel like everyone who has the need to insult either autor or his/her work shouldn't be allowed to even access public discussions hubs.

You need to look at Usagi drop as two different series.

Anime version is essentially care-free and "fluffy" that's why it ends where and how it ends.

Manga version is polar opposite, it raises questions and morals when it comes to today's society and standards through whole series.

You might not like it, you might feel disgusted but using vulgarism towards the author, manga and people who have different opinions than you if it's here or on any forum I've encountered is pure ignorancy. One day all people will start using their brains properly, until that happens... I will have to do with the few who can do so now. *sigh*

animemaster88 | Aug 10, 2016 2:19 PM
I've got a feeling that Rin's mother was actually based on herself...

Zach | Jul 22, 2016 2:44 AM
why... just why

mrwyoo | Mar 26, 2016 2:46 PM
how human to say such thing to others, X )
my hate towards humankind keeps growing.

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