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Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler): Members of the Phantomhive Household

Story of Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) revolves around the Phantomhive household - a British noble family in 19th century England, whose purpose is to serve the Queen as her diligent underworld watchdogs.

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Kuroshitsuji - Phantomhive Household

The Phantomhive manor isn't exactly full of life, as the only member of the family to live there is a 13 year-old Ciel Phantomhive. That said, the house employs several servants, and has frequent guests - people that are related to the Phantomhive family by blood, currently live in the Phantomhive manor, or frequently visit it as its allies.

Ciel Phantomhive

Kuroshitsuji - Ciel 2
Ciel is the current head of the Phantomhive family. He personifies the qualities that are expected from Earl of Phantomhive and behaves like a true aristocrat, despite his young age of 13. His gentle and fragile appearance, coupled with his courtly manners and exquisitely-tailored clothes, clashes with his cold, calculating, and ruthless personality, producing a very striking image.

Ciel is a young, elegant boy, 13 years of age. He is rather short and possesses a very feminine physique, partially due to his asthma. His left eye is closed with an eyepatch, hiding a sign of his demonic contract. He wears extravagant clothes, befitting his status, and has a firm, collected composure.

Phantomhive Family is famous for producing sweets and toys, but it’s only a facade, since the family served for generations as Queen’s Watchdogs. Their job is to scout England’s underworld for possible threats to the throne, remove them, and make sure that the surface world never learns about these dark secrets. They are widely known and hated in the underworld, and have a great number of powerful enemies. Ciel's parents, Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive, were murdered because of this. This event eventually brought Ciel in contact with Sebastian, who suggested to help Ciel in exchange for his soul.

Kuroshitsuji - CielCiel combines several contrasting traits that catch most people by surprise. He is a young boy, a pure-blood noble, a genius tactician, and a caring head of the household, all boiled down in a straight, unhinged gaze that is almost impossible to get through. Sometimes, Ciel demonstrates fitting behavior for his age, but it’s a rare sight, reserved only for some of his closest allies.

Ciel knows that Sebastian is bound to him by the contract and the demons' aesthetics code, and never forgets to utilize his butler to the fullest extent, while keeping Sebastian's true power a secret. Ciel never shows fear or awe for Sebastian’s powers, and abuses him at any convenience. That said, Ciel has complete confidence in his butler, to the point that he almost never shows fear for his own life, fully expecting Sebastian to ensure his own safety, no matter the circumstances. He sometimes even toys with Sebastian, trying to make him fail for his own amusement, even if it threatens Ciel's agenda.

The same can be said for his relationships with the other characters. He likes to play with his enemies, and never shies of demonstrating his higher class, abilities, or knowledge to humiliate others. At one time, he says: "I’ll never lose at anything that can be considered a competition." This trait is encompassing both his behavior as a head of the house, his duties as a Queen's Watchdog, and his perfect court manners.

Still, there are moments when Ciel shows his soft side. It mostly happens in front of Sebastian, who can see through his cold facade with ease, and in front of Elizabeth, his fiancee, who tries to bring out softness in him every time they meet. Ciel doesn't deny that he is still young - however, this actually makes him look even more mature, since he doesn't resist his childlike desires. He frequently indulges in sweets that Sebastian makes for him, and doesn't refuse emotional support during the times he requires one. Most times when he is seen losing his composure, it's because Sebastian is edging him on purpose.

It's tempting to say that Ciel's greatest power is his control over Sebastian, but it's not true. Ciel is incredibly smart, calm, and ambitious. Whatever physical strength he lacks, is more than compensated by his immense mental strength. He always completes any goal that he sets for himself, and uses his intelligence to gain advantage in every situation - with Sebastian's help, or by himself. Although he doesn't have any supernatural powers, his cunning makes him prevail over even the toughest opponents.

Sebastian Michaelis

Kuroshitsuji - Sebastian 2
Butler of the Phantomhive family. A demon and a butler. The Watchdog's watchdog. Sebastian has mysterious and malevolent personality, and is embodying the concept of a perfect butler. It is frequently shown that the whole Phantomhive household hinges upon his inhuman abilities as a butler - both in the matters of housework, and in the house's servitude as the Queen's Watchdog. His uncanny powers come from his demonic nature.

Sebastian is a tall, slim man with slightly long black hair. He is calm, but collected, reflecting a perfect butler's posture. He is always dressed in a black suit, wears white gloves on his hands, and has a pocket watch that he often looks at, to manage his duties.

Demons are bound by their aesthetics code that requires them to help and protect people who sign demonic contract in any way possible. However, when mortal dies, they are set free from their servitude and devour the mortal's soul, forbidding it entrance to heaven. Sebastian is proud to abide to his code to the fullest extent, and his role as Ciel's butler and bodyguard only encourages his willful devotion to his "master". It seems that he takes deep satisfaction in his spotless servitude. He lives to serve Ciel, and to protect him at the cost of his own life.

Kuroshitsuji - SebastianSebastian is an ideal butler, both in his abilities, and in his devotion to his job. It isn't clear if his devotion comes purely from his contract and aesthetics, or if there is another reason for it. Sebastian spends his entire day tending to Ciel and arranging his day, preparing dinner, and cleaning and managing the house. It is disclosed that he sleeps 3 hours a day, performing his duties every waking hour. He always abides by Ciel's orders - but does so with an insidious grin. He also sometimes toys with Ciel, deliberately withholding useful information just because Ciel didn't order him to share it.

Sebastian is always calm and has an unnerving, sarcastic smirk on his face. Every word he speaks is sprinkled with sarcasm, and he only speaks clearly when he speaks with someone he deems worthy of his respect. Considering his character, not a lot of people fit in that category.

Sebastian seems like a completely unflappable person, but every once in a while, he shows anger and frustration. Most of the time, it's because of the very inept servants of the household. Sometimes, it's Ciel that purposefully taunts him into irritation. He also shows worry if there's a possibility that his contract is in danger, and even fear, if it's his aesthetics that are at risk.

Sebastian's abilities far surpass any mortal and go into the realm of impossibility. The actual range of his power is unknown, but he undeniably possesses supernatural speed, strength, and agility. He is frequently shown doing impossible feats, like repairing a destroyed mansion in less than an hour, moving faster than a car at full-speed, and dispatching a dozen of armed thugs with silverware. He isn't omnipotent, and sometimes even appears to be weaker than his opponents, but to a normal human, his powers are unreachable. By Ciel's orders, he never shows his true demonic powers in front of others, unless he is planning to kill them.

Phantomhive Servants

Besides Ciel and Sebastian, Phantomhive manor also houses several servants. They all seem to be ignorant to Sebastian's true nature, however they possess some incredible abilities themselves, with Tanaka being the only exception. They are very faithful to Ciel, despite being completely inept at their jobs - again, with the exception of Tanaka. Every time they are ordered to do something, it usually ends up with Sebastian fixing their mistakes, as well as completing the task himself.


Kuroshitsuji BaldroyA cook at Phantomhive manor, Baldroy - or Bard - is a cheerful blond man of American descent. He considers himself a father figure of sorts to other servants, despite being utterly terrible at his job. The reason for that is Baldroy's insane affection towards weapons and explosives of all kinds, due to his military past. He is certain that explosions are an art form, just like cooking, so he always attempts to combine them, resulting in burnt charcoal for food.


Kuroshitsuji - FinnianPhantomhive's gardener, Finnian - or Finny - is an optimistic boy who seems to be just several years older than Ciel. He always wears shorts and a straw hat. Despite trying his best in gardening, he manages to completely destroy any tree or plant he comes close to. He possesses supernatural strength, which source isn't fully known, but is tied to his mysterious past. He always tries to suppress it, in fear of hurting others.


Kuroshitsuji - Mei-rinA maid at Phantomhive manor, Mey-rin is an emotional red-haired young woman, clad in a maid outfit with big, round glasses. Extremely farsighted, Mey-rin always messes up her duties by tripping over objects, or confusing things. Her glasses don't seem to offer her any help, although she refuses to take them off. She seems to be deeply in love with Sebastian, despite never getting a response to her feelings, and becomes even clumsier if she is near him.


Kuroshitsuji - TanakaA previous butler of the Phantomhive family, Tanaka is a joyful mustachioed old man, who is mostly seen sipping tea from a japanese-style mug. He is the only servant who knew Ciel's parents, and the only one, besides Ciel, to survive the attack on the Phantomhive manor. Tanaka has a laid-back personality, and seems to be hierarchically above other servants and even Sebastian, who never attempts to give him orders. He almost never speaks, his only reaction to everything being his distinct laugh, "ho-ho-ho".

Phantomhive Relatives

Madam Red

Kuroshitsuji - Madam redMadam Red’s real name is Angelina Dalles. She is an adult woman with blood-red hair and red clothes that compliment it. She always looks calm and confident, however she is actually rather emotional and passionate. She was a sister to Rachel Phantomhive, Ciel’s deceased mother, and is one of the few people that can be considered his family. She is incredibly intelligent and graceful, and shows significant care for Ciel, who reminds her of her sister. She is a brilliant doctor, although her practice is a taboo: removing ovaries for prostitutes who do not wish bear children. At the beginning of Kuroshitsuji, Madam Red is one of Ciel’s trusted advisers, and is one of the few people who treat him with care. She has a personal butler who is rather inept at his job, prompting a stern attitude from Sebastian.

Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford

Kuroshitsuji - LizzieElizabeth - or Lizzie - is Ciel's cousin and fiancee. An energetic blonde girl with curly hair who wears bright, cute clothes, Lizzie is a daughter to Ciel's paternal aunt. She is very affectionate towards Ciel, and tries to do anything so that he would like her. She always tries to bring out the warmth in him, although this sometimes means that she seems too persistent. Lizzie is very fond of cute things, so she likes to dress members of the Phantomhive manor in cute dresses, despite their protests.

Allies of the Phantomhive

These are people that help Phantomhive family achieve its goals, even if it's only because their agendas are coinciding at the moment.

Queen Elizabeth

Kuroshitsuji - Queen VictoriaHer Majesty the Queen is an active ruler of the British Empire, and an employer of the Phantomhive family. Not much is revealed about her, as the Phantomhive family receives her orders by letters or from her servants, but she is known to miss her deceased husband greatly.


Kuroshitsuji - LauLau is the president of the British Branch of the Chinese Trading Company. In the underworld, however, this eternally-smiling Chinese man is known as the head of the Chinese mafia, and is an owner of a large opium den. Lau, dressed in traditional Chinese garments, always seems to be in a joyful mood. He always has a girl at his side, Ran Mao, who is completely emotionless, but is utterly loyal to Lau.


Kuroshitsuji - UndertakerOne of the weirdest characters in the series, Undertaker is a very mysterious person who has an undertaking business in London. He always seems to be in the know about any deaths that occur in the underworld. He is a tall man with grey hair and a giant scar across his face. He wears a shapeless black robe and a top hat. He is unnervingly cheerful and speaks of death with joy, sending shivers down most of the other characters. Not much is known about him, except for the fact that he is fond of people making him laugh.

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