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Do not post in other topics until I approve your character.


Number:(This is like age for the Sekirei remember I want the numbers spread out! So please no same numbers. start at 5 and up to 108)
Powers:(Only one per Sekirei.Basically what type is your Sekirei Power,if you don't know what power you want you can go see in Sekirei Types and pick one. Please try to be different with this, don‘t want abilities repeated.)
Weapon:(If you pick weapon type you can pick any weapon you want but don't pick the same weapons ok)
Bio:(What did you do after activation? Try to make it a paragraph)

Sekirei Types

My Character

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Username: XxMiku_HatsunexX
Name: Kuruizaki-Hime
Nickname: Kuro
Gender: Female
Powers:Power Type(The power of super strength and hand-to-hand combat)
Weapon: spear( can extend it length unlimitly)
Bio: Kuro fell out of the sky resulting in her head bashed and has amnesia of her past and can no longer remember important things.
Personality: Hyper most of the time and enjoys eating alot, loves helping others no matter what the cost
Likes: Wolves, eating, learning new things,
Dislikes: meaningless conflicts
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Username: baxter09
Name: dante
Nickname: white death
Gender: male
Powers:darkness and also uses a katana and twin pistols that combine with the darkness
Bio: dante wants to wind and will do it at any costs even if it means involving innocent people but he can also be caring to the people he likes and he likes to have as much fun as possible
Likes: having fun, looking about,girls,fighting for fun,mysterious things like vampires and other things
Dislikes: being bored and poeple that think they are better than everybody else
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Username: -Yukiko624-
Name: Yukihiro
nickname: Yuki-kun
Gender: Male
Number: 264
Powers: Ice type
Bio: Yukihiro was suffering the summer heat and somehow fainted infront of my apartment, had to be put in a tub full of ice cubes and stay in there during the whole night.
Personality: A bit childish but seriuos at times, caring.
Likes: Anything cold
Dislikes: Anything hot
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Name:Miya Shinjo
Gender: F
Powers: illusion (* can make an illusion for u w/out noticing by u and the others only me can notice it *)
Bio:Supper Scary when angry. Do everything to see her Ashikabi the real one. Since she live on the southern part.. She has its own house there. And the people in that place don't know that she is a Sekirei. She like's everyone there. Everyone loved her..
Personality: scary.. lovable and don't like fighting u can't predict what is she going to do.
Likes: Quiet, and Peace
Dislikes: WAR, disaster, death!!!!!
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about me

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Name:Seiken Ishida
Powers:Lightning type
Bio:(sorry not good at this)after he activated, he wondered the land, looking for a place were he could belong. when he has free time, he reads a book. has fought many fights, with his sense of justice usually being the cause.
Personality:a generally quit person, he doesn't display much emotion. is completely loyal and will protect his master at all costs.
Likes:reading, quiet places
Dislikes:loud places, rude people, involving civilian.
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Stop. Calm yourself. You're an idiot.
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Bio:after activation i wonder the city burning every person that tried to wing me because i found them unworthy so i continue to wonder looking for some1 worthy
Personality:a flirt that is serious when the time is right
Likes:almost nothing
Dislikes:nearly everything specially the weak
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Username: Spooky13
Name: Spooky
Nickname: Spook Spooks
Gender: Female
Number: 13
Powers: Decay Type
Weapon: none
Bio: After activation, I was curious as to how powerful I could become. I wandered around by myself becuase I had trouble making friends with others. People thought I was weird and ignored me. I have decided to stay away from others.
Personality: Quiet, sometimes nice.
Likes: To be alone
Dislikes: Being in a big group of people
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When You Fix It You Will Be Approved Ok
Powers:You Got To Pick A Different Element B/cuz Someone Got Wind Already
Weapon: ??
Bio:He lives with his little brother (ritsuka)has many maids and servants
Personality: is kind and good but sometimes cold -.-
Likes: girls!
Dislikes: Jerk Ritsuka!!
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Username: VivioTakamachi
Name: Hikaro
Nickname: none
Gender: male
Number: 666
Powers: light
Weapon: Duel daggers
Bio: Tends to wonder around from place to place doing nothing. Doesn't really like to fight, but if forced to, he will do whatever it takes to win. He is skilled with using daggers. When released into the city, he was curious of his powers and nearly blinded everyone that was within the area do to the creation of a large bright light.
Personality: Usually cold towards others but is actually quite nice
Likes: peace and quiet
Dislikes: people that get in the way
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Username: RYnky-san
Name: RYnky
Nickname: RYnky
Gender: Female
Number: 777
Powers: Weapon
Weapon: A sword that can cut through anything
Bio: Wandering around..., working alone, usuaaly can be seen on the dorm and drinking a bottle of milk ^^
Personality: Cheerful, Funny...and cool :)
Likes: sleeping and eating
Dislikes: annoying people

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Username: Kannei
Name: Seiryuu
Gender: Female
Powers:Water Typ
Weapon: Katana and Water
Bio: hmmm doesnt remember
Personality: Stubborn, Hot headed, Easy Annoyed and cold towards the most and lazy sometimes
Likes: too relax and too be annoyed
Dislikes: Annoying People
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Username: Blutsauger
Name: Enigma
Nickname: Ena
Gender: Female
Number: 23
Powers: Void user
Weapon: Scythe
Bio:At an early age, with no sublings and noone to open her heart to, she shuts her feelings very deeply inside of her. She lives in an orphanage till the age of 7, when the orphanage is absorbed by her awakening power. At the age of 10 she is found in a deserted village by a weapon master, named Tren. He is the one that gives her the name Enigma, because of all the mysteries that are happening always around her. He trains her the art of mid ranged weapons. The scythe becomes her trend. At the age of 16 she leaves her teacher, to search for her long ago lost feelings. Already mastered her own powers, there is noone that's left alive after making her loose here peaceful look on her face. In search for herself, in a chapel she comes across an old script, in which is written a formula for opening the heart of people. But the names of the ingredients sound like nothing from this realm. So she devotes herself in finding those ingredients. After 3 years of wandering in places where a human hasn't step, she decides to abandon this quest and to go into the society.
A very powerfull group, named EDEN, becomes aware of her existance and hire her as an assasin. She works for them until she sences her ashikabi - the first time her heart throbs....
Personality: Very peaceful, hardly anoyed, emotionless
Likes: Sleeping, drinking tea
Dislikes: Being bossed around
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ApprovedBut can you pick a diffreant power b/cuz someone got the light type.
Powers:light type
Bio:they lies with dad b/c her mom died when she was 1 year,they are twins
Personality:are very shy,likes to play
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Jan 28, 2010 4:16 AM

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Username:tenshi shouten
Weapon:metal fans
Bio:after being released she wondered the streets looking for a parnter but was disgusted when she only found weak people and ended up nearly killing one man that tried to wing her by force so now she mostly sticks to wonder the streets at night when there r less people and those that tend to be stronger
Personality:cold and stand off-ish
Dislikes:humans cause they r weak
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When You Fix It You Will Be Approved Ok
Name:Emile Tepes
Nickname:Vampire Prince
Powers:You Got To Pick One Element Only
Bio:he was experiment on, and he was use to be very kind-hearted much more then he is now, because he was loved and cared for, and the someone betrayed him, and tried to kill him, and he was in rages and kill all the ppl who tried to help him.
personalty:sweet, kind, gentle, caring, thoughtful, and in battle she is very serious, and can be arrogant too.
Likes:people who care and protect their Sekirei dearly
Dislikes:Weaklings, and people who throw Sekirei like trash, and a slave
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Username: FlameLightning17
Name: Aki
Nickname: Flame
Gender: Female
Number: 117
Powers: Weapon Type
Weapon: all kinds
Bio: She does not like to talk about herself.
Personality: Short-tempered so dont tick her off
Likes: training
Dislikes: relaxing
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Username: BlackPoet
Nickname: Ray-chan
Weapon:Lance and Chains
Bio: Lather
Personality:Miray is a a quiet,withdrawn girl, who forms a connection with other ones very difficultl. But, if somebody wins the girl's friendship once,for that person, she is willing to stand it any time
Likes:Animals, Good books, Art
Dislikes:Loud peoples, Tormentors of animals, Who hurt her friends
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Username: Zero-Morisane
Name: Jade
Nickname: Alchemist
Gender: F
Number: 42
Powers: Manipulation of an objects density, mass, and hardness.
Weapon: Her sleeves are filled with lead but the cloth will never tear, nor will it break or be cut. Also has vials containing various elements in their liquid forms.
Bio: Just woke up, so she doesn't really have one.
Personality: Science nut, flirty...other than that, you'll just have to see.
Likes: Sweet/junk food, justice, a good challenge, learning something new
Dislikes: Boredom, sour/spicy food, cruelty, greed, weak people, etc.
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Username: tyrano1402
Name: kyle
Nickname: none
Gender: male
Number: 87
Powers: teleportation
Weapon: his legs
Bio: woke up one day in the streets with no memory's, a longing feeling to find someone and a distinct hate for flying things
Personality: is very laid back, very gullible, likes to meet new people, is very fast even without teleporting, arms are weak but his legs are very strong
Likes: doing dangerous things like jumping off buildings and teleporting to safety at the last second, taking naps, nice people, and messing with people
Dislikes: flying things, spicy food, mean people
Appearance: (ill look for a pic)
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Username: shinigami03

Name: Miaka Hiraku

Nickname: just miaka

Gender: female

Number: 33

Powers: Explosion(it causes and creates explosions.)

Weapon: metal rod(looks like this but instead of red, it's green)

Bio: Miaka was found by a famous magazine company and offered her to be a model there. Since then her life was easy, has no financial problems. She lives in her own house, not a mansion b'coz she's too scared almost alone when in a big mansion. But even if she almost have everything, she still has one problem and that is she has still no ashikabi. Miaka 's currently looking for her own ashikabi.

Personality: Hard worker, friendly, bit annoying sometimes, moody, a bit of materialistic, sometimes flirty <.<

Likes: sweets, video games, modeling, funny jokes

Dislikes: scary insects, boring stuff, too loud places, scary stuff

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Powers:Wisdom Type
Bio:Hiding from MBI after escaping to the north.Now is looking for a good Ashikabi.
Personality:Very smart and love teasing and testing thing.
Likes:computers and guns
Dislikes:go outdoors for too long.
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Username: ren9
Name: ryuu
Nickname: the white sekirei
Gender: male
Number: 19
Powers: Mirror Type(The power to reflect attacks back to the attacker)
Weapon: his body (his ability), a sword
Bio: wake up and found himself attaked by other pepole before he know it thay were dead so he run away
Personality: shy and afraid to fight, not very awar of his power
Likes: sensitive and jental pepole and basicly nice pepole that don't attak him.
Dislikes: to fight
Appearance: (I will think of it for a wille)
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Name:Jonah Kunumaru
Powers:Power Type(The power of super strength and hand-to-hand combat)
Bio:As for I have a part time job working in a pastry shop.For now I am staying at Izumo Inn and I am in search for my partner my one to be.
Personality:Sociable,Friendly,Kind,polite,well mannerd,Fun,Some what serious.
Dislikes:Minaka Hiroto,Spicy food,Bad guys (^_^)
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Powers:Smoke Type
Weapon:A wakazashi
Bio:She woke one day, in the middle of a forest, alone. She was covered in scars and blood, and had no idea why. But then was found by a man and lived with him until he was killed.

Personality:She tends to not trust people easy, so she might seem cold but is kind. When no one is looking she tends to help others in need, but in battle she is clod and calculating.

Likes:Meat, to read, quiet, and animals.

Dislikes:Noisy people, stupid questions, animal cruelty.
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Can you please make your sekirei sounds more humand. sekirei r like humans with one power

I will make an ashikabi this week, but since I made this I'll post my Sekirei

Username: Lemonian
Name: Valena
Nickname: Heavens Angel
Gender: Female
Number: 32
Powers: Loving Nature Power
Weapon: No weapons, uses here Loving Nature Healing Power(which can't be dodged) to comfort every Sekirei. In battle or just normally, when used in battle the other sekirei will stop battling instantly. Every time her power is used her hair and eye color changes to a random of several colors, also she gets cat ears or the go away [note the sentence before this one isn't part of the power/weapon it's an requirement to use to power].
Bio: Woke up in an house. her neighbor --> her childhood friend (and later ashikabi --> Lemonian Hihi)
Personality: Loving and Caring
Likes: seeing here ashikabi happy and helping him out with everything
Dislikes: fighting, arguing, war, abuse and all things connected to those
Appearance: She has the ultimate anime figure --> means long hair, beautiful skin and big boobs. hair and eye color are always the same. the colors can be
- Blue (dark and light), Green, Black, Pink, Red, White, Brown. and she she will get cat ears or they will dissappear, depending if she had them or if she didn't had them at the time she was using her power.
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Jan 23, 2011 4:20 AM
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Hey don't create any Sekirei until there is more Ashikabi. So if you make a Sekirei it will be delete it

You can only crate a Sekireii if u also create a Ashikabi
Jan 25, 2011 9:20 PM
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Username: 12345trent8
Name: Gabriel Reeve Lockwood
Nickname: Forest, Forrest
Gender: Male
Number: 04
Powers: Earth Type
Weapon: The weapon is with the appearance.
Bio: He lives in were his master is and he also goes to school if he what to. But usually stays at the apartment in tell his master needs him. He also helps his master with his problems.
Personality: Hate people except with his master.
Likes: Seeing his Ashikabi happy and helping him or her out with everything even if it wrong. And will fight in till they submit to him and his master.
Dislikes: all other Sekirei Skeleton types

Username: 12345trent8
Nickname: MELODY
Gender: Female
Number: 12
Powers: Voice Type
Weapon: Black Sword & Bow and Arrow (pattern from the sword)
Bio: She lives with his master is and she also goes to school if he what to. But usually stays at the apartment in tell her master needs her. She also helps her master with his problems.
Personality: Hate people except for her master.
Likes: Seeing her Ashikabi happy and helping him or her out with everything even if it wrong. And will fight in till they submit to her and her master.
Dislikes: all other Sekirei Skeleton types
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Ashikabi: Yozikawa, Shigure
Name: Minori
Nickname: Phoenix
Gender: Female
Number: #17
Powers: Phoenix Fire, "controls fire with inspiration of a phoenix".
Weapon: Can use "Staff of the Phoenix" to boost melee combat power.
Bio: After activation, she didn't know what to do and started to walk around aimlessly, but some days later she accidentally ran into a guy on the street, which caused her to faint. Later she woke up in unfamiliar apartment and there the story begins...
Personality: A personality like Rangiku from Bleach
Likes: Dancing, drinking, eating strange food, teasing people, sleep, seduce her ashikabi, shopping
Dislikes: Noise people, bamboo shoots, other women getting to "close" to her ashikabi, houshold chores
Favorite Food: Dried persimmon
Height: 165cm
Weight: 48kg
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Red
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Jul 30, 2011 1:28 PM
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username: sesshomaru31 name: soula karama nickname: soul gender: female number: 72 power: time type weapon: time watch bio: after getting out of the hospital her adopted parents died. her parents were murder by another sekirei. she divoted to find that sekirei and kill her. her ashikabi name is siro mutsu. personality: she is mostley happy and very kind, also u don't want to make her angrey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! likes: her ashikabi, and drinking and everyone that is her friend. dislikes: the sekirei that killed her parents and sekireis that r dyin. appearance:
Jul 20, 2012 6:40 PM

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Username: jeffreyking

Name: hermit of the void

Nickname: hermit

Gender: M

Number: 314

Powers: void (sorry but how i see void is basicly an all ability ability)

Weapon: sword, and hands

Bio: one day at tae kwon do a future student came in and asked to join. the instructor said yes but did not have any money, so the instructor let him join for a week free. 2 days later he was already eligible for a red belt even though he was still a white belt. in those two days i became friends w/ him. later i found out about the sekirei plan and he asked if i could be his ashikabi, i said i would do that for him for he feared of deactivation. and that is my bio about hermit

Personality: usually recluse in nature but has talent in various martial arts.

Likes: nothing really besides a good fight and martial arts

Dislikes: nothing besides people who annoy him

Appearance: my profile pic is a pic of hermit
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Powers:Voice type
Bio:She found out how wonderful life is so she likes meeting new people and figuring out new things. Sometimes she just goes for walks but she is very clumsy.
Personality:Very clumsy, smart, hyper, and excited to meet her ashikabi!
Likes:singing, dancing, nature, and learning new things.
Dislikes: tigers, and heat.
Appearance:dark red hair with black highlights and average size (and has medium sized breasts).