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June Comics Piace Series (21)
Manga, 2003Finished1 vol, 6 chp

Being with an older lover is hot on just sooo many levels... Seiji-kun is a novice manga artist. He's also completely addicted to the body of the incredibly beautiful Sono-san, despite the fact that Sono-san is a guy. Is this love? Along with the title story, one that paints a tale of youth and emotion, this volume is filled to the brim with stories of overwhelming density, including "Not Just When it's Convenient" and "Let's Go Home." A total of six stories in all. (Source: 801 Media)


Ryoshuu Reijin

Imprisoned Beauty

Manga, 2008Finished1 vol, 6 chp

In the year 20XX, Colonel Irving of the Army of Allied Nations captures by chance an enemy commander - Lieutenant Yamamoto of the Japanese Imperial Army. One look into Yamamoto’s dark, mysterious eyes and Irving is suddenly intrigued by his Far East beauty. To gain crucial information, Yamamoto is tortured and humiliated by his captor, but it isn’t long before Irving’s interest in his prisoner takes an unlikely turn. Can Irving and Yamamoto, who by fate were destined to become rivals, find a way to break through their barriers? When war is made to make enemies of men, sometimes love is the only thing worth winning. (Source: DMG)

Manga, 2005Finished1 vol, 7 chp

The math sensei are back, and their passion is still as hot as ever - in bed, in the bath, against the door - anywhere is good for them. Never look at a shower head the same. And now, will the family approve of their relationship? (Source: Attractive Fascinante)


Buddy System

The Buddy System

Manga, 2002Finished1 vol, 5 chp

Under the cover of the night, in the silent harbor, two lovers, lips sealed on each other, reunited after two long years... true love never dies. Love and scheme intertwine while corruptions on the street are a way of life. (Source: Fantasyshrine)

Manga, 2000Finished1 vol, 6 chp

Collection of six oneshots: 1. The first story takes place at school and is about a wild, slacker seme and his over-protective uke. 2. Ore to Kareshi to Aitsu to Kare (Me and my boyfriend, him and his Boyfriend) A story of bestfriends who gets along very well. The other even gets to see how his best friend gets fucked by the boyfriend, every night. A funny and somewhat sad story. 3. A story of a man who married a woman who's 10 years older; a story of this man and his stepson, to be precise. 4. Kajou na Aijou, Shinratsu na Gekijou (Too Mush Affection, Bittersweet Passion) The uke got fucked by colleagues, not by the boyfriend. And it's not one colleague, it's five! Rare huh?! 6. Fathomless Cage A brutal rapist/robber and his victim. (Source: MangaUpdates)



I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone

Manga, 2002Finished1 vol, 4 chp

Sakai Kazuya is a 23-year-old man in love. Unfortunately, the object of his affection is a lovely woman only interested in well educated men. Sakai never finished high school and has been living off of his brawn, not his brains. So he enlists the help of her younger brother, Izumi Masashi, to help him pass the high school entrance exam, his first step toward to becoming a well-educated man. Izumi is happy to help, but his services come with a very steep fee. And, Izumi isn't interested in money, he has his sights on some of Sakai's other assets... (Source: 801 Media)

Manga, 2007Finished1 vol, 4 chp

Micah, a cut throat American businessman is intent on taking over a floundering Japanese hotel chain and whipping it into shape. All that currently stands in his way is its clumsy yet endearing president, Yuki. Will this hostile takeover end up being a vehicle for love? (Source: DMP)

Manga, 2003Finished1 vol, 5 chp

Collection of short stories: 1) Hard Triangle: Mutiple personalities, murder, rape and a shady past between a doctor and his teenage patient. 2) Doll 3) Crystal Game: Playboy Gaku is in love with his stern best friend, Takayuki. But the jeweler only seems to notice the crystals he works with. When Takayuki offers to give Gaku a crystal treatment, Gaku has his own ideas of how he wants to be treated. 4) The Rusty Swamp 5) Silent Voice (From B-U)

Manga, 2004Finished1 vol, 7 chp

1-3. Series of short stories revolving around the same boxing club. 4. A couple that only has sex when the uke is dressed as a girl and the uke's insecurities. 5. A student passes by a shrine every day and the priest notices him too. 6. The youngest of three brothers is a little too well liked by his siblings. 7. A new worker at a motorcycle shop has to tolerate the bosses son. (Source: MU)


Abakareru Hitomi

Disclosed Pupil

Manga, 2004Finished1 vol, 6 chp

Collection of stories: - Abakareru Hitomi - Book End - Tightrope - Last Week - Eyes - Glass Eyes

Manga, 2007Finished2 vol, ? chp

The always perfect, model student back then, and now an elite dentist, Souhei, couldn't be more opposite from his childhood friend, Jin, a troublemaker since they were kids, and now a construction worker by trade. But fate seems to keep throwing them together... As they dig into the painful past, their feelings for each other gradually surfaced (Source: Fantasy Shrine)

Manga, 2001Finished2 vol, ? chp

Matou's lover, Misaki, suddenly shows up after a month's absence. While Matou tries to discern what he's been up to for a month, Misaki's more interested in catching up on the more perverted side of their relationship. Will Matou give in to his lover's con artist behavior in hopes of finding happiness? (Source: Peccatore Sanctuary)

Manga, 2008Finished1 vol, ? chp

The story is about a clan of butlers that server their masters generation after generation in "special affairs" and not only in the house duties. (Source: MU)

Manga, 2004Finished1 vol, ? chp

Sugiyama is madly in love with Akihisa, though he's never confessed to the hot-tempered megane who thinks he's a pervert. When he finally works up the courage he confesses to the wrong twin! Hedonistic Akinori has no problem being his brother's substitute, but will it be enough for Sugiyama? (Source: MU)




Manga, 2003Finished4 vol, ? chp

Senou Tsukasa is a baseball coach at a high school. He's never been able to forget Kamishiro Shuuichi, his high school boyfriend, even the student he's seeing now resembles Shuuichi. But the affair is discovered and Senou is fired. Now he's just drifting through life, until he meets Shuuichi again... (Source: The Evil Empire.net)

Manga, 2011Finished1 vol, 5 chp

This volume includes five short stories.


Tenshi no Kiss Akuma no Kiss

Angel's Kiss, Demon's Kiss

Manga, 2007Finished1 vol, 8 chp

(No synopsis yet.)

Manga, 2004Finished1 vol, ? chp

(No synopsis yet.)

Manga, 2012Finished1 vol, 12 chp

Shotacon series with a school setting.

Manga, 2005Finished1 vol, 12 chp

(No synopsis yet.)