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Vinsmoke Sanji | One Piece | Full Character Profile

This article looks details a range of character info about One Piece's "Black Leg" Sanji. It will provide you with a small glimpse of who curly eyebrowed cook is. Below you can find some simple character details including his appearance, skills, personality and relationships with other characters.

by HerrKaiser
Nov 10, 2016 2:13 AM | 396,694 views

Vinsmoke Sanji

Sanji Serious Headshot in Punk Hazard


Sanji is the fourth crew member to join the Straw Hat Pirates (fifth if you count Luffy as the first). Sanji's full name, little known to many but the most die-hard fans of the series, is Vinsmoke Sanji. A fitting name given that he is sucking down on a cigarette for more than half of his screen time. Sanji joins the Straw Hat Pirates as the crew's chef, but also possesses incredible fighting ability. As a cook, Sanji's hands are invaluable assets. Because of this, Sanji fights almost entirely with his legs in a very impressive and powerful style that he first learns under the eye of Chef "Red Leg" Zeff of the Baratie.

Sanji ranks amongst the 'Monster Trio' of the Straw Hat Pirates ass-kickin' corps. He might not be considered quite as powerful as Luffy or Zoro, but he is likely smarter and also possesses a range of skills outside the battlefield. While not commonly known, Sanji is actually the third son and prince of the Germa Kingdom. After running away, he joined up with the crew of the Baratie to become a cook, which was where he eventually met and joined Luffy. Sanji's dream was to find All Blue, the sea where fish from all four seas could be caught, but he also claimed it was 98.72% because of Nami that he signed on—forever skirt chasing.

About Sanji

sanji before time lapse sanji after time lapse

Before Timeskip After Timeskip
Age 19 years old 21 years old
Height 177 cm / 5'9½" 180 cm / 5'11"

Birthday March 2 Hometown Germa Kingdom
Affiliation Straw Hat Pirates Position Cook/Fighter
Devil Fruit None Fighting Style Martial Arts - Black Leg Style

Nicknames "Black Leg Sanji" "Ero-Cook" "Shitty Cook" "Curly Eyebrow"


Sanji's Appearance

Sanji is tall, fair-skinned with straight, blonde hair. He has a muscular frame and is quite long-limbed. His eyes typically appear black, but during the Thriller Bark story arc are depicted as grey-blue. Sanji's hair is split, always covering one of his eyes and eyebrows. His eyebrows are perhaps the most iconic aspect of his character design and are a large part of Zoro's nickname arsenal when insulting the cook.


After the time lapse, Sanji's hair part switches to covering his right eye (prior to the skip, he wore it covering his left eye). The change reveals that both his eyebrows share the same unique 'dartboard' curl, but that they are not symmetrical. If you read into their shape, they even play into his constant skirt chasing. Sanji's right eyebrow curls up into a backward '9', while his left eyebrow curls down into a backward '6'. While there isn't much more explanation needed, here's a photo... although, he may have just changed the way he does his eyebrows?
sanji's right and left eyebrows together?

Facial Hair

Sanji is the only Straw Hat Crew who sports any facial hair. From the beginning of the series, he wears a scruffy patch on his chin, but following the time lapse, Sanji has clearly aged and matured. His face has become a lot harder and slightly less boyish. His hair is scruffier and gives him a more rugged look. The most defining change is that his facial scruff has become a full goatee and stubble stache.


Sanji is without a doubt, the best-dressed of the Straw Hat Pirates. Initially stemming from his role as sous-chef at Baratie, Sanji typically sports a double-breasted suit, button-up shirt, necktie, suit pants, and dress shoes. This base wardrobe undergoes slight variations, in the color of his shirt and ties. Due to these slight variations, Sanji's wardrobe changes most frequently of all of the male members of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Sanji almost never goes into a fight poorly dressed. In his most casual, he might be caught wearing just a vest or a shirt and tie. One of his most casually dressed fights was during the Davy Back Fight when he didn't tuck in his pink shirt. He does dress down on occasion, typically before or after big fights. Sanji was caught sporting a T-shirt at the beginning of the Water 7 story arc and the end of the Fishman Island story arc. He also wears a hooded sweatshirt at the beginning of Thriller Bark.

all of sanji's outfits over the course

Sanji's Personality

Sanji is without a doubt, one of the more serious characters in the Straw Hat Crew. That being said, he is not as gloomy as Robin or Zoro are. Sanji is typically cool and distant, except in the presence of a beautiful lady. Sanji gets incredibly silly and swoons in the presence of women; a mere glance sends him spinning and a slight touch causes his nose to bleed profusely. The common trope in anime puts Sanji in more than a few tight situations. Not uncommon for One Piece characters, Sanji has a core set of principles that guides him and he sticks to them as religiously as any of his other crew mates.

Sanji's Chivalry

Sanji sees himself as a knight in shining armor or a prince on a white stallion. Throughout the series, he daydreams of coming to the rescue of some fair damsel in distress. Zoro often stands as a protector to female crew members and won't stand to see women hurt or insulted in his presence. His chivalry is so extreme that Sanji will not lay a finger on women in a fight. This is a pretty debilitating disadvantage as it often puts Sanji in futile situations. The most obvious instance of this is when Sanji gets beaten by CP9's Kalifa during the Enies Lobby story arc.

sanji get's wrecked by CP9 Kalifa
That being said, Sanji has more than a few moments where he truly is a knight in shining armor. Most notably is when he saves Nami on Thriller Bark from the incredibly perverted Absalom, who was trying to marry an unconscious Nami. Sanji not only rescues her from him, but takes a savage beating while trying to fight off Absalom while also holding his unconscious navigator.

sanji saves nami from absalom on Thriller Barkin a wedding dress
Sanji will drop almost anything to come to the aid of either Nami or Robin. It is a bit hard to discern, but it is likely that he would choose Nami if forced to do so between the two. After all, she was a large part of his decision to join the crew in the first place and the two have been together and through a lot more than he and Robin.

Sanji isn't only chivalrous in fights, he also lives to wait on Nami and Robin while they sail towards and through Grand Line and into the New World. Sanji almost always serves Robin and Nami first. He often will create special dishes and drinks just for them, much to the annoyance of his male crew members at times.

Sanji's chivalry could also be the factor which causes him to leave the Straw Hat Pirates one day. His love of women and desire to become a beautiful woman's savior very nearly led him to abandon the crew during the Dressrosa story arc. Sanji became quickly enamored with Princess Viola, who wanted to escape the clutches of Donflamingo. Were it not for her true motive overlapping with that of the crews, it is entirely possible that Sanji would have truly skipped town and fled with her.

Sanji's Eroticism

While chivalrous to the core, Sanji is also the very definition of a pervert (hentai). The ero-cook, despite being a totally cold bad-ass when fighting, becomes a clingy puppy when faced with a pretty lady. Sanji can be a little much as he really lays it on when a lady he likes is around. His legs start to get wobbly, his eyes and heart can often throb, and he tends to throw his arms up into the air along with all of his other cares in the world when seeing a new lady or when seeing Nami or Robin after an extended period of time or serious fight.

sanji's pre time lapse nosebleeds
At first, Sanji's puppy-dog love is just an amusing trope, but as the series progresses it even starts to physically endanger him. As per the common trope in anime, Sanji tends to get profuse nosebleeds when aroused by a lovely lady. Sadly, it doesn't take much to get him going and it sometimes feels like he loses more blood idolizing women from afar than he does in all his battles summed up together. This becomes really problematic as the crew looks to enter the New World. In order to do so, they must pass through Fishman Island, which is inhabited by both fishmen and mermaids. Well, it was all a bit much for Sanji and very nearly killed him.

sanji's post time lapse nosebleeds he almost dies at fishman island

Sanji's Cleverness

Sanji is more than just a warrior, like Zoro and Luffy. His primary role on the ship is technically as the cook, although he is a part of the Straw Hat Pirates' monster trio. That being said, he often uses more than just his insane physical strength to best his enemies. Sanji often finds himself wandering off alone during large encounters, only to discover secret doors and weaknesses that he is able to exploit for the crew's benefit. His curiosity and cleverness often puts him into situations where he is able to save the rest of his crew.

Sanji does this in Alabasta, giving him an edge against Crocodile as he is unknown to the Baroque Works organization. He repeats this feat in Skypeia to wreck havoc on Enel's ship from the inside. In Enies Lobby, he went off to close the Gates of Justice rather than engage with the captains of Enies Lobby. In many of these situations, he has to rely on his wit to sneak through the situations he ends up in. Rather than rushing in brashly, he has a habit of thinking out loud to himself in an effort to find a clear way to navigate forward to his crew's benefit.

Sanji's Emotional Side

This is one of Sanji's key traits. It comes out in his obsession over pretty ladies, but also in a range of other situations, too. While Sanji isn't as quickly drawn to tears as say Franky or Chopper, he is still much more open about his emotions than his rival Zoro. Despite his incredibly cool introduction to the series, he quickly lets himself loose when he parts from the Baratie crew and says farewell to Zeff.

sanji's emotional farewell to owner chef zeff at baratie
In many ways, Sanji is most like Luffy with how he lets out his emotions. Luffy, too, is no stranger to tears when a situation calls for it. The way in which the two most frequently show their emotions is when they get fired up over something which clashes with their moral code. For Sanji, this most often comes when a woman is insulted or endangered in his presence. Sanji's most devastating attacks are typically unleashed in defense of female characters. Sanji's emotions get so fired up that he, quite possibly literally, bursts into flames (this could be tied to his Diable ability). Sanji's most fiery explosion comes during his fight with Absalom during the Thriller Bark story arc.

sanji bursts into flames out of rage when saving nami on thriller bark
Possibly the best example of Sanji's emotional outbursts is over the photo attached to his first bounty poster. The story goes that they were unable to capture a photo of him, so they used an artist rendering of him. Much to his dismay, the drawing barely resembles him and stirs up a real racket with his crew members. Sanji, initially excited to know that his notoriety has grown ends up crushed and devastated by the insultingly sketchy drawing. All of this is to poor Duval's misfortune (the man who his sketch bears true resemblance) which makes it all the funnier when Sanji rearranges Duval's face out of his own fury.

Sanji's Relationships


Luffy Luffy and Sanji have an exceptionally strong bond and friendship. A large part of this is due to Sanji's position as cook and Luffy's unsatiable appetite. Of all the members of the Straw Hat Pirates, Luffy can be sure that Luffy will thoroughly enjoy and appreciate his cooking. Even more so, with Luffy around, Sanji can rest at ease knowing that none of his food will go to waste (which is a very large one of his pet peeves).

Both Sanji and Luffy have a well founded trust and respect for each other. When in fights, neither need to worry much about the other and Luffy trusts Sanji to look out for the well being of his crew. Following the time skip, Luffy entrusts his ship to Sanji and Nami as they are fleeing one of Big Mom's warships when separated during the Dressrosa story arc.


Nami Nami is Sanji's Venus, his Goddess of Love. She was 98.72% of the reason he joined the crew in the first place. Sanji has sprung to her aid more than any other crew member and obviously values her safety over that of any other crew member. Sanji frequently spoils Nami with delicious drinks and desserts while they sail along towards the end of the oceans.

Sanji places an almost unwarranted trust and faith in Nami. Ironically, she does not reciprocate many or even any of his feelings towards her. She is cold, even cruel to him at times. Shrugging off his advances constantly, she often does so with her fists, leaving Sanji with a mountain of welts on the ground. That being said, Nami does know she can count on Sanji to rescue her in a pinch, but she does quickly turn on him leaving him more beaten than his foe when he does something silly like go for a savior's kiss of appreciation.


UsoppSanji and Usopp get along well. Sanji often tries to prop up and support Usopp. Knowing and recognizing the serial liar's cowardice and fear, he often gives him encouragement in battle and gentle pushes towards standing up for himself.

For all of this, Usopp often balks in the face of enemies and tearfully begs Sanji to save him. Sanji never does so without serious rebukes of the cowardly sniper and even tells him to fend for himself, preferring to rush to the aid of Nami or Robin over Usopp. Even so, the two get along well and often crack jokes together and give each other laughs along their journey.


roronoa zoroSanji and Zoro don't get on very well. Part of their poor relationship comes down to fundamental character differences. More so, both Sanji and Zoro are prickly and prideful, which leaves both of them unwilling to come to the table to make amends. For this reason, all of the insults that they have piled on to each other have left a veritable mountain of bad feelings between the two.

While it is unlikely that the two will get over themselves and make amends, they do have a begrudging trust for one another. While Zoro and Sanji might not like it, they do know that they can rely on the other to watch over other crew members. In a lot of ways, they do often egg each other on to be stronger for the sake of the crew.


ChopperIn many ways, Sanji acts as an older brother towards Chopper. While Sanji didn't go out of his way to be nice to Chopper at the start (he was keen to cook Chopper up and for several story arcs referred to Chopper as the crew's emergency food supply) the two have a good relationship. You might even look at Sanji's playful teasing as something a real older brother would do to his younger siblings. For all of his teasing, Sanji is often passing on his philosophy and world outlook to Chopper. His advice is typically passed on in single statement 'life lessons' like not stomping on a man's pride when he is defeated (Usopp's defeat to Luffy at Water 7) and such. Chopper constantly marvels at Sanji's strength and fighting prowess and is always ready to patch the cook up after a fight. Chopper genuinely cares and worries about Sanji and his health, even Sanji's frequent nosebleeds give Chopper cause to worry, especially after Fishman Island.


Robin Sanji affectionately refers to both Robin and Nami with cute pet names. (Nami-swan and Robin-chwan are bastardizations of the Japanese suffix -chan. It makes Sanji come off as bubbly and girly). Considering that Sanji didn't initially like and trust Robin, but he does a full 180 when he gets a 'proper' look at her. Sanji does eventually cool off a bit with Robin over the course of the series.

Sanji eventually grows to consider Robin as a friend rather than a love interest. That said, he would take her in an instant if she said she were into him. It doesn't stop him from fantasizing about her pants like he does on Thriller Bark. Robin, like Nami, does have her limits with Sanji's perverted nature. Unlike Nami, however, a simple glance is enough to put Sanji back in his place (while Nami prefers to use her fist).


Franky Franky and Sanji get on well enough, but they do have their moments. Sanji tends to get annoyed with how easily the cyborg is moved to tears and isn't afraid to show it. Early in their relationship, Sanji would often call Franky a pervert for walking around in nothing but his underpants (or speedo, whatever that thing is), which was a bit ridiculous given Sanji's nature. That being said, Franky is totally cool with himself and took Sanji's words more as a compliment than an insult.

Franky went to great pains to create an excellent kitchen, dining room, and storage space (including a massive fish livestock aquarium) when he designed the Sunny for the Straw Hats. Sanji very quickly noticed and appreciated the craftsmanship and it did a huge favor to their early relationship. Franky does get a bit peeved with Sanji's lack of concern over crew members besides Nami and Robin, but he does respect Sanji as one of the strongest members of the crew.


Brook Upon learning of Brook's connection with Laboon, the massive whale they met just before entering Grand Line, Sanji was all for having the skeleton join the crew. That being said, the tall skeleton frequently gets on Sanji's nerves. Be it his flatulence or the endless 'bone jokes,' Sanji will often give Brook a good shout.

There are some striking similarities between Sanji and Brook, and the two have a lot in common. The two are pretty equally perverted and in many cases, Brook will go further than Sanji would or even could. Sanji might be content with just imagining a ladies panties, but Brook will straight up ask (and politely as a gentleman) if he might be able to have a small peek. Strangely, Brook also is afflicted with the curse of nosebleeds, but cannot compete with Sanji's nosebleed trauma. Both of them are excellent dressers, and both have gentlemanly traits to go along with their wardrobes.


Red-leg Zeff Owner Chef of the Baratie Restaurant One Piece Sanji owes his very life to Zeff. While he initially despised the pirate for attacking and destroying the Orbit, the ship that Sanji had stole away on as a trainee chef after fleeing his family. Zeff and Sanji ended up marooned for 80 days, during which Zeff ate his own leg in order to provide Sanji enough food to survive. Zeff's kindness was brought on, to his own surprise as well, due to their shared dream of finding the All Blue.

Upon their rescue, Zeff set up the Baratie, a ship restaurant with a crew of fighting chefs. Zeff steps in as a father to Sanji, teaching him how to cook, fight, and survive. The two of them constantly insult each other, but underneath their hard exterior, both of them share a deep bond which no amounts of 'little eggplant' insults or 'shitty geezer' comebacks could break. When confronted by his true father, Sanji outright states that Judge is not his father and that his father is Zeff.

Emporio Ivankov and the Okama

emporio Ivankov and the Okama Following the Straw Hat's defeat at the Sabaody Archipelago, Sanji was transported by Bartholomew Kuma to the Kamabakka Kingdom on Peach-color Island. At first glance, it seems like a paradise for Sanji. That is, until he got closer to the lady-inhabitants of the island. The name Kamabakka comes from the Japanese words Okama and Bakkari, which translates to 'nothing but male cross dressers.' Very quickly, Sanji's paradise turns into his greatest nightmare.

For the entire two years of the time skip, Sanji spends his time running and fighting. The inhabitants of Kamabakka are Newkama Kenpo masters who are well-fed on a diet of secret recipes known as Attack Cuisine. The cuisine is said to bolster strength and promote rejuvenation. Sanji challenged the Okama masters, eventually winning all 99 recipes over the 2 years he spends on the island. Ivankov is the 'Queen' of the island and he takes keenly to the task of training and challenging Sanji so that he is ready to return to the Straw Hat crew.

Princess Viola

one piece princess viola sexy upskirt As he always does, Sanji fell madly in love with Princess Viola, who known by the code name Violet at the time. She was a princess of Dressrosa under the Riku Kingdom before they were deposed by the Donquixote Pirates. Viola, in an effort to protect her father's life, joined the Donquixote Family. When the Straw Hats came to the island, Sanji fell for Viola the moment he laid eyes on her. He managed to convince her of his strength, demolishing the grunts that she had with her. Sanji very quickly threw his entire life away for Viola. Composing farewell letters in his head as he ran to flee the city with Viola, Sanji was ready to leave the Straw Hat crew.

The Vinsmoke Family

The Vinsmoke Family Judge, Reiju, Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji Sanji's childhood was not what you would expect of someone who is a prince in a royal family. The Vinsmoke family is a notorious one in the One Piece world. A family of assassins and infamous killers, their kingdom of Germa had once conquered and ruled over all of North Blue.

The Vinsmoke family study and use genetic alteration and cloning in order to train and develop their army. Judge considered Sanji to be a failure as he did not take to the training and alterations as well as his siblings. As such, his siblings cruelly mocked him and beat him. With one chance to flee, Sanji took it. Sanji never spoke of his parentage, having both disowned his past family as well as having been disowned by them.

Sanji's Bounties

sanji's wanted posters
Sanji's wanted posters are undisputedly the most amusing of the Straw Hat Crew. His first poster was a constant source of irritation and despair due to the poor quality sketch and complete lack of resemblance to his face. While his second poster is equally amusing as he is in full love mode when it is 'snapped'.

First Bounty - 77,000,000 Beli

Sanji's first bounty is a whopping 77,000,000 Beli. This is more than both Luffy and Zoro's first bounties and would be the highest first bounty on the crew if not for Nico Robin's first bounty coming in a good two million higher. Sanji picks up his bounty at the end of the Enies Lobby story arc, his defeat of CP9's Jabra being his most notable achievement during the affair.

Second Bounty - 177,000,000 Beli

Sanji's bounty is raised by 100,000,000 Beli at the end of the Dressrosa story arc and following the Donquixote family's defeat. Of all of the wanted posters, his alone is unique in that he is wanted 'only alive'. It is later revealed that this is due to his father's influence, Judge Vinsmoke. Turns out that the King of the Gemna Kingdom wants his son captured alive after all, even though he had thought him entirely useless during Sanji's childhood.

Sanji's Combat Style

Sanji trained under Red-Leg Zeff to be more than just a cook. But as a cook, he was trained that his hands are his most valuable of assets. As such, Sanji never uses his hands when he fights and relies entirely on a leg-based fighting style. There is one exception to this, when he fights another cook in which he uses two chef knives. Sanji's fighting style evolves and develops over the course of the series. He is highly intelligent and observant, which leads him to study and learn a range of techniques from his opponents.

Black-Leg Style

Sanji's fighting style is a brand of martial-arts that is of his own invention and design. Initially, he would have learned to fight in his home kingdom, but as he did not take well to it, much of his training came under the tutelage of Zeff. The fighting style is designed to prevent damage from being incurred to the fighter's hands, which is why most of the time Sanji will fight with his hands crossed or in his pockets. Most of the attacks that fall into Sanji's fighting style come with their own names, derived from French to sound fancy, but actually fairly simple when translated.

Many of the attack names are literally the part of the body that he is striking. "Épaule Shoot" literally translates to "Shoulder Shot" and is, unsurprisingly, a solid leg drop onto an opponent's shoulder. Other attacks are similarly named and designed, where the French word is literally the part of the body that Sanji is assaulting. Some other attacks are translated from Japanese-English, such as the windmill attack Party Table Kick Course.

Party Table Kick Course One Piece Sanji's Windmill attack
Even early in the series, Sanji can be seen to start to add to his repertoire using moves that mimic those of others. His Ekusutora Asshi attack (Extra Minced Meat) attack looks a lot like one of Luffy's Gatling Gun barrages, yet with an unrelenting barrage of hard kicks from close range. Following the time lapse, Sanji uses a few of the techniques that were based off of the of CP9's Rokushiki Geppo technique.

One Piece Sanji's Poitrine Treader Attack

Blue Walk

The first technique based off CP9's Geppo that Sanji uses following the time skip. Geppo allows its users to jump off the air itself. Skilled users could double, triple, quadruple jump and more. Combined with CP9's Soru technique, where users could move incredibly quickly by kicking off ten times in such short succession that it made for explosive movement, Sanji uses the two techniques to travel at super speed while 'running' through the water. He uses this on the way to Fishman Island to catch up with the Kraken before he ran out of breath.

Sanji later uses Blue Walk again on Punk Hazard, but while in Nami's body (due to Trafalgar Law's Shambles ability). This is a pretty interesting development as it suggests that the ability is not one which requires Sanji's super leg strength but simply the understanding of how to do the technique. Albeit, it is likely that the version he uses is less powerful in Nami's body (he does suggest this at other times while using her body), but it also leads to the question of whether or not Nami could eventually develop the ability, too.

One Piece Sanji in Nami's Body uses Blue Walk

Sky Walk

Sky Walk is the same technique as Blue Walk, but in the air. This technique may as well be CP9's Geppo ability. For all intents and purposes, Sanji's Sky Walk is CP9's Geppo. Sanji reveals this technique on Fishman Island as well, when he uses it to evade a pincushion attack when surrounded by a swarm of spike Fishmen. While running, he has a flashback, revealing how he learned the technique to escape the Okama that chased him constantly when he was stranded in the Kamabakka Kingdom.

When he first uses it, both Luffy and Robin comment back to how it is just like CP9's Geppo (Moon Walk). Luffy was more than a little impressed as he remembered watching Rob Lucci jump up and out a vertical shaft as the last time he had seen the technique.

one piece sanji sky walks in fishamn island (CP9 Geppo)

Diable Jambe

Diable Jambe translates from French to mean Devil Leg, very fitting considering how blisteringly hot it looks like when he spins it up. During his first use of the attack, against CP9's Jabra, Sanji gives a full description of the attack. He describes it as the an attack combining the heat and power of the devil. Jabra is both blinded by the blazing light it emits and utterly destroyed by the attack's burning and destructive power. Following the timeskip, Sanji is able to prep up the attack much quicker, require little to no spinning to heat up his legs. Additionally, he has developed the ability to attack from a greater distance using the technique when combined with other attacks.

one piece sanji's diable jambe attack against Jabra from CP9

Hell Memories

Hell Memories is a bit of a strange attack. It may be too early to say that it is yet another ability that Sanji developed while in the Kamabakka Kingdom as he also seems to have used it on Thriller Bark when he saved Nami from Absalom. The technique appears to be related to Sanji's rage level, and as he becomes enraged his body blazes alight. In Thriller Bark, his rage emerged from the thought of Nami in danger and in seeing his dream of her in a wedding dress about to be robbed from him. At Fishman Island, Sanji evokes his rage by digging into the traumatic two years he spent running from the Okama in the Kamabakka Kingdom.

Either way, Sanji channels the rage and fire into his attacks which become devastatingly powerful. Sanji used this attack to engulf Wadatsumi in flames and the power overwhelmed the giant fishman. Hell Memories could very well be an extension of Sanji's Diable Jambe ability. Instead of merely setting a leg ablaze, Hell Memories ignites all of Sanji's body in a furious blaze.

One Piece Sanji's Full Blaze with his Hell Memories attack on Fishman Island


Sanji is shown to possess the ability to use two of the three forms of Haki. He first reveals that he is able to use Kenbunshoku Haki, the Observational Haki, during the Fishman Island story arc. Sanji's prowess with this form of Haki fits incredibly well with his character and fighting style, both which rely heavily on observational intelligence. Sanji clearly uses Kenbunshoku Haki when locating Kin'emon's torso in the icy lake in the center of Punk Hazard.

Sanji's Observational Haki might even have been developed much sooner than this, although he might not fully have understood it. Over the course of the series his Observational Haki seems to emerge almost comically at first and is uniquely tied to endangered women (particularly Nami). It is arguable that his first real use of Observational Haki comes back in Skypeia when he senses Nami is in danger and somehow spots her way above upon Enel's flaying ship.

one piece sanji's first use of Observational Haki on Skypeia Island
It is also hinted that Sanji is able to use Busoshoku Haki or the Armament Haki on Punk Hazard when Luffy is trying to decide who will go after Caesar Clown as he is a Logia-type Devil Fruit user. That being said, Sanji is never shown to actually use his Armament Haki. Later on in the series, Sanji does eventually use his Armament Haki when confronted by his father and the Vinsmoke family.

Evolution of Sanji's Techniques

Like all of the characters of the Straw Hat Crew, especially those among the monster trio, Sanji's attacks and abilities evolve drastically over the course of the series. While Sanji develops and improves many of his earlier and existing attacks with new levels of power, like the progression added by using his Diable Jambe ability, he also develops and expands his repertoire through observation. Zoro tends to develop all of his own attacks and then slowly trains and refines them to become more powerful. Luffy often unleashes new attacks out of necessity, even in desperation when in the heat of battle. Sanji on the other hand seems to make most of his developments through observation, whether it by watching an enemy or a friend.

Following the timeskip, many of Sanji's old abilities have multiplied greatly in strength. His ability to use Diable Jambe, his own kind of Gear Second in some ways, has improved and he uses it more frequently in battle. Additionally, he has somehow managed to increase his ability to strike from a distance, somewhat similarly to Zoro's ability to strike from afar. He first demonstrates this while defending Shirahoshi on Fishman Island.

One Piece sanji evolution of his attacks

Sanji's Dream Come True

While Sanji says his dream is to find the All Blue, the ocean where fish of all four seas can be found and caught, it is pretty obvious that he has another dream. Given his trouble with nosebleeds, it's a wonder he didn't die while on Punk Hazard when Trafalgar Law swapped his heart with Nami's... well...

one piece sanji in paradise shambles swapped with nami's body
Just seemed like the most appropriate way to end an article on Sanji...


  1. Sanji's name was initially set to be Naruto, but was changed hastily due to the Manga Naruto's growing success at the time.
  2. FUNimation somewhat incorrectly subs Sanji's epithet as 'Black Foot' instead of 'Black Leg'.
  3. In the French version of the show, Sanji is named 'Sandy'.
  4. Sanji is the only member of the Straw Hat crew who is wanted Alive only.
  5. Sanji has severe Entomophobia (fear of bugs) and arachnophobia (fear of spiders).
  6. Sanji's character was based off of Steve Buscemi's character in Reservoir Dogs.
  7. Sanji's favorite food is spicy seafood pasta. He also has an unparalleled taste for good tea.
  8. Sanji has light blue-grey eyes, but this is only shown briefly during the Thriller Bark story arc.

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Den Den Mushi are special snails, unique to the One Piece series. They are used for communication and take the place of telephones, speakers, cameras and any other similar machine. Find out more about the types of Den Den Mushi and hear the famous Den Den Mushi ringtone below!
Toriko vs Luffy: Are Shounen Heroes all the same?

Toriko vs Luffy: Are Shounen Heroes all the same?

Shounen anime and manga are very popular nowadays. The heroes are all quite remarkable, but are they all the same too? Read this comparison between Toriko and Luffy to find out!
10 Anime Like One Piece: Recommendation Corner

10 Anime Like One Piece: Recommendation Corner

We love Luffy, the Straw Hat Pirates and their mad capers. For fans of One Piece looking for new anime to watch, we've tracked down just the right shows for you.

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