Tabata, Yuuki

Tabata, Yuuki

Given name: 裕基
Family name: 田畠
Birthday: Jul 30, 1984
Member Favorites: 75
Birth place: Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

Yuuki Tabata was previously an assistant under Toshiaki Iwashiro & Ryuuhei Tamura
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Black Clover
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Black Clover: Jump Festa 2016 Special
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Black Clover
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Black Clover: Abareushi no Sho
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Hungry Joker
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Hungry Joker
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Carlos742 | Oct 11, 4:34 PM
Black Clover was a mistake.

Carlos742 | Oct 11, 4:34 PM

iceiceiceJJfish | Oct 11, 11:55 AM

Lordbadface | Sep 21, 4:59 AM

nanaloverz | Aug 5, 10:29 PM
Very good manga Tabata Yuuki-san I support you for more exciting stories

x-Cellar_Door-x | Jul 31, 1:32 AM
When I saw that Nanatsu no Taizai has a better rating than Black Clover, is when I totally started disregarding MAL's ratings. I couldn't even get past Episode 3 of the aforementioned. Yeah, Asta was annoying as fuck in the beginning, but He's chilled out and it's inherently a better watch over NnT which I see everyone rave over, and I couldn't even make it past the third Episode..

Sackeey | Jul 15, 11:12 PM
@CesarV That is fared the most dumbest comment I have ever read from you like lmao so stupid

killuaxgon | May 14, 3:37 PM
Thanks for Black Clover sensei

KaizukaZekrom | May 13, 8:13 AM
i feel bad form him , black clover adapted with wrong anime studio

TangoOscarMike | Apr 16, 9:42 PM
Okay, so I started to read black clover recently. I'm about 26 chapters into the story (Just got on to the Royal Capital arc) and I'm so far enjoying it. Yeah sure it's a cliche shounen battle manga, but i'm kinda a sucker for those. I dunno why, I just am. I can see why people don't like it because people in the anime community seem to hamper on people who can't come up with their own original ideas and developments. To the point where it can get annoying.

Now, I'm not saying it's a bad thing to do such a thing, but I just get a little peeved is all. Because in my opinion, if the cliche isn't an annoying one or just a bad one in general; it's okay in my book. It's hard to come up with an original idea when you're expected to be like the rest. Be the Naruto, or One piece. I think the reason he made the story how it is is because of what Shounen Jump is like. They want people to cater towards a certain audience and a certain demographic.

One Piece is their most popular IP and they want to make money like that more and more. And since Tabata-sensei already had a manga in serialization in JUMP once and failed, he probably wanted to go with the others and make a series like black clover. And it worked. People question why this got serialized because it's so unoriginal and it's "like the next naruto"

Well, you just answered your own question...

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