Tabata, Yuuki

Tabata, Yuuki

Given name: 裕基
Family name: 田畠
Birthday: Jul 30, 1984
Member Favorites: 38
Birth place: Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Yuuki Tabata was previously an assistant under Toshiaki Iwashiro & Ryuuhei Tamura
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Black Clover
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Black Clover (TV)
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Black Clover
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Black Clover: Abareushi no Sho
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Hungry Joker
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Hungry Joker
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yhunata | Nov 24, 10:55 AM
Wait... so JUMP cancelled Hungry Joker only to allow something like Black Clover to go on for over 2 years? This is why I hate the fact that this industry is just another business.

HomuraSayaka777 | Nov 22, 6:51 PM
Sure Black Clover isn’t totally original but it’s not because following cliches is what works and makes money. Honestly I don’t care whether it’s “original” or not I just enjoy the anime/manga. There’s no way to be completely original and yeah black clover is pretty unoriginal actually VERY unoriginal but does that make it shit? Not necessarily. I’m not trying to start a fight with any of you. Hate it all you want or love it all you want I really don’t care. I’m just getting my opinion out.

joe_g7 | Nov 21, 11:08 PM
@Xenience Are you a moron? Not only is no one asking for it, but it's also impossible to be 100% original. What people are asking is some originality, and not one cliche followed by another.

Xenience | Oct 24, 5:47 PM
"Literally everything that I watch has to be 100% original or it's shit and the writer of it is also shit"
- People who are calling Yuuki a shit writer for Black Clover

Originality is great, sure, but you have to realize that just because something isn't original doesn't mean it isn't good. That's like saying "The Smash Bros series is a rip off of Street Fighter", or "Every Call of Duty game is a ripoff of Doom".

Cliches are cliches because they work, and lots of people like them. Black Clover uses the "I'm going to become the very best!" cliche. Is that a problem? No. We have seen it in Naruto, One Piece, and recently, My Hero Academia. (I'm sure there are many others too, these are just the ones I know of) I don't have any personal say for One Piece or Naruto, because, guilty as charged, I haven't watched, nor read either of them. However I can say for My Hero Academia that this cliche seriously works.

And here, we have Black Clover. Again, guilty as charged, I have not read the manga at all, and I have only watched 3 episodes while writing this comment, but I'm interested. Maybe it's BECAUSE I haven't watched Naruto or One Piece that I enjoy Black Clover; if that's the case, wave me off. But I'm interested in good writing, and I'm interested in good characters, and when a character that I like has good ambitions and goals, it's hard for me not to like them, as well as the story they are in, even more.

Maybe I'm just a simpleton or a normie, but y'all are giving this guy WAAAAY too much shit.

KingKronosDC84 | Oct 24, 11:00 AM
Loving Black Clover so far Manga wise and hoping for big things out of the Anime as well.

Sarkja | Oct 23, 1:30 PM
A mangaka with no creativity. Black cover copies all the generic elements of other fighting shounens, and mix them together. Resulting in a homogenous mass of shit.

oumota | Oct 12, 12:36 PM
Fucking overrated.

Ewerton-san | Oct 7, 9:17 PM
I really liked Hungry Joker, and I don't understand why people didn't liked it. So, instead of a good and different shounen, we got this. At least it's interesting, but nothing new to the genre.

burntphoenix | Sep 28, 4:04 PM
Naruto didn't straight up rip it out. There are similarities, but enough differences that they don't feel like rip offs. Naruto also doesn't take literally everything about it from others, and whether you like or hate Naruto, it's at least getting that affection by it's own merit. I also didn't say that ALL of Naruto was even unique or original, I just said they it something going for it. This isn't me saying Black Clover is crap and Naruto and One Piece are masterpieces. I like Naruto and dislike One Piece, but regardless of my opinions on them I can see that they have their own feel. Not something I can say about Black Clover, regardless of my opinion of it, which is of course that it's crap, but I'd still say even if I liked it.

Shounen anime typically are rarely completely original, but they're also rarely as unoriginal as Black Clover is.

NearSky | Sep 2, 9:18 PM
burntphoenix, you do realize Naruto straight up ripped a ton of ideas from Hunter x Hunter, right?

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