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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: The Neighbors Club

The Neighbors Club: a small school club created for the sole purpose of meeting new people and creating real friendships within and outside of the club room. So just who are a part of this club and what are they like? Lets have a look at these 7 characters that have given life to the Neighbors Club!

by NyxStovell
Sep 24, 2015 10:09 PM | 14,834 views

 Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Characters

Kodaka Hasegawa

Age: 17
 Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Kodaka Hasegawa
Kodaka was initially forced into the Neighbors Club by Yozora, who turned in his club application without his knowledge. Despite this, Kodaka willingly began to play his role in the club as being the second member and co-founder due to his large desire to make friends. Constantly mistaken for a fearsome delinquent teen due to his mixture of brown and blonde hair, Kodaka Hasegawa is actually an extremely nice guy who constantly gets avoided by everyone around him. During his very first day at St, Chronica's, Kodaka had accidentally played the main role in numerous incidents, making his misunderstood debut through the school as the 'delinquent who extorted a textbook from the girl next to him'. This made creating new friendships extremely hard for this Kodaka, despite his gentleness, social competence, and the fact that he transferred to this school over a month ago now.

The reason behind Kodaka's unusual mixture of hair color is due to his late mother being from England. As for other family members, his father is working overseas in America which leaves Kodaka to take care of his younger sister Kobato as they both decided they wanted to stay in Japan, back in Kodaka's childhood hometown. He only has a few memories relating to his childhood and past relationships with people, as the family moved while Kodaka was at a young age. He has a misunderstood, rational, kind, and generous personality, with the addition of being good cook as seen when he creates dinner for both his sister and himself.

He is used to having bad rumors spread about him, being avoided by everyone else, and has even become accustomed to fighting. Due to this, Kodaka has become very patient when it comes to other people and these rumors, so they don't emotionally phase him anymore and he has also become quite adept at fighting to defend himself from the people wanting to take down the 'delinquent'. Kodaka becomes adept at fighting, although he is a peaceful person and will try to settle everything with words when able to and will only take physical action when he believes it is absolutely necessary.

 Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Kodaka Hasegawa 2
Intelligence is also one of Kodaka's key personality points, but not the kind of intelligence used for obtaining high grades in school. Through his misunderstood appearance, Kodaka has gone through a lot growing up, which has undoubtedly altered his personality to become more intelligent in the way of life itself. He understands other people and their views rather well. He is also a quick thinker when it comes to reasoning, which continues to help him out in bad situations, such as settling conflicts.

Yozora Mikazuki

Age: 17
 Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Yozora Mikazuki
The founder of the Neighbors club is Yozora Mikazuki, who has created it with the purpose to help herself (and other people in the process) create bonds of friendships with others. In Yozora's case, she had originally created it with the main hidden purpose to become closer to Kodaka. On the surface she is an intelligent, manipulative, strong-willed and cruel character, but underneath this she has a sensitive side and genuinely cares for those in the Neighbors Club. She has a somewhat mild anti-social personality and dislikes talking about more sensitive topics, such as romance and careers. It is also noticed that she becomes nauseated in crowded areas. Yozora is an elegant singer and a good actor, but she is bad at art and lacks social skills. When it comes to her appearance, Yozora has purple eyes and long flowing black hair with pink ribbons attached to the ends. She also lacks a large bust, unlike Sena, which is another reason as to why Yozora is so cruel towards her.

One of the main reason's Yozora doesn't have any friends, along with the rather noticeable difficult personality she has and bad social skills, is due to how she dislikes the average person. Other than gaining high results on tests (with full marks on Modern Japanese) her intelligence also includes being able to understand people well. This plays a key part in her manipulative personality, as she is able to understand how to act to get the results she wants from certain people such as both Sena and Maria.

Sena Kashiwazaki

Age: 17
 Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Sena KashiwazakiSena Kashiwazaki is viewed openly by all as being "that really popular girl" who is often surrounded by many followers, who are basically always males fawning over her physical attractiveness. She joins the club as the third member because due to her nature of being the popular girl, she doesn't actually have any real friends at all. Beautiful, blonde hair, light blue eyes, large bust, athletic and top-class grades makes Sena extremely desirable to her male classmates, which is why she's constantly followed by them. These features also make all of her female classmates alienate her, leaving her without any friends at all. Sena also tends to wear 'flashy' clothing outside of school which show off her physical side even more.

She is the only daughter of St, Chronica's headmaster, which is why she tends to have an air of a rich girl while playing the act of an 'ordinary' high school girl. When it comes to her real personality, she is actually quite arrogant, prideful, gullible, but is also quite caring towards the other members of the club even if she doesn't openly show it. Despite her genuine care towards the club members Sena is still openly rude towards Yozora and when it comes to getting revenge on Yozora for manipulating and embarrassing her, Sena always makes sure to not go too far.

Being a perfectionist and having obsessive behavior are other parts of Sena's personality, as she will go through far lengths to get the best results possible. This has a part to play in how she always has the top grade in her class, but also with how she will play a game non-stop without sleeping until she has completed it. Other examples of her obsessive behavior include that of how she'll become so obsessed with the characters from her dating simulation and eroge games that she'll defend them if someone speaks ill of them and her huge and weird obsession with Kodaka's younger sister and the idea of taking a bath with her.

Yukimura Kusunoki

Age: 16
 Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Yukimura Kusunoki
Yukimura is the fourth member of the Neighbors club and has joined with the main desire to serve Kodaka and learn how to become more manly to stop himself from being 'bullied' by his male classmates. As a part of him wanting to become more manly, Yukimura stalks Kodaka as he finds him to be a romantic and masculine role model and wants to become his underling. He has difficulty with making friends as he is genetically female and so his male classmates feel uncomfortable and tend to avoid him. To the club's misunderstanding, Yukimura is transgender as he identifies himself as a male while he was genetically born as a female. Yukimura has short light brown hair with eyes the same color as his hair and typically spends his time wearing a male school uniform, except for when Yozora tricks him into wearing a maid uniform in the club room.

Yukimura is gentle, friendly, feminine, polite, dedicated, and kind. He is also quite gullible and has low self esteem. Often it's noticed that Yukimura appears to lack showing emotion towards anything except any topic relating to samurai and manliness. He respects Kodaka a great deal and does his best to be useful to him by bringing him lunch and happily being the club's servant.

Rika Shiguma

Age: 16
 Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Rika Shiguma
The sixth member of the Neighbors Club is Rika Shiguma and she joined the Neighbors Club to get closer to Kodaka. Rika is a brown eyed and extremely intelligent girl who is always wearing her glasses, white lab coat, and having her brown hair up in a pony-tail. She is a scientific genius, inventor, game developer, and high school student. The reason Rika doesn't have any friends is because she is extremely anti-social and would often hide away in her personal laboratory in the school. Rika becomes interested in Kodaka after he saves her from a dangerous accident in her lab where she fell asleep from her newest experiment, a sleeping gas that only works in a few seconds.

Rika is noticed to be the most perverted out of all of the club members and is also a self-proclaimed Fujoshi. She has a habit of making sexual innuendos every time she speaks. She is rather proud of her perverseness and thought it added to her character, as being only known as the 'genius girl' would be boring. Other than her perverseness, Rika is a rather high-spirited girl who cares about her fellow club members and becomes easily overwhelmed when someone is genuinely affectionate to her. Unlike all of the other members, Rika is probably the member most devoted to making friends and she gets irritated by how the other members deny their obvious real friendships.

Kobato Hasegawa

Age: 14
 Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Kobato Hasegawa
Kobato Hasegawa becomes the sixth member of the Neighbors Club, despite the fact that she's still a middle school student, due to wanting to become closer to her brother Kodaka more often. She appears to have a 'brother complex' as she behaves jealously and clingy to her brother when she thinks he's giving someone else more attention than her. Due to her obsession with the anime series "Kurogane no Necromancer" Kobato is almost always cosplaying the main character. This includes wearing a gothic-lolita dress, thigh high socks, a black barrette, her natural blonde hair pulled back into ponytails, and a red contact-lens in her right eye with her left eye showing her natural blue eye color. She tends to carry a patchwork stuffed rabbit toy, since it's the mascot for her favorite anime.

Kobato tends to be a shy girl who has no desire to interact with anyone other than her brother. Unlike all of the other club members, her sole reason for being part of the Neighbors club is to be with her brother. She is actually rather popular with her classmates but due to her shyness and lack of desire, she hasn't been able to make any friends. Along with generally getting jealous when other females are getting attention from her brother, Kobato tends to get extremely jealous about Maria gaining any attention from Kodaka as she sees Maria as being her rival at being Kodaka's younger sister.

Maria Takayama

Age: 10

The Neighbors Club is advised by Maria, due to her being easily gullible and Yozora tricking her by 'quoting' words from the bible to become the club adviser (although what Yozora quoted was not in the bible at all). Maria has long light purple-silver hair, blue eyes, and almost always wears her nun outfit. She looks up to Kodaka as a brother-like figure and is affectionate towards him, which is why Maria and Kodaka's real sister Kobato act as rivals towards one another and always at conflict. When it comes to her intelligence, Maria is extremely gifted and is able to do well in high school subjects such as Math and Japanese language. Her intelligence also plays a part in her personality as she can become rather arrogant towards the people around her. She also tends to act immature, which is the reason she doesn't have any friends.

 Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Maria Takayama
An easy way to gain Maria's affection or manipulate her is to give her food, as she loves snacking and never seems to get full. Even though Maria is the club's advisor, she is actually the youngest and shortest member. Even though Maria is a nun, she appears to not be so well-versed in the bible, as she believed Yozora when she told her "If someone slaps you on the right cheek, give them your room also. Oh, and also sign the paperwork to officiate their club" was said in the bible.

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