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Jun 15, 2010 6:55 AM

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Yuri gestures for alice to sit down as well as himself
"Yes it is not so bad have I ever told you of how when things were quit in the kingdom I would sneak out and go to a local inn just to beable to talk to people"
Looks down
"Alice I don't want us to get hurt so do not bow to me see that older man in the corner he saw that but most likely saw it as a respect for your older brother others won't also be sure to keep your katanas in your kimono"
Yuri looks at alice and smiles
"Well thne lets get something to eat shall we"
Yuri Signals for a barmaid
BarMaid Says
*Yes what can I get yu tonight*
Yuri Responds
"Um yes we'll take two carver dinners and a pint of mead"
Barmaid responds
*what will your sister be wantin then *
Yuri Responds
"what do you want Alice"
Jun 15, 2010 9:28 AM

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Troops: *passes alot of ground and runs into a cafe/inn in the mts, and goes in*
*walks around, and see if there is any ppl are wolves*
If there any of ppl are wolves, plz come to me, i have a job for and this job is important plz show up to me.
Estelle: *in the battle killing amounts of bargs, and protects so many soldiers*
Gen:well i hope this doesnt take to long i want to get home
Estelle: haha i know, i hope this ends before i become in labor..*smiles*
*fighting the bargs in a fast killing spree*
Jun 15, 2010 10:50 AM

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*Alice smiles*
"No, you didn't. But I knew you would sneak out sometimes. And I'm sorry. I don't want us to get hurt either, so I will leave the formalities behind this time."
*She slowly looks at the waitress and thinks*
"What do you recommend me?"

(By the way, what are those carver dinners things?xD Can't find a translation of it.=P)
Jun 15, 2010 11:48 PM

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Barmaid Responds to alice
*We have the best mead around*
Yuri looks at alice then at the barmaid
"I think thats a bit to strong maybe a glass of wine would be more suited for my sister "
Barmaid Responds
*Whatever be ready in a minute*
Barmaid walks away
Yuri looks at alice then at a stranger walking in
"I'll be back"
Yuri walks over to stranger it is a young women
"Lets talk outside"
Stranger response
*Fine but lets make it quick*
Once outside Yuri talks to her
"Has the Stronghold been secured"
Stranger response
*Yes my lord and ready for you and your guard*
Yuri Response
"How is the queen"
Stranger Response
*She is engaged in a battle at the moment my lord and it does not look good*
Yuri sighs laughs a little and responds
"Estelle never was for logistics or tactics have the western reserve unit proceed to the battle have half of the easter reserve transferred a ways away so there un aware of our true numbers"
Stranger bows and responds
*It shall be done my lord I will do this and meed you at your stronghold here is the key my lord*
Stranger hands key Yuri takes it and puts it in his pocket
"Thanks report once thats been done and also have about half our reserver naval fleet directed there have half of that come around from two diffrent directions then report back"
Stranger response
*Yes my lord*
Stranger runs off into forest
Yuri starts to walk around forest close to inn
(Carver Meals are the special meat plates in bars or some restaurants that are carved such as roast beef,turkey that kind of thing)
Jun 15, 2010 11:54 PM

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Estelle: *attacking way, and finally finished her fight, and walks off*
General: r u okay, my lady?
estelle: yah im fine, little cramps thats all but its doesnt look good at all.. *sighs*
General: well remember u send the troops they hopefully be coming soon okay, and have more to fight.
Estelle: true, well im going to bed ill talk to u tomorrow about the next plan for hits alright.
General: yes lady estelle *bows and heads out*
Estelle: *sighs, and is in pain* its okay my kids u be okay. i promise just let mommy sleep now okay. and plz rests alright, i dont want anything happen okay. *smiles and rubs* goodnite loves ones.......*looks into the night* Yuri.... goodnite to u whereever u r *blow kiss to u*
Jun 16, 2010 9:13 AM

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*Alice smiles and agrees with the wine. When a stranger walks in, she observes her for a moment. Yuri walks outside with her and Alice closes her eyes while trying to hear what they are saying. But she is tired, so she only picks up some words. The wine and the mead arrive*
Barmaid: "Where is your brother?"
*Gives her the wine and looks around*
Alice: "He'll be back in a moment. But don't worry, I can look after myself."
*Smiles and drinks from the wine while the barmaid walks away. It is a good one. She looks a few seconds at each person in the room. Only five people have weapons with them. Two of them seem to have a lot experience in fighting. Their movements are controlled and don't use to much energy. Alice grins and drinks some wine. Stupid guys. Their clothes still smell of blood. But they probably can't smell it. She sighs and stands up. Slowly, she walks to the fireplace with her glass in her hand. She sits down and warms her hands. Why are they watching her?*
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Jun 16, 2010 10:12 PM

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Yuri hears noise near forest it is bandits yuri sneaks up to listen
Bandit Leader
*The Inkeeper has been a bit greedy with his payments with our men inside already we should be able to take it*
Yuri hearing this quitely rushes into the inn he see's alice by the fire he drags alice into a corner of the room
"Alice Bandits are coming there are already a few planted in here I need you to take care of them quitely I'll take care of the bandits outside I don't want us to draw attention by killing them in publice"
yuri smiles at alice
"And be careful"
Yuri walks outside into the forest to find the bandits
Jun 16, 2010 10:33 PM

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*wakes up*
Gen: my lady its time to re fight, and ready to listen to ur battle plans.
Est: yes *gets ready, and tells him: we will do the four way attack two from north and east, then south and north, ur group will do the south, Lagoan troop do east, Yokto troop does the west, my troops do North. alright and hopefully ur team corners then and we attack, but u have to wait until u see the last person if not we will fail, so watch carefully. understood
Gen: yes M'am *heads of the direction and all the captains too, same as her*
Estelle:*rishes to her place and waits the bargs to be sourrounded and attack.
*it happens and the Gen surrounds and we go head on attack*
estelle: *attacks and slaughter ever bargs, and realize have done this for 4 weeks now, and didnt know*
Gen: well thats that, lets head back to the kingdom now, i suspect ur womb is soon to be in labor, and all the troops returning back where they got picked and everyone else, and our squadron coming too. *bows and gets ready to go home*
Estelle: finallly home... *breaths and gets backed*
Jun 16, 2010 10:43 PM

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*patrolling around for remaining bargs*
where the hell are they??
Jun 17, 2010 9:52 AM

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*Alice listen to Yuri for a while, stands up and smiles*
"Don't worry."
*Looks at him while he walks out the room and then walks towards the five men acting drunk. They're bandits? It's possible. And if Yuri says there are bandits here, they would be the only one that fit that image. She smiles at them when she stands beside them and drinks the last wine in her glass*
"Do you guys want to go outside?"
*Acts like she is drunk and doesn't know what she's doing. After looking at each other, the oldest nods. They stand up and follow Alice. When they are outside in the forest, she stands still. Three of them walks towards Alice to see if she's alright. She slowly smiles, takes her katana and kills the three impatient ones*
"It's not good to think a young girl can't defend herself. You just let you gard down."
*She turns around and looks at the other two bandits. They already took their guns and point them at her*
Bandit: "Why did you do that?"
*Looks very angry*
Alice: "I was ordered to kill the bandits. That's why."
Bandit: "By who?"
*She smiles*
Alice: "You don't need to know something like that. You won't need it in the afterlife anyway."
*Runs very fast toward them before they can even shoot. She is able to part them and focuses on the youngest of the pair*
Alice: "Ready to die?"
*Makes sure he can't fire his gun and puts her kantana on his heart. Then she hears a shot and by simply putting the bandit in front of her, he was shot in stead of her. She let go of him*
Alice: "That isn't nice, killing you're friend."
Bandit screams: "It's your fault! How did you even know we are bandits?"
Alice: "I was informed that there were bandits in the inn. And because you guys smell like blood, it wasn't that hard to figure out that you were the ones."
*Cleans her katana on the clothes of the dead man an puts it away. Then she takes her gun*
Bandit: "We smell like blood? But how is that-
*Her bullet find his way into the heart of the bandit. The bandit coughs up blood and then slowly dies. Alice looks at the bodies and starts to bury them. When she is ready, she runs to a river to wash her hands. Blood. It is such an annoying smell*
Jun 17, 2010 11:06 AM

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*gets up and ready to go to back to the castle*
gen: u ready? lady estelle?
Estelle: yes i am lets go *has her things*
*heads back to the kingdom*
*when got there, she goes straight to her room, and lays*
estelle: oh geez im sore and in pain.. *breaths heavily* going to take a bath should help. *goes and turn on the water faucet and waits to get hot*
*puts her clothes on the sink, and gets in*
Estelle: nice water, and comfy *relaxes, and suddenly feel something. looks down and sees blood in the water*
*eyes wide*
OH NO! its time...
*gets out quickly, and calls a maid*
maid: yes, may i help u
Estelle: there coming *pains*
Maid: OH uh *calls for help, and the general*
general: what happened?
maid: there coming, u need to send a troop NOW to the king!!!! HURRAY or find one of his to tell the news. she is going into labor.
General: yes get her to the labor room.
Estelle: *pain, and feels need to transform*
Jun 17, 2010 1:29 PM

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Jun 18, 2010 2:42 PM

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Yuri Sneaks up on bandits taking the leader first and snapping neck then drawing sword killing any bandits before they draw there weapons
"That was to easy"
Yuri walks back to inn washes blood from face and returns to inside the inn he see's the meals are ready and waits for alice to return
Jun 20, 2010 7:00 AM

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*Alice stands up and walks to the inn. She enters the common room and sees Yuri waiting for her. Smiling, she walks towards him. She sits down and closes her eyes*
"To easy, don't you think?"
*Looks if there is still wine and smiles when she sees the barmaid giving her a new glass. She drinks some wine*
Jun 20, 2010 1:35 PM

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Yuri Looks at alice
"They were quit easy"
Yuri Gets up and heads for the room
"Try to go to sleep early we leave in the morning"
Yuri walks off enters room lays on floor and try's to go asleep and whispers to self
"Estelle I'm sorry for never telling you the real reason I left"
Jun 21, 2010 10:54 AM

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*Alice looks worried at Yuri when he stands up. But she doesn't say anything, he probably wants to be alone with his thoughts. She eats her meal that is already getting cold, but it still tastes good. Some meat after a rough day is always the best. She stays up for a few hours, until the last guest goes to sleep. Then she walks to the room. Very softly, she enters and looks at Yuri at the ground. She smiles and goes to bed*
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Jun 21, 2010 5:35 PM

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Yuri Wakes up early and looks at alice sleeping on the bed he thinks about waking her but lets her sleep a bit longer he heads downstairs to the inn keeper
Inkeeper says
*What can I do for you*
Yuri Responds
"We'll be departing in a bit we'll need fresh horses and supplies to last us four days"
Inkeeper Responds
*Four Days huh You wouldn't be having your wedding at anywhere near Wolf Manor"
Yuri looks at the the innkeeper with a smile and says
"Of course not everyone knows that place is infested with the ghosts of the wolf family as well as there diciples"
Inkeeper looks at yuri relieved andsays
*I'll get your supplies ready it may take a while to get the horses*
Yuri tosses inkeeper bag full of gold and says
"I think it will only take an hour at most have breakfast ready by then as well"
Yuri walks back to room with inkeepers mouth still agape
Yuri walks into room sits in chair and waits for Alice to awake
Jun 25, 2010 10:56 AM

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(Sorry it took so long)

*Alice opens her eyes when she feels that someone is staring at her. First, she sees the ceiling, but when she turns around, she sees Yuri*
"Goodmorning, my lord."
*Smiles and rubs the sleep out of her eyes. Then she looks at Yuri*
"You look a bit... worried maybe."
Jun 26, 2010 4:20 PM

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Estelle: *in her bed, and is relaxing and trying to rub her belly to make sure her child are fine*
maid: u okay lady just breathe okay. i hope that the troops are close or something to get to ur husband,
Estelle:*feels weird, and talks* why i feel strange that Yuri didnt tell me the right reason... *wonders*
Jul 6, 2010 6:25 PM

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Yuri Looks up from the table eating his breakfast
"Sit Down this is a bit hard for me but this really wasn't about me controlling my self"
"This is about something much more but I need to know whether your ready to follow me to an early grave I won't be mad if you wish to leave"
Yuri looks down saddened
Jul 6, 2010 6:49 PM

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*sits in her bed quietly, and hoping that he comes in time when i go into labor, and see the pups* *looks away and abit sad*

Estelle: Yuri.... I hope u be coming for me.... ill be sad if the troops doing get to u soon....
Jul 7, 2010 10:28 PM

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Yuri Looks up and perks up his ears he hears an entourage of soldiers coming he draws his sword and heads out sider he reconizes there sigil
Captain of Soldiers says
"My lord we have great need of you back at the kingdom"
Yuri Responds
" What is it"
Captain looks at yuri in the eye and responds
"It is your wife my lord she is about to go into labor"
Yuri starts to run back to his wife transforming into wolf form not caring about any humans or soldiers he passes until he reaches his castle barging though all the doors all the way to his ladys room yuri runs in transforming back to human for clothes tattered
"My lady I am sorry that I am late tell me what to do and it shall be done to the very best of my skills"
Yuri Kneels in front of her bed
Jul 8, 2010 1:45 AM

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*Alice looks at him with a face that doesn't reveal anything. She stands up and walks towards him. Just when she wanted to give an answer, he ran outside because there is an entourage of his soldiers. She frowns ands looks outside from a window, only seeing Yuri run away in his wolf form while leaving a path of destruction*
"It's not about him controlling himself, right?"
*She sighs and look into the mirror. Then she opens the window and jumps out of it. She lands softly and walks towards the soldiers*
"Is there anyone hurt?"
*Four people seemed to have some cuts, but that would heal itself. A young man, a new member of the pack, was thrown on the ground and came down badly. He broke a leg*
"Isn't our lord a troublemaker?"
*Smiles a little bit and looks at the captain*
"When do you think that Lady Estelle will be giving birth to the pups?"
*He looks surprised and asks how she knows that*
"First, I'm not deaf, so I heard what you said. And second, that is the only situation that Yuri would react like this."
*She tells the young man with the broken leg to sit in front of her. She looks at the leg*
"It has already begon healing itself, but the bone isn't in the right place yet. This is going to hurt. What's your name?"
*He says his name is Loki. Alice smiles and rubs his head. Then she gives a soldier a look that makes clear that he should keep Loki in this pose*
"Hold on, Loki."
*She takes his wounded leg, feels where the bone is fractured and sets it without thinking into place. Loki tries not to scream, but you could see that he's in pain. Alice stands up and looks at all the soldiers*
"We leave in about fifteen minutes. If anyone wants to eat or drink something, do it now. When in or around the inn, you should behave yourself. That's all."
*She nods at the captain and goes back to her room. There she sees her breakfast, so she eats half of it. Everything she brought with her, disappears in her kimono. She looks around and goes downstairs after ten minutes. Softly she talks to the innkeeper. While crying, she lies that the wedding is cancelled and that she has to go home. When she's finally outside, the fifteen minutes are over*
"Alright, we'll leave now. Is everybody here? And how is Loki?"
*Captain respronds*
"Yes, everybody is here. But Loki is unable to walk, so how will we travel?"
*Alice thinks about it and answers*
"Captain, your squad will go in human form. I'll stay with you in wolf form, so I can carry Loki. Alright, we're heading out!"
*She transforms in wolf form and looks at Loki sitting on the ground. When she's a wolf, she's the same length as a big man, so she lays down. Two soldiers help himi on her back*
Hold on thight, Loki. I can't have you falling of my back.
*She slowly stands up and looks at the captain. He understands what she's trying to say and tells the soldiers to move*
Jul 8, 2010 6:06 AM

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estelle *laying on bed quietly and whsipering to the pups, and suddenly sees Yuri barging in ripped clothes and realize that the soldiers did get there in time, and told the news and rushed back in wolf form for her and be with her*

Yuri... U sooo happy, what u need to do is be with me okay the pups are going to come very soon, probably tomorrow morning. *smiles at u and hugs u, and takes ur hand and makes u come into the bed and lays with her.*
Jul 8, 2010 4:59 PM

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Yuri lays in the bed with estelle and looks at her saddened
"I'm sorfry I left I did for my own selfish reasons never thinking of you my love and I promise it will never happen again"
Yuri looks into Estelles Face
"I am sorry but I must leave and return to grab alice it wont take more then a few hours if shes on the move my love"
Jul 8, 2010 5:58 PM

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Estelle: *looks at u, and smiles softly* love u Yuri, my sweet.
just promise that u will come back before morning. okay i can tell that they are going make me be in labor in the morning, around 6 or 7. okay. when u come back, sleep in bed. *smiles, and kiss u*

be safe my darling.
Jul 8, 2010 6:29 PM

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"I Swear my lady nothing could keep me from be there"
Yuri kisses Estelle one more time and leaves transforming into wolf form yuri meets up with Alice
Jul 8, 2010 6:51 PM

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Estelle: *sweating and is hot everywhere... has to changed into wolf to when in labor, hurts, but holds the pain*

*watches him go*
Jul 9, 2010 6:27 AM

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*Alice hears Yuri and looks at the captain.*
He's almost here.
*Sees him nodding and looks at Loki who is still sitting on her back. He seems alright, so she looks at Yuri running towards them. She bows her head and stops*
Why are you here? Shouldn't you be with Lady Estelle? She's more important than us.
*Stares at him*
Jul 10, 2010 1:47 PM

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Yuri looks at Alice
"Lady estelle is fine other wise I would never leave her side you know I never leave any of my troops behind and I did I am deeply sorry for that"
Yuri looks at the troops around him
Jul 10, 2010 4:20 PM

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Estelle: *still in pain, but is okay, decides to be a wolf so the pain isnt soo bad, so tranforms, and stays like that on the bed, and lays and licks her stomach*

*wondering how long he will be there and come back*
Jul 11, 2010 6:22 AM

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*Alice looks a while at Yuri*
Thanks anyway. And you don't have to feel guilty, it is very normal that you ran to Lady Estelle.
*Gives him a little push with her head to show him she's happy he came for them. Then the captain says*
"My Lord, you are too kind. But in times like these you should be with your wife. But then again.. Thank you."
*All soldiers bow on the signal of the captain. Alice feels Loki moving on her back and looks at him*
Are you alright?
*He nods and answers*
"The bone has almost healed."
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Jul 11, 2010 7:08 PM

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Yuri looks at the soldiers bowing before him and looks at them sadly
"I don't deserve soldiers as loyal as you the only thing that I can do to repay your loyalty would be to induct all of you into my personal guard wolf squad"
Yuri looks at them
"If there is anyone that wishes to decline please leave as I reveal onto all of my wolf squad my darkest secret"
Jul 11, 2010 7:22 PM

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Estelle: * sits up and slowly gets out of bed and looks at the wind, and let her wolf ears hear sounds and noises. looks in the sky and wishes that Yuri tells her why he left and any thing he needed to tell her.*

*sits on the floor, and howls*
Jul 12, 2010 2:40 AM

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*Alice looks at the soldiers. All of them made their decision and look very determinated. So these will be her new subordinates? She grins and lays down*
Kiran, could you get Loki of my back?
*Kiran nods and carries Loki away. When he's off her back, she changes into her human form again*
"Prepare yourself, soldiers. The trainings won' be easy."
*She smiles and then walks to Yuri. She lays her head on his shoulder and looks at him from that position. Her face is a mask that doesn't reveal anything*
"What do you need to tell us?"
*She's a bit worried, because he talked about his darkest secret*
Jul 12, 2010 11:23 AM

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Yuri looks at the soldiers surrounding him
"I left you my soldiers and this kingdom for only one reason to find the wolffang sword from my family manor this sword has the ability to heal the wielder as well as helping to control there emotions it also grants the wielder access to the family library"
Yuri looks sad
"Estelle is the first wolf human to ever give birth all the rest have died only my family had the secret to giving birth without the death of the child or bearer and so I ask that you follow me into an unknow peril facing rogue wolves and other dangers so who here will join me"
Yuri looks around
Jul 12, 2010 2:45 PM

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*finishes howling, and goes to bed, and lays there*
Estelle: where are u... its almost morning.... i can feel the pain coming.. and know that they are coming in few more hrs.
*calls her hawk*
Estelle: Camilla, go to yuri and tell him that they are coming, in 2 hrs. when u tell me except that it will be only 30mins left until they arrive, and when he comes to me. alright. be off. * Camilla leaves and goes to Yuri*
*tries to transform back into her human but cant so just lay still and in flaming pain to deal with it.*
Jul 13, 2010 1:08 AM

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*Alice thinks about the things Yuri said. She looks at the sky. It wouldn't be so long until the sun came up. Then she looks at Yuri*
"You asked me yesterday if I would fight with you. My answer is yes. I will fight with you, I will protect you and I will even give my life if it means that you're safe."
*She makes a deep bow*
"You are, no matter what, my beloved lord."

*The captain looks at his soldiers and says to Yuri*
"We are prepared to fight too."
Jul 13, 2010 11:17 AM

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Yuri looks everyone
"I thank all of you for your loyalty but we must hurry we only have hours until Estellle gives birth I've already Sent in Shadow squad to clear the path and manor so this should be quick although they haven't reported back in a while we must still be on our guard now lots hurry"
Yuri starts to run still in human form faster then any human in the kingdom although he slows his pace severly to allow the soldiers to keep up
Jul 13, 2010 11:23 AM

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*still in her wolf form*
Estelle: *breaths heavily, and is in pain, and blood starts to seep out*
where are u Yuri... *pains* plz hurry. they are coming.
Jul 13, 2010 11:59 AM

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*Alice nods and runs after Yuri. When he goes at his top speed, she can't follow him. But when he slows down, she runs beside him while the soldiers are following. Meanwhile she thinks: I hope we get back in time. Lady Estelle is probably having a hard time right now. She thinks about Loki who had to stay behind. She hopes he will be fine*
Jul 13, 2010 12:32 PM

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Estelle: hurry plz ! *moves around alot and as a wolf jumps off bed and goes to a corner and lays there breathing heavily and knows going to labor really soon!*
Jul 13, 2010 1:37 PM

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Yuri and his soldiers reach the Manor within an hour once yuri arrives a shadowy figure comes out of the darkness towards yuri
Shadowy Figure
"My lord we've cleared the manor but the room containing the sword will not open unless the blood of the wolf family touches the door"
Yuri Responds
"Thank you Rowen keep the area secured until I can get more guards here alright alice follow me captain keep your soldiers close"
Yuri walks into the manor and heads for his Family armory a huge metal door keeps it closed with spells and medal there is a small slot in the door yuri pulls a dagger out an slits palm squeezing blood into slot after a minute the door opens and yuri turns to his troops
"Stay here if the guardian of the armory detects anyone not of the wolf family blood it will seal the manor down killing all that are not of the wolf blood"
Yuri walks into the armory old swords and spears line the wall in the center of the room there is a silver rapirer in a sheath with the bottom pommel of the sword carved into a wolf yuri walks up and grabs it then leaves the armory with the doors instantly shutting behind him
"Come we must go to the family library quickely"
Yuri runs to the family library in the basement constructed as a vault the door to the library is sealed with a key hole yuri sticks the pommel of the sword into the key hole turning it and opening the doors yuri instantly rushes in and goes to wolf family medical room and searches for the book of wolves yuri finds it and runs out
"We need to leave now before estelle gives birth"
Yuri runs out side to the manors yard and finds the body of his shadow squad dead on the floor with a huge black wolf standign it transforms into a human and yuri instantly reconizes him
"Hans what do you want here"
Hans responds
"Now Now is that anyway to greet your older brother"
Yuri Responds
"Leave Hans your not getting the family sword"
Hans responds
"Ah but yuri you know that the oldest always gets the inheritance"
Yuri Responds
"But you have no entitlment to anything your just the son of a whore that father slept with during the veper wars"
Hans looks at hans furociously and responds
"Give me the sword or i'll kill everyone here"
Yuri starts to laugh and responds
"Youl'll do no such thing you know I'm the strongest you could never defeat me if you wanted to now move aside and I'll let you have the manor as well as your life"
Hans looks at yuri and responds
"Cocky aren't we I challenge you to a Alpha wolf battle"
Yuri laughs and responds
"And why would I agree to lose everything and gain nothing"
Hans responds
"Because the book you came here to get for your precious Estelle is incomplete and I happen to have the rest"
Yuri looks at Hans and responds
"Fine but we both must follow the Alpha wolf battle rules"
Hans responds
"Of course little brother"
Yuri turns to alice and hands her the wolffang sword and book
Yuri Looks at alice and says
"Don't interfere"
Yuri turns into his wolf form a huge white wolf while hans does the same
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Jul 13, 2010 2:33 PM

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*breaths heavily, and starts to stand up and walks to the door, but falls*
*able to transform into a human* i have to go to Yuri, now i cant back, ill be okay *walks to the main entrance*
*goes to the door and starts to open it*
stranger:where are u going m'lady?
estelle: *looks behind* who r u? and what are u doing in my castle
stranger: my apology i came for u of course.
estelle: what do u mean?
stranger: my name is General Zane, im under the command of Yuri's older brother, Hans to get u, so Yuri doesnt get what he wants to help u of course.
Estelle: what do u mean? im fine, and okay.
Zane: i mean, if u birth, u might die, it happens to anyone who mates anyone from their family. so Yuri needs something to save u, but im here to get u so he wont have the inheritance.
estelle: *looks at him and transforms into her wolf and runs faster into the forest to go to him
Zane: *sighs* pity i thought this will be easy and doesnt take too long.. *transforms his wolf and race to her and is quickest ever catch up and slams her against the ground and hold her down, and made her go unconscious point. there im done, im coming Hans.
*has estelle and goes to hans while she is on his back*
estelle: srry. Yuri... *falls asleep*
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*Alice just follows Yuri, but she looks out for possible enemies. When she smells Hans, she looks around. When she finally sees him, she growls. She doesn't like his aura, even though she doesn't know him. Then Yuri comes and they start a discussion. When she hears Hans is Yuri's older brother, she is surprised. But because of her trainings, she doesn't say anything. Yuri and Hans agree to have an Alpha wolf battle*
"My Lord, it's dangerous. You can't risk your life here!"
*Yuri told her to not interfere and gives her the book and sword. She looks at him when he transforms into a wolf. Then she looks around and finds a balcony. She runs until she's almost under it and then jumps. For her, it's easy to get there. When she made sure she can see anything from there, she sends a telepathic message to the Captain. Captain, get your men out off here. It's going to be dangerous. We will be fine. But, Alice, uhm, Leader, oh well... Why do we have to go? I will tell you later. A few kilometres from here will do. But... This is an order, captain! She got a bit mad, but the captain finally listens to her. Then she looks at Yuri again*
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Yuri Runs at Hans full blast hitting him with his claws
Hans jumps back
Yuri jumps quickely at hans grabbing at his neck ready to rip it off until Yuri looks to the right and sees estelle with a strange man carrying her
Yuri jumps back then tears a chunk out of Hans arm with hans scratching yuri face
Hans transforms back bleeding as well as yuri
Yuri looks at hans and says
"Hans what the hell is this"
Hans laughs at yuri
"You know what this is yuri either you give me the sword and the book or I leave"
Yuri responds
"What do you want the book for anyway"
Hans says
"That is of no concern to you "
Yuri Responds
"I won the Alpha wolf battle you know the rules you transformed back first now give me estelle and the rest of the book"
Hans responds
"I think not I have great need of both of them"
Yuri angrily looks at hans then sends a mental message to Alice
"Can you attack the stranger at the same time I attack hans"
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*Alice looks at the battle, but sees tht Yuri will be okay. When she sees Estelle, she gets really mad. Was Hans crazy? Estelle could give brith to her children each moment en he let someone bring her here?! She concentrates on her breath to calm down. When she hears Yuri in her head, she smiles. She sends back: Of course, my Lord, no problem. Alice looks at the sword and book. She doesn't want to leave them, so she hides the book in her kimono and puts the sword through her obi. With a bit of luck, the sword won't hit the ground when she runs. Anytime, my Lord.
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Yuri looks at hans
"You've gone to far hans"
Hans responds
"Not Far enough little brother now just give me the book and sword and you can have your precious wife for however long she lives"
Yuri walks closer to hans with hand on sword
Hans responds
"Aw not to close little brother Zane is watching and will kill your little queen right before your eyes"
Yuri Responds
"I don't think so"
Yuri draws sword and strikes hans but he manages to draw his sword as well blocking it
Yuri brings sword and slices hans is head but he manages to dodge yuri then throws hidden dagger at hans is leg they hit him and yuri then rushes in to but his sword at hans throat
Hans responds
"Your wouldn't kill your brother your not like me you always were the weakling in the wolf clan"
Yuri responds
"Not anymore"
Yuri drives blad into hans throat and pulls it to the side cutting it off
Yuri looks at himself discustinly before seeing if Alice needs help
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*When Yuri attacks Hans, she jumps off the balcony and sprints to Estelle. She surprises Zane and when she does so, he lets Estelle go. Alice looks a moment at Estelle ebfore she runs to Zane. She takes her katana and he his sword. They fight for a while, but it soon is clear that she's better than him. She kills him easily and shakes the blood of the katana*
"You're weak, Zane, or I was just mad."
*She looks at Yuri and bows*
"We need to bring Lady Estelle back to the castle."
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