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★★ Spreadsheet Masterlist ★★


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2019 Anime Watching Challenge (with BBCode template) [~~]
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Anime Tracking Spreadsheet (with Masterlist formulas) [~~]


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Ultimate Challenge Guide [~~]
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So I've got a tracking spreadsheet ready for the anime challenges. I wasn't really sure how everyone wants their stuff set up, so I've basically just taken the spreadsheet I use for my own challenges and taken my data out of it:

Anime Tracking Spreadsheet

How it's set up:

  • Where you input a large portion of your anime data - title, episodes, episode length, dates watched, etc.
  • All of the tables pull data from this tab. This lowers the risk of data entry errors and allows easy editing of anime information without having to go to each table and manually change it.
  • I left the data I've collected so far in there so you have a starting point, but if there are columns you don't want to use I would recommend just hiding them (right click on the column letter > Hide Columns).
  • Once you add a date to the 'Start' column an In Progress will show up in the 'Status' column. Once you add a date to the 'Finish' column a Completed will show up in the 'Status' Column.
  • The 'Completed' and "In Progress" lines at the top sum up the number of each they find in the spreadsheet, so you can use it to make sure you've accounted for all your anime by comparing it to your MAL list if you'd like.

The rest of the tabs are broken up by challenge category as per the AWC Index. Copying and pasting an anime title (the official MAL title unless it has been recently changed) into the 'Anime' columns will input the other data from that row, as long as the anime is already in the MASTERLIST. There isn't a table for every single available challenge, as right now I've only done them for challenges I am working on. If there are any particular challenges you would like me to create a table for, feel free to let me know.

If anyone doesn't like this set-up, wants something simpler, or would prefer separate sheets for each challenge, etc. let me know and I'll see what I can do ;)

Tips for Using Spreadsheets:
  • For the tables to pick up information from the MASTERLIST, the anime title must be IDENTICAL - if it's not working make sure there are no spaces before or after the title
  • For challenges that have multiple levels (easy, medium, hard, etc.) keep the level you're on at the top for easier access. When you're done with a level, highlight the table AND the row above it > Cut > Paste Cut Cells into the blank row below the bottom table.
  • If you accidentally put the same anime into the MASTERLIST twice, the tables will only pick up information from the first one - I recommend sorting them alphabetically from time to time just to make sure there are no duplicates.
  • If you need to remove data from the tables, be careful about which cells you delete. If you put an anime in the wrong cell, only delete the title - once this box is empty any of the cells with formulas will automatically empty as well. The only exception to this is the tables that have a 'Notes' or 'Specifics' column.


  • What challenges does the Anime Tracking Spreadsheet have so far?

  • Some of the tables have BBCode lines beside them. What's that for?

    I've been working on making BBCode templates for some of the challenges - meaning that as you fill in the challenge table you are creating the BBCode that you can add to your challenge post later on (saving you time and extra steps). If you don't want to use these you can either ignore them or hide the columns.

  • If I need a particular challenge table that isn't listed, what do I do?

    For some of the more generic challenges, you can always copy and paste an already existing table and tailor it to your needs. Be mindful that you may need to alter the formulas so that it picks up the correct cells. If you would like some help with this please feel free to comment below or send me a message.
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★★ Ultimate Challenge Guide ★★

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