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Hana to Akuma

Hana to Akuma

Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Flower With Devil, Flower and Devil
Japanese: 花と悪魔


Type: Manga
Volumes: 10
Chapters: 58
Status: Finished
Published: Oct 20, 2007 to Nov 20, 2010
Authors: Oto, Hisamu (Story & Art)
Serialization: Hana to Yume


Score: 8.431 (scored by 16181 users)
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Ranked: #1922
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #197
Members: 34,142
Favorites: 1,728


Cute one shot romances! with devils and demons! 
reportRecommended by Vampire-Panda
In both mangas, a girl is raised by a Demon. There´s also romance. 
reportRecommended by Orulyon
Two spectacular series which involves romance between a human and a being from another dimension (demon or a magical prince), and they both are not of the same age. Both plots deals with nobility and king and have Gothic favored art. There are time when one of the character become temporary older.You'll find many scenes where the two lovers get lovey-dovey. 
reportRecommended by Lamii
The pacing for both of these mangas are very similar. 
reportRecommended by araragi_
In both, a demon prince falls in love with a human girl named Hana. The girl is naive and kind hearted, and lives together with the demon.  
reportRecommended by Orulyon
Very beautiful lethal beings, cold to everyone but one special human girl, romance and some humor 
reportRecommended by as3
Both Have a young girl in a relationship with a demon. And try to seek their loved ones affection. 
reportRecommended by SpazzyMcgee
-MUST READ-Both manga are really good and if you in to romance then you must read this-Both Protagonist due to their past(dengeki daisy)/what he is(hana to akuma) are both reluctant to get too close to the heroine and try and suppress their feelings. You get really hooked and cant stop reading and its really surprising cause im not really into shoujo manga. Also READ KAICHOU WA MAID SAMA although a shoujo manga i found myself unable to stop reading, its a really cute manga somewhere round the time when the protagonist finally confesses  
reportRecommended by bob22
It is about a girl way younger than the guy in the story. People both somewhat fear the guy. They are similar to demons. (HTA: is a demon) and they both have a victorian feel to it. 
reportRecommended by XxNamakixX
Both mangas have a younger girl in love with a older guy. Both the main male characters have a best friend. 
reportRecommended by aileaza
If you liked the handsome devils in Hana to Akuma try Kainushi wa Akuma - it a bit more grown up than Hana to Akuma, but also has the theme of a girl who is the companion of a demon. The devils in both are not evil - and both are quite humorous to read with very nice art and good characters.  
reportRecommended by inzaratha
They both really remind me of each other... In both, the main females both have been with an immortal, un-aging person their entire lives, and they have no parents.  
reportRecommended by PlasticPaper
Pretty average girl that is known by the main character since childhood, Frickin' strong demon that is trying to protect this girl at all cost, everyone wants the girl for themselves, so yeahh i would say pretty similar. The only difference is that black bird is targeted to a more mature audience. 
reportRecommended by MadieV
If you liked the historical / supernatural setting of Hana to Akuma you may like Kuro Hakushaku wa Hoshi wo Mederu. These shoujo romances have a marriage between a person with supernatural origins and a human. In this newer manga it is the reverse and the girl has the abilities and the Count is human while in Hana to Akuma the nobleman is a demon. This one does not have a big age gap like Hana to Akuma so there are differences but they are both fun supernatural romances.  
reportRecommended by inzaratha
They're both very different; Hana to Akuma was a lot longer, and had more of a "romantic feel", though Kieli was romantic, too... But they're both about two young girls who are in love/dependent on an older male who never dies. Though H to A had a much sadder ending, they're both very bittersweet. 
reportRecommended by PlasticPaper
Both are about a guy who watches over a girl. in AB it's about a normal guy who watches over his aunt's child. They don't fall in love as girlfriend boyfriend but in HtA they do. Alos in HtA, the guy is a vampire while the girl is a human. Both are really sweet romance stories. If you like one, I'm sure you'll like the other. >.< 
reportRecommended by YukiDesu
Well Hana to Akuma is more romance, and Karneval doesnt have none of it But Vivi and Gareki are way too similar even in the way they act. Also Vivi takes care and protects Hana and Gareki takes care and protects Nai. And Hana with Nai have also very similar to eachother. Karneval is more gore and have fights and Hana to Akuma focus on the romance  
reportRecommended by deuchi
You might enjoy this one! I read it when it was still ongoing and i remember checking for a new chapter every single day. Really love this one. It's about a demon finding a baby girl! He decides to take her in and raise her~ 
reportRecommended by Nyfix
Both series explore the taboo nature of humans interacting with a different being. In the case of Hana to Akuma, it explores the relationship between humans and demons, while Monokuro Shounen Shoujo explores the relationship between humans and beasts. The female and male leads are very similar in personalities and appearances. The overall tone of both manga are also the same. With that said, the two series are similar enough to resemble each other, but are different at a lot points. You definitely won't feel like you're reading Hana to Akuma a second time. But if you liked the tone and characters in Hana to  read more 
reportRecommended by Nea_
BnStH reminded me of HtA a lot because of the age difference and innocence of the female character as well as her cheerful personality. Both are also of the same genre as in romance and fantasy mangas. However, the circumstances where the two MCs meet is different as Lylia came with the purpose to marry while Hana was taken in as a child and raised by Vivi himself. 
reportRecommended by Jo-Ann
Both have a supernatural theme and they both make you so emotional they have lovable protagonist and the love story on both is just sweet and classy  
reportRecommended by eowyn23
I found the female protagonist similar to one another in both the manga's wherein they are in the center of the plot being a human dealing with issues in beasts and in this case devils world. Even though Female leads are optimistic, simple, and delicate - they are able to help and associate with the other world. Additionally they fall in love with the other species and are determined to stay together forever.  
reportRecommended by sam_matt
Barairo no Yakusoku reminds me of Hana to Akuma; both with a slight age gap between the MCs and the guy being protective of the girl from the start. Though Hana to Akuma has more a plot while Barairo no Yakusoku is more focused on the female lead. Both have great art (I'm in love with the art style and clothing in Barairo no Yakusoku) and both are very cute mangas!! 
reportRecommended by lunahoney
Both evolve demon male leads that form a relationship with a human girl 
reportRecommended by visual-spectrum
Both male protagonists are pretty much identical, even the cover images resemble each other. plots are similar apart from one is a demon and the other is an shinigami, if you like one then you'll love the other.  
reportRecommended by KyleXreX
Both stories center around a supernatural lover through a chance event, which ultimately changes the (female) protagonist's life forever. However, Hana to Akuma is more through the viewpoint of the narrator (and occasionally Hana-protagonist) while Sarashi Asobi takes its view from that of (mostly) the (male) protagonist, Ai, and offers a few chapters from other standpoints as well. 
reportRecommended by Reihu
The Bride of the Water God and Hana to Akuma both contain a human girl in love with a demon 
reportRecommended by sfb13
The similarities in both manga might not be that noticeable in the beginning, and even though there are more differences than there are similarities, I feel like it still makes sense to make a recommendation, just to share these amazing manga. Both heroines are like ugly ducklings. They grow to be a beautiful swan one day though. The main character's... What are they called? Boyfriend, their opposite character? The boy they fall in love with? (I hope you understand what I mean) Are very cool, and very funny. And both manga has their own supporting characters who the main character always hangs out  read more 
reportRecommended by cindy30764
Human girl raised by supernatural beings. The girl eventually falls in love with their "father". 
reportRecommended by AyumuMomoiro
Both sad love stories destined to end in tragedy. Both are really good, but i still prefer orange. 
reportRecommended by i-animecat-99
Older demon and a younger girl. Both are really cute and fluffy shoujos. 
reportRecommended by tlne
Girl falls in love with a supernatural being who is always protecting her.  
reportRecommended by biakudryavka
Cute stories about powerful demons that have a weakness for one human girl. Though H to A is much cuter 
reportRecommended by as3
The two stories are very different, but in both, demons seem like good natured guys - both have demons and romance and some comedy 
reportRecommended by as3
Two very sweet stories with innocent and cheerful main characters who love the man who takes care of them. 
reportRecommended by as3
Both feature a demon who found a baby girl in the snow and decided to raise her, years later, feelings start growing between the girl and the demon.  
reportRecommended by Orulyon
in hana to akumas case is a demon falls in love with human girl and in vampire crises its a vampire falling in love with a human girl. Even the vivi and rain are completely opposite you still get the same felling off of them and they are both cute and entertaing to read 
reportRecommended by icye-kiss
The stories are very different, but both have that sweet and funny feel to them and in both, there is a large age difference between the main characters. 
reportRecommended by as3
Both stories are funny and sweet, plus both are about an innocent younger girl adopted/taken in as a sister by an older man, who just happens to be perfect 
reportRecommended by as3
Cute one shot romances! with devils and demons! 
reportRecommended by Vampire-Panda
These mangas share similar characters: a young girl who lives with a protective older man, a beautiful rival woman and various cameos by nosy demons/vampires. The young girl is in love with older man and has to deal with the difficulties of not being quite the same age. Both stories are pretty episodic and have a lot of fluff. 
reportRecommended by restivesilence
These both are very cute mangas that deal with demons and their good/bad powers. Also, they each touch on relationships between a demon and a human. 
reportRecommended by restivesilence
In both, an innocent and cheerful protagonist is surrounded by supernatural and cared for by other, stronger magic-using-gloomy-heroes . . . 
reportRecommended by as3
similar kind of feel but hana to akuma is longer 
reportRecommended by icye-kiss
They both deal with demons and running a large mansion with some odd servants 
reportRecommended by Jay_Kain
Both revolve around a human becoming involved with the demon world. Both also depict turmoil within the demon world that leads to the need for a new demon king. Shared genres: comedy, drama, adventure, fantasy, supernatural, and romance (somewhat) 
reportRecommended by PeinSaku
Both of the have the same vibe of taking care of little girl!? But Black Rose is about a unhuman with a vampire while hana to akuma is about human with a devil  
reportRecommended by Noofar
Cute one shot romances! with devils and demons! 
reportRecommended by Vampire-Panda
In both manga's are demons involved (Superior: girl, hana to akuma: guy). Demon falls in love with human. It seems like an impossible love 
reportRecommended by jojotjw
they're both about vampires falling in love with humans. (= well, the "vampire" in hana to akuma isn't really a vampire, but rather a demon. he still sucks blood however. that and the other difference is that the vampire is a guy, and the human is the girl.  
reportRecommended by paperbox
different stories but both features demon liking humans 
reportRecommended by lyza
Both stories are about older guys taking care of someone who is orphaned and eventually develop romantic feelings for each other. Hana no Namae has more dark and serious themes and I would classify it as semi-"josei" compared to Hana to Akuma which targets shoujo. 
reportRecommended by srsng
Hana to Akuma and the Wallflower are very different manga's with very different settings. While Wallflower is about an eccentric girl surrounded by bishies, Hana to Akuma is about a dumb (but very sweet) girl, that was raised by a demon. There is a reason for recommending these very different stories though. These stories aren't like Bleach p.e. that it is never-ending. I recommend these series 'cs every chapter is a story on its own. Sometimes it is a few chapters long, but you'll never get the idea you read a manga stitched together from cliffhanger to cliffhanger. Both are definitely worth a try since they  read more 
reportRecommended by bleeb
They both have the same plot. Mature man and a teenage girl around him. 
reportRecommended by Aureole
The relationship between the two main characters is similar. The guy is mean to everyone except his love interest, and he protects + dotes on her. 
reportRecommended by sillyanna
The plots are completely different, but the feel between the two main characters are almost exactly the same. They're both about a young girl who was raised by someone she eventually falls in love with. 
reportRecommended by MirandaSummers54