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Top 10 Hot Characters from InuYasha

InuYasha is one of the most popular anime series in the world. It’s famous for its wide range of funny, cute and complex characters. Now let's take a look at the hottest!

by FreeNightFalls
Oct 29, 2015 11:32 PM | 49,966 views


InuYasha Miroku
Miroku may be known as a frivolous, perverted and hedonistic monk, but he can be more than reliable when it is time for action. When he decides to use the kazana, which is a powerful weapon against youkai, he turns into a really brave and hot man. That is when even Sango can do nothing but admire him... and forgive his groping.


InuYasha Kaguya
Kaguya is the raven haired demoness from InuYasha: Kagami no Naka no Mugenjo who seeks the Celestial Robe, believing that it can make her immortal. She is unstoppable and cruel, but that does not make her any less hot. Kaguya is supposedly Kaguya-hime, a girl from a Japanese legend known as the Legend of the Bamboo Cutter.


InuYasha Yura

Yura of the Demon-Hair is one of the first female demons who appears at the beginning of the series. She likes to decorate her home with skulls and hair of her victims. She is described as an attractive and lascivious girl in a provocative costume who likes to tease before killing and cutting off her victims' hair with the sword. She also controls the hair like a spider and has an ability to reattach her severed limbs by using it.


InuYasha Bankotsu

Bankotsu, the leader of the Shichinintai or Band of Seven, is a laid-back mercenary who works for Naraku and uses a powerful Banryuu to kill demons. He is feared as a bloodthirsty killer who is very powerful and who proves to be a challenge even to Inuyasha. His confidence and power make him very appealing.


InuYasha Abi

Princess Abi is a phoenix demon in the form of a human who controls a large flock of phoenix demon birds who suck blood. Her mother is a bird demon herself and they both live on a mountain. Abi is a beautiful and attractive demoness who is very capable of leading their bird tribe until Naraku causes their demise.


InuYasha Kouga

Kouga is a brash and arrogant leader of a yourouzoku (youkai-wolf tribe) who often fights with Inuyasha and considers Kagome his woman. He uses shikon shards in his legs in order to make himself stronger and faster. His bravery and honest wolfish eyes make him very hot and attractive, not to mention that he is always ready to help his friends in need.


InuYasha Sango

There is nothing better than a confident and brave woman who knows what she wants and is ready to fight for it. Sango is a youkai slayer who wields the Hiraikotsu, a massive boomerang made of youkai bones. Additionally, she looks really hot wearing her battle uniform while she is fighting alongside Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku and other members of their gang.



Inuyasha is the main protagonist of the series and he is often described as a bras, high-strung and easily annoyed half-demon. He often bickers with Kagome and other friends, but he truly cares for them and would do anything to save them. He is even hotter when he transforms into his "human" form during the night of the new moon each month and that is when his long silvery hair becomes black and his features become even manlier.


InuYasha Sesshoumaru
Sesshoumaru is Inuyasha's half brother and the full-blooded dog-demon. He cannot stand Inuyasha and it seems that the feeling is mutual since they fight each other every time they meet. He is cold-blooded, powerful, arrogant and emotionless. However, a glimpse of his soft side can be seen when he saves Rin, an orphaned girl, and cares for her. His aura, long silver hair and handsome features make him one of the hottest characters in the series.


InuYasha Naraku

You can hate him as much as you want, but Naraku, the main antagonist in the anime, always comes back. Naraku used to be a nasty bandit named Onigumo before killing Kikyo. His form varies from time to time and it is usually disgusting; however, it is interesting to note that his handsome face preserves and his persistence is always the same. And that counts.

InuYasha is a real gem in the anime world and a true classic. If you are a fan of versatile characters, action, interesting demons and magic - then it is high time you check it out!

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