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20 of the Most Truthful Quotes from Detective Conan

In the anime and manga series Detective Conan, the shrunken down detective Shinichi Kudo, uses his talents of deduction to solve crimes. To celebrate his determination to find the truth, his dedication to justice, and his devotion to his friends, here are 20 of the series' most truthful quotes.

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“There is no deduction that is superior or inferior…because there is only one truth.” - Shinichi Kudo

Detective Conan Shinichi One Truth

"A detective who uses his deductive powers to corner a suspect, and then does nothing to stop them from committing suicide, is no better than the murderer himself." - Shinichi Kudo

Detective Conan Shinichi Serious

"The only ones who can miss a kick draw are those who have the courage to kick it." - Shinichi Kudo

Detective Conan Kick

“Courage is a word of justice. It means the quality of mind that enables one to face apprehension with confidence and resolution. It is not right to use it as an excuse to kill someone." - Ran Mouri

Detective Conan Ran Angry

"Is a reason necessary? I don't know why you would kill someone but as for saving someone…a logical mind isn't needed, right?" - Shinichi Kudo

Detective Conan Save Life

“Justice isn’t something that you can just proclaim. It’s a feeling you should keep near your heart." - Miwako Sato

Detective Conan Sato

"A trick is nothing but a puzzle mankind came up with. If you use your head, you can uncover the logical answer." - Shinichi Kudo

Detective Conan Wink

"Words are like swords. If you use them the wrong way, they can turn into ugly weapons." - Conan Edogawa

Detective Conan Words

“Humans are suspicious and jealous creatures. When they see something perfect, they want to find a flaw." - Heiji Hattori

Detective Conan Heiji Humans

"Although this mirror can show a reflection, it cannot show you the truth." - Ai Haibara

Detective Conan Haibara Serious

"I don't mind waiting for people. Because the longer you wait, the happier you feel when you finally meet again." - Ran Mouri

Detective Conan Ran Waiting

"They say time and a person’s heart are inversely proportional. The more time passes, the more they grow apart. It seems there are some rare exceptions though." - Ai Haibara

Detective Conan Haibara Time

"I don’t want to see her tears again…Even if I must disappear from her heart…" - Shinichi Kudo

Detective Conan Ran Tears

“Memories of someone who’s passed away remain beautiful forever, and a person’s heart will linger over them." - Ai Haibara

Detective Conan Ai Happy

“If it’s an important memory, then you shouldn't forget it. Since those who aren't with us only live on in our memories." - Wataru Takagi

Detective Conan Takagi

"Flowers are fragile and ephemeral…Even if you meant to protect them with a surrounding fence from the wind and rain, the flowers would die without sunlight…" - Ai Haibara

Detective Conan Haibara Flowers

"... there are some things that can't be brought back." - Yui Uehara

Detective Conan Yui

"Life is short so it will be appreciated. We live to our fullest due to that." - Heiji Hattori

Detective Conan Heiji

“No angel has smiled upon me, not even once." - Vermouth

Detective Conan Vermouth Gun

“A secret makes a woman, woman." - Vermouth

Detective Conan Vermouth Secret

Hopefully you enjoyed these 20 truthful quotes from Detective Conan! Even if you're not a genius boy detective, you can take inspiration from the words of Shinichi Kudo and his friends in your own life. Just remember what Shinichi would say: Shinjitsu wa itsumo hitotsu! There is only one truth!

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