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Comic Tom (Monthly) (16)
Manga, 1972Finished14 vol, 66 chp

In ancient India, the lives of the people are plagued by drought, famine, constant warfare and the injustices of the strict caste system. The intertwining lives of many unhappy souls are drawn together by the birth of the young prince Siddhartha, who embarks on a spiritual journey, becomes Buddha, "the Enlightened One," and attempts to bring about a spiritual rebirth of the people in this desperate age. (Source: ANN)

Manga, 1971Finished60 vol, 438 chp

Romance of the Three Kingdoms, written by Luo Guanzhong in the 14th century, is a Chinese historical novel based upon events in the turbulent years near the end of the Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms era, starting in 168 AD and ending with the reunification of the land in 280 AD. Yokoyama Mitsuteru's adaption begins from the decline of the Han Dynasty until the fall of Shu-Han. (Source: Wikipedia)

Manga, 1987Finished2 vol, ? chp

The young Ludwig von Beethoven struggles to make his way as a musician despite the exploitation of the aristocracy, harsh wars, degenerative health problems, and the personal persecution of a young nobleman, Franz Creutstein, who has chosen Ludwig as the target of vicious abuse fueled by Franz's rage over his mother's death and father's cruelty. (Animenewsnetwork)

Manga, -Finished5 vol, 24 chp

Here again is a work of Sakaguchi which demonstrates (if there is still any need) the immense talent of this author. This time, he's produced a historical manga, which unfolds in Yugoslavia during World War II... It's not especially happy, and I fear things will not work out in the end. Increasingly fascinating. This takes the form of a grand mosaic with five or six principal characters. Not at all Manichaean [seeing the world in black and white, lacking nuance], full of sensitivity. (Source:

SerializationComic Tom (Monthly)
Manga, 1994Finished4 vol, 24 chp

It is a world where environmental pollution has spiraled out of control. Most of the land is contaminated desert, and there are only a few pockets along the shore where people can live. Those inhabiting these oases are suspicious of strangers, and know nothing about the outside world save for stories of vicious "sub-humans." One day, a young girl named Marine washes up on the shore of one of the inhabited lands. She has no memory of where she came from. She is found by a young boy named Kazuya, who loves the sea and has a natural curiosity about the outside world. The two of them start to become friends... but then rumors start spreading that Marine might be a sub-human, and she is locked up. Now Kazuya must help her escape, and uncover the mystery of who she is and where she came from. (Source: ADV)

Manga, 1989Finished3 vol, ? chp

A hard-bitten Japanese P.I. and a scientist's daughter travel to Australia to unravel the mystery of a sentient biochip! A secret research project has gone awry, and both the biochip and Eiko Hirgure's father have disappeared. Together with detective Happo Mitsuri, they uncover an increasingly tangled trail. Who is the mysterious stranger who contacts Happo? What is the sinister organization following the proceedings? And what does a mermaid have to do with all this? (Source: Dark Horse Comics)

SerializationComic Tom (Monthly)
Manga, 1990Finished8 vol, 65 chp

A historical manga set in Manchuria (Manchukoku) during the first years of the Showa period. The protagonist is a half-Japanese, half-Mongolian amnesiac who attends Kenkoku University in the capital of Manchuria. A tale of spy intrigue, pertaining to the secret of a conspiracy known as Project Trotsky. (Source: MU)

SerializationComic Tom (Monthly)
Manga, 1986Finished6 vol, 20 chp

While visiting the Seifa Utaki, the foremost sacred grove of Okinawa, the young woman Miwako is drawn into a cave and called into her power while the earth quakes beneath her. Miwako, who was born on Kudaka Island, the "Island of the Gods," is apparently a living embodiment of the ancient shaman-queen. What destiny awaits the newly awakened Miwako? (Source: MU)

Manga, 1984Finished7 vol, 50 chp

This offbeat Japanese manga tells the action-packed tale of the Cyber 7, a team of biologically engineered robot protectors who attempt to save humanity from a threat beyond imagination. (Source: MU)

Manga, 1993Finished7 vol, 49 chp

Biographical manga depicting the life of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Manga, 1983Finished16 vol, 102 chp

(No synopsis yet.)

Manga, 1993Finished3 vol, ? chp

An adaptation of Patricia A. McKillip's "The Forgotten Beasts of Eld." Sixteen when a baby is brought to her to raise, Sybel has grown up on Eld Mountain. Her only playmates are the creatures of a fantastic menagerie called there by wizardry. Sybel has cared nothing for humans, until the baby awakens emotions previously unknown to her. And when Coren -the man who brought this child- returns, Sybel's world is again turned upside down.

SerializationComic Tom (Monthly)
Manga, 1995Finished3 vol, 24 chp

August 15, 1945. The war is over but the people are still fighting, fighting to eat and fighting to live another day. Eight orphans will meet their destinies in between the ruins of Japan... (Source: Denshi-bato, translated)

Manga, 1989Finished4 vol, ? chp

· 1994 won Nebula Award in Comic Category · 1995 co-won Seiun Award for Best Comic of the Year

Manga, 1978Discontinued5 vol, ? chp

An ordinary high school student, nicknamed "Bon" for his ordinariness, becomes a "time travel agent" whose mission is to save people's lives in historical events that have occurred in various times and places around the world (Source: Netflix Japan, translated)

Manga, 1979Finished30 vol, ? chp

(No synopsis yet.)