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Jun 5, 2008 10:28 PM

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I though I'd compile a list of what people think are 'Must See' Yuri anime and Why.

Unfourtuantly I haven't seen enough to lend my opinion so it's up to you people to help.

If you have a contribution please write a short sentence or two about why it's good.

If you think something shouldn't be on this list also write a sentence or two saying why, if It makes sense or a few people think the same thing then I'll remove the anime.
Jun 5, 2008 11:57 PM

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Every time someone comes up with this idea, I always redirect them to this thread =)
I'm not saying we shouldn't waste our time doing again another list, but we could use that as a start.
Jun 6, 2008 12:44 AM

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lynx said:
Every time someone comes up with this idea, I always redirect them to this thread =)
I'm not saying we shouldn't waste our time doing again another list, but we could use that as a start.

That's quite a lovely list though it appears to be one persons opinion. This list will be composed from many different peoples opinions and people won't have to leave MAL to read the list <3
Oct 12, 2008 10:36 AM

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Kannazuki no Miko.

Why? Because of the sheer intensity of the relationship between Chikane and Himeko.
Best. Yuri. Couple. Ever.

It's slow going at first, but well worth it.

Oct 26, 2008 4:41 PM

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have you since the live verison of negima ep 4 show some KonoSetsu.
Dec 5, 2008 3:21 AM

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Maria-sama ga Miteru. Has already 3 seasons and the season 4 is coming up.
If it has that many seasons, it must be pretty good (since it's really rare this kind of anime being so long!).
I only watched the first episodes, haha.
Dec 24, 2008 12:54 AM

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Candy Boy

It's very cute and funny, and isn't all tragic and depressing like a lot of yuri can be. I consider it a must-watch for all yuri fans.
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Dec 26, 2008 2:53 PM

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Strawberry Panic
Watch it if you haven't seen it....... I сried while watching it
Jan 2, 2009 7:59 PM

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humhorse said:
Kannazuki no Miko.

Why? Because of the sheer intensity of the relationship between Chikane and Himeko.
Best. Yuri. Couple. Ever.

It's slow going at first, but well worth it.

Kannazuki was really.. SPECIAL.

But just because of the Chikane/Himeko relationship, I gave it an 8 instead of a 6. XD I fricken love Chikane.

Gee, I really don't know about must-see... Blue Drop (the anime) is pretty good.
Jan 5, 2009 12:31 PM

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I agree with Strawberry Panic.
It's one of the few good anime's in a good genre.
Feb 11, 2009 4:10 PM

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I think Strawberry Panic! and Maria-sama are on top of it. Also Utena (I didnt even watched it, but it's said to be a classic wherever it's listed so... Blue Drop and Candy Boy are pretty good too, although I didn't finished to watch Candy Boy. Also Sailor Moon? :P

No offense, but Kannazuki No Miko was awful. The plot was so weak and whoever made that anime have no idea how a girl
I'm a boy, but I suppose thats not something easy to let go... The only thing I liked on that anime was the ending, the last scene.

Overall it was pure fanservice.
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Feb 11, 2009 5:24 PM

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No offense, but learn to how to use spoilers tag first
And no offense, but before you write a thing about any anime better go and watch them earlier (preffered carefully) instead repeating some rumours about them.

Back to the topic.
Kannazuki no Miko, not because of the mechas but because it is one of the most intense romantic drama I've watched ever.
Nobody mentioned Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito. This anime is quite specific, not for everyone tastes I think, but if you're yuri fan then I suppose you'll quickly fell for Hazuki ;)
Feb 11, 2009 7:45 PM

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Yeah, that was my bad, about the spoiler thing.

Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito is so confusing for people who don't know the story, it' s even wierd to watch lol

Theres also Kashimasi and Mai-Hime.

And Noir, which theres very little of yuri, but it has one of the best plots ever written.
Sep 19, 2009 1:35 PM

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i'd definatly like a list of animes that are yuri im actually trying to learn from them so i can make my own yuri novels sometime or perhaps manga when i go online looking for anime or manga yuri there isnt that many mostly yaoi.
I've seen most of the yuri everyones named on the forum but it still seems very lil to me :(

The link to the list that person had listed has a few yuris and characters that maybe or hint that there is yuri but thats not really something I'm looking for.

*sniffle* there's so much for the yaoi fans but not enuff for us yuri fans. Even when you go to a convention there's hardly any booths that are for yuri T_T
Oct 2, 2009 12:44 PM

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Oct 8, 2009 9:55 PM

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MariMite is the Queen of all Yuri anime. I will climb atop mountains and scream my undying love for all that is MariMite.

Candy Boy is also one of my personal favorites, as it is also borderline twincest as well as yuri. Strawberry Panic is like a raging lesbo version of MariMite (didn't care for the ending though). Aoi Hana is another very good title because it's more realistic than the others (as there is a social stigma with being homosexual, and the characters address that).

I also need to get off my duff and watch the rest of Simoun and Kasimasi
Oct 23, 2009 5:35 AM

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marimite, Strawberry panic. um... those two are a must I guess. but there are many others that are nice too <3
Dec 1, 2009 6:32 AM

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humhorse said:
Kannazuki no Miko.

Why? Because of the sheer intensity of the relationship between Chikane and Himeko.
Best. Yuri. Couple. Ever.

It's slow going at first, but well worth it.

Totally agree one of best ive ever seen.

Also kashimashi; manga was great, the anime not so much.
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Dec 12, 2009 10:01 PM

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currently new:
Sasameki koto
because it is really sweet

but if you want awesome yuri i recomend you to read yuri manga
serisously is hawter O///O

but if you want yuri ANIME then strawberry panic is AWESOME!!!
is just swweet
nagisa X shizuma 4 ever <3333333333333333
Dec 13, 2009 12:50 PM

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when you say yuri masterpiece .. I say Ikeda Riyoko .. there is nothing more beautiful than the legendary ( Oniisama - " brother dear brother" )

it's a little old .. the manga came out in the late 70s but the anime came out in the early 90s .. but there are some small difference between the manga & the anime .. still they're both beautiful but personaly I like the anime more..

why ?

why not !!? the story is very different from any other anime, every character has their own good & bad sides, there is no one perfect in this perfect anime, the drawings are gorgeous, the start & ending are not the only overwhelming parts, the whole anime is overwhelming, the whole concept is incredible, anyone watches this amazing anime will forget any other anime they ever watched , whether it was yuri or shojo or ... or ... etc

no one can forget the sweet, troubled Rei-sama "aka" ( saint juste-sama ) and her everlasting love and loyality for the evil, mean Fukiko-sama "aka" ( Miya-sama) ..

this is the link for the ONIISAMA club .. there you can read the basics of the story :

I watched it over 4 times and I still want to watch it more ..

but again .. it's not a strange thing for Ikeda Riyoko to make such a masterpiece .. after all when it comes to yuri she's a miracle worker ;D ..

Rei-sama ( saint juste-sama ) is my favorite character in this anime ... I LOVE U 4 EVER :'(

another good yuri : Maria- sama ga miteru, candy boy, strawberry panic ...

but my advise for all yuri lovers to watch Oniisama ;p
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Dec 16, 2009 3:58 PM

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I like Sasameki koto, Girl Friends, and aoi hana,Itoshi o Tome mangas there really good :3
Octave was good to but was a bit to dramatic but cute still.

Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, strawberry panic, Sasameki Koto, Kannazuki no Miko, candy boy, and also Mnemosyne and noir but those last two are more actiony.
But I like any yuri's with a good story tho :3
Mar 16, 2010 9:02 PM
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-Shoujo Kakumei Utena
-Kannazuki no Miko
-Maria-sama ga Miteru (although I'm only on the second season ^^')
-Strawberry Panic!
Jan 30, 2011 12:28 AM

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I'm surprised no one mentioned yet Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora, ^^, well basically this anime is "somehow" a reincarnation of some of the characters of Kannazuki no Miko since the producers are the same. I recommend this anime,why? because somehow the reincarnated "Ka'on" and "Himiko" had a happy ending.

Hmm, I checked the date and it's been a while someone posted it here. xD

GL Addicts!A. P. C.LuxuriaGHP

Oct 27, 2011 5:19 AM
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all a good but you forget teh ones with light yuri, EG: Kiddy Grade, Air Master, YuruYuri, Saki, Battle Girls - Time Paradox, Yokuwakaru Gendai Maho, Shin Koihime Musou, Chu-Bra and many more. they are not Yuri but they hint at it.

once such as Simoun and Vandread are worth watching as well.
Oct 30, 2011 9:01 PM
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Hmmm this is a tough one
Strawberry Panic (10)is obvious, but it is an all yuri lovers dream, so save it for last.

Maria-sama ga Miteru (10)is very strong in yuri hinting but more close relationships"in my opinion, ladies and gentlemen" But also very good.

Simoun (9)is very good, but also a bit heavy on the sci-fi

Kamper screams(9) yuri/fanservice if you can get past the male aspect. So had me rolling.

KashiMashi(9)- If you can watch this one, Kamper will be no issue. I laughed quite a bit on this one.

Kannazuki no Miko-I did love the couple in this one more then the storyline, barely pulling off a happy ending.

Aoi Hana-A bit slow going, but a more real life paced.

Bluedrop- I still enjoyed, did not like the ending on this one I have to say.

Candy Boy- I enjoyed the couple, but the whole family thing kind'a puts a damper for me.

Yami to Bōshi to Hon no-Eh, not too bad. It can be a bit confusing as it drifts from place to place.

I think that is a good list to get you all started, will post some more later
Mar 1, 2012 10:36 AM

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-Girl Friends (yes, theres the anime)
-Strawberry Panic
-Kannazuki no Miko
-Sasameki Koto
-Burst Angel
-Candy Boy

honorable mention: sure its not an anime (yet) Octave :D
Feb 19, 2015 3:03 PM

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Blue Drop