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Aug 20, 2015 12:11 PM

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This is so i don't have to search through comments and Card Deliveries to find my newsletters of the clubs i enjoy so much. I hope you can all understand why i would do this. Thank You.

Deletion Periods: Every 1-2 Weeks to keep it tidy

In Case i forget to go to your profiles and say it:

Thank You Guys For The News!!!

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Newsletter Delivery Thread / Membercard, OMC, OMB, Claims Delivery Thread / Pets

Jun 4, 9:26 AM

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Jun 11, 9:39 AM

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TNC Summer Time Swimsuit Edition Card Delivery

(Click the image to get your cards)
I named the cards based on your MyAnimeList account Or Short names so keep that in mind!
If you have trouble finding your card just hit Ctrl+F and type your MyAnimeList name.
Feel free to DM me on MAL or Discord if there are issues.
(Totally Didn't Rip Off Pacs Or Get Help From Mel To Get Into GFX)