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Apr 13, 2016 11:04 AM

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Would you like to help out with the club?
I am looking for active members to help out with the following positions. If you want to be a layout or card maker please try to also be active around the forum and club comments as well!

Positions available:
  • Layout Makers (1-2 people)
    - Make a new layout each month or every couple of months. If we have 2 layout makers you can rotate who makes it.

  • Card Makers (A few people)
    - Make and deliver cards.

  • Banner Maker (1 person)
    - Make banners to advertise the club.
    - Make banners for threads such as the card editions.

  • Discussion Managers (2 people)
    - Looking for active members to start topics and keep them clean and active.

  • Game Managers (2 people)
    - Active members to help run events or games for the members to play and take part in.
    - Keep the games active and alive.

  • Tournament Managers (2-3 people)
    - Looking for active members who can work well with others to organise tournaments for the club.

Position/s: You can put more than one position if you want.

If you get accepted, if there is a time when you wont be around for a while it'd be nice if you could let me know.
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