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Monkey D. Luffy | One Piece | Full Character Profile

He is the straw that stirs the drink of the show that is One Piece. He's zany and unpredictable, but he's as loyal as a captain can be to his crew and his friends. Here is what makes Luffy tick.

by Soultsukino
Nov 1, 2016 2:34 AM | 387,515 views

Monkey D. Luffy

luffy looking curious


Monkey D. Luffy is the adventurous teenager that puts together the Straw Hat Pirates in his quest to become the king of the pirates. He is stubborn, bull headed and emotional, but he also shows fierce loyalty to his friends and anyone in need of help. Using his Gum-gum fruit powers that turn him into a rubber man, he can take down any foe that gets in his way. With his trademark straw hat and his usual big smile, Luffy has become an icon of not only the show One Piece but of anime and Japan as well.

About Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy before skipLuffyafterskip

Before Timeskip After Timeskip
Age 17 years old 19 years old
Height 171.45 cm / 5'7 1/2" 173.99 cm / 5'8 1/2"

Birthday May 5 Hometown Foocsha Village
Affiliation Straw Hat Pirates Position Captain
Devil Fruit Gum-Gum Fruit Fighting Style Freestyle

Nicknames "Straw Hat Luffy" "Straw Hat" "Lucy"


Luffy's Appearance

At less than 6 feet tall Luffy is shorter than most of the human characters in the series. While he is more toned in his core, his arms and legs are thin and long (even without the use of his stretchy powers). He has a mop of black unkempt hair that is usually covered by his trademark straw hat. Since he is not the type to hide his emotions, his face usually has a big smile on it or a sneer that suggests a confidence that he is about to kick your butt.


Luffy's usual wardrobe consists of a red vest that he kept buttoned early in his adventures but leaves it open in later journeys. He wears denim pants that are rolled up all the time, along with flip flops. His most notable article of clothing is a straw hat he received from Shanks the pirate when he was younger that he cherishes very much.

Following the time skip, Luffy's wardrobe doesn't change that much. He wears a long sleeved red shirt for some of his adventures. The most notable addition is a yellow sash he wears around his waist.


Being an adventurous person, even as a kid, Luffy has received quite a few scars that he carries with him. He purposefully gave himself the scar under his eye as a kid because he wanted to show Shanks and the pirate's crew how tough he was. The pirates laughed at him and didn't take him seriously until Luffy went through with his promise with a knife. He gained a little more of their respect that day.

He acquires several scars on his body after battles with Crocodile, Arlong, Kreig, and Kuro during his travels.

He gains a chest scar in the shape of an X during the battle with the Marines in Marineford. As the fight roared on, Luffy was knocked out. Jinbei tried to escape while carrying Luffy but was attacked by Admiral Akainu. Akainu used his powers of fire to shoot Jinbei through the chest, burning Luffy as well.

Luffy's Personality

Luffy is an easygoing captain who spends most of his days sleeping on his ship. He is a simple young man who wants most of all to have good meal, and become king of the pirates. He doesn't overthink things and always goes with what he feels is right, even if someone has to explain to him why he may be wrong sometimes. Once he figures out what is right and wrong in his situation, he will see to it that the right thing is done no matter what. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and will do anything to protect and defend them. Even if one of his friends decides to leave his crew, he will do whatever it takes to get them back. He will walk through hell and stare down the devil himself if he feels he has to. He is a bit thick in the head sometimes as he lets his determination block what his friends tell him.

Luffy's Stubborness

Luffy can be very goal oriented and single-minded. When a challenge comes his way, he sees it through to the end. This determination serves him well when he is in combat as he never gives up on defeating a foe, even if he is near death. This can also be a detriment to himself or the Straw Hat pirate crew as he sometimes gets so tunnel-visioned he stubbornly refuses to listen to what anyone else is telling him, getting in shouting matches with his own crew when they raise any kind of hesitation over his decisions.


Luffy's Loyalty

Luffy is extremely loyal to his friends. Anyone that shows him kindness will get a big smile from Luffy and he will make you his friend. He has shown he will do anything to protect his friends no matter what comes his way. When Nami, Robin, or when Usopp left his crew under different circumstances, he not only wanted them back but in the cases of Nami and Robin, he faced down some seriously dangerous enemies to make sure they were back and safe. He also makes sure to repay his debts. Anyone who does something for him will get something in return. He may need a little help with thinking up what to do to repay them, but once he's set on something he will see it through to the end. Luffy's loyalty also sees him defending people who otherwise can't stand up for themselves. Luffy can't stand bullies and nothing sets him off quicker than seeing someone being bullied, even if he doesn't know who they are.

Luffy Usopp Friends

Luffy's simplicity

Luffy is by no means a stupid man, but he doesn't think about things too deeply either. Simple is the best solution for Luffy and will do what he feels is right without thinking much beyond that. Sometimes this mentality gets him in trouble, and a lot of times his friends like Nami or Sanji have to explain things out for him. He isn't the most forward-thinking person in the One Piece world, but that also keeps him from feeling things like regrets and worries.

Luffy's sense of adventure

Growing up in the company of Shanks and his crew, Luffy has developed a well-defined sense of adventure. He hates to do anything boring and will get reprimanded by some of his crew if he slacks off from his duties as the captain on his own ship. He can be a thrill seeker at times. If the ship encounters rough weather or strong waters, such as the mountainous entrance to the Grand Line, he will be smiling and laughing while the others are hanging on for their lives grabbing whatever they can. Luffy is not scared of the unknown, in fact, he welcomes it with a hearty grin, no matter what is coming (unless it's boring).

Luffy's hunger

Luffy's stomach is a nearly endless pit, so he gets hungry very often. This hunger will often block out everything around him as he searches for something to eat, preferably meat. When the ship stops at a town or port, the first thing he does is look for the closest restaurant, ignoring just about everything going on. Once his belly is full and he's had time to let it digest, he is back to his usual self.

Luffy's Relationships


Zoro face Zoro was the first person Luffy recruited to be part of his crew after rescuing the swordsman from being captured by the government. Ever since then, Zoro has followed his captain, eventually becoming extremely loyal and trusting of Luffy's decisions. They both have respect for each other's abilities and know what the other is capable of. However, they can easily press each other's buttons and get frustrated with the other. Zoro is a master fighter with his blades and knows when to pick his spots, while Luffy wants to march in and hit people, a dynamic that doesn't usually mesh well together. With all their squabbling and frustration, they are loyal to each other and have each other's back.


NamiNami was the second person recruited to Luffy's ship and became the navigator. Although she was using Luffy at first for her own means, Luffy considered her a friend, and when the flighty girl took off to settle her debts, he helped her gain her freedom and she came aboard his ship again. Like most of the others who are part of the Straw Hat pirates, Nami gets flustered with Luffy rather easily. Nami usually has to yell at him to get him to do much of anything on the ship, and yells at him some more when he screws up any of their plans or just does something stupid. But, just like the others on his crew, she considers him a friend and will help him as much as she can. Likewise, Luffy will do anything for her if she gets into trouble, which tends to happen a lot as she tries to acquire more money and treasure for herself or the crew (usually herself). Although he cares for her very much, it's strictly platonic as he doesn't really seem interested in a romantic relationship.


UsoppThe notorious fibber joined Luffy and the crew after they landed on his island and helped Usopp and his friend Taya. Usopp is the son of Yasopp, the marksman on Shanks crew Luffy grew up with. Usopp's cowardice and preference for the safest way often conflicts with Luffy's sense of adventure. They disagree on a lot of things, the worst instance being when Usopp left Luffy's crew for a while after a disagreement over the fate of their first ship, the Going Merry when they reached Water 7. However, after saving Robin from the Maines at Enis Lobby, Usopp wants to join back up with Luffy, who was all for it. Aside from these disagreements, they get along very well, with Usopp telling his tall tales and Luffy excitedly believing every word of it.


Sanji A relationship of supply and demand. Sanji the cook supplies good food for Luffy's crew and Luffy demands more of it, whether he actually likes the dish or not. Sanji is constantly frustrated with his captain's bottomless pit of a stomach and constant begging for food. He also isn't afraid of punishing Luffy by giving him scraps or not feeding him at all. But, even after all the squabbles, Sanji still has respect for Luffy as not only the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates but as a friend as well. Although he refused at first, by joining Luffy, Sanji was able to travel the world and see things he would never have seen staying at the floating restaurant that Luffy found him in. His quest to go to the All Blue was all but a pipe dream until Luffy came along. Despite being at each other's throats at times, they are good friends and will stand back to back in a fight if need be to get the job done.


ChopperLuffy and the little reindeer medic have a little brother/older brother type relationship. Chopper idolizes Luffy for being the brave pirate captain and hangs on to his every word. Although early in their relationship Luffy thought of Chopper as a food source, The Captain soon recognized Chopper's skill as a medic and made him a part of his crew. Chopper has saved Luffy's life a number of times and likewise Luffy has saved Chopper from some really bad situations. Although they sometimes squabble, usually if Luffy is being overly rough with an injured patient, they don't fight nearly as much as Luffy does with Nami or Zoro. Chopper thinks the world of his captain and Luffy thinks the same of his medic.


RobinRobin originally started out as an enemy of Luffy and his crew. Known as "Miss Sunday" she was a part of the Baroque Works organization and worked for its leader Crocodile. When Crocodile turned on her and left her to die in collapsing ruins, Luffy saved her from certain death. She then joined the crew out of respect for Luffy saving her, as well as a way out of Baroque Works. Although he was skeptical at first, Luffy grew to trust Robin and think of her as a friend. Robin seems to be the only crew member that Luffy doesn't squabble with. Be it her calm demeanor, or a high tolerance for Luffy's shenanigans, they don't get on each other's nerves. Out of all of Luffy's crew, She is able to explain things to Luffy without the Captain screaming at her. Even when he is told of Robin's past and how much trouble she can be to any crew she joins, Luffy doesn't care and thinks of her as a friend first.


Franky Luffy and Franky started off as enemies as Franky's crew stole two cases of money and beat up Usopp when the Straw Hats landed in Water 7. However as the story on the island played out, Franky and his "bros" joined Luffy in going to rescue Robin from CP 9 and the Marines. When they return and are recovering, Franky volunteers to build them a new ship since the Going Merry was no longer useable. Franky becomes part of the crew as the boatwright. After the time skip, Luffy is enthralled with Franky's improvements so much, he thinks Franky is a full blown robot. Luffy enjoys Franky as part of the crew and stands up for him as much as any other.


Brook Luffy gets along very well with the eccentric skeleton musician. Much like Luffy's way, he invited Brook to come aboard the ship, even when no one else on the crew trusted him. The Captain thinks Brook's eccentricities are hilarious, even though it drives the rest of the crew insane (even Robin). Brooks proves himself a loyal member of the crew and Luffy and the others grow closer to him as they learn what motivates him (or how he even exists).


Shanks faceShanks the pirate acted as a parent to Luffy when he was young. Luffy looks up to the red haired pirate and wanted to be seen as tough as he and his crew was. Shanks protected the young energetic Luffy with all his heart, including losing an arm in saving him from a sea creature. Luffy cherishes the straw hat he got from Shanks and protects it with his life, as Shanks told him to the last time Luffy saw him. Luffy someday hopes to reunite with Shanks again, while the older pirate is amazed about what his young charge has done since setting out on his own adventures.


Garp face Luffy has an odd relationship with his grandfather. Garp is a firm believer in tough love and Luffy knows all too well the things Garp did to him as a kid such as tying balloons to Luffy and letting him float away, leaving the kid in the jungle by himself and throwing him in a bottomless ravine. Even after seeing his grandson after a long time, Garp clobbers Luffy right in the head. The Marine Vice Admiral views his grandson as reckless and troublesome, but also looks to him as family. Even though he could have Luffy arrested on the spot, he doesn't, sometimes to the other marines confusion. Garp is rough around the edges, but he does have a love for his pirate grandson, even if he has his own painful way to show it.


Dragon faceLuffy's father is a mystery in his life. He doesn't even know he has a dad until Garp tells him so while he is recovering from the battles at Water 7. When the old Marine drops the news, everyone else is shocked except for Luffy himself, who doesn't even know who Monkey D. Dragon even is. Dragon, however, is well aware of his son, even as a highly wanted revolutionary. When Luffy meets trouble with the Marines and Buggy in Loggertown, Dragon swept in and looked after his son, including saving him when Buggy tries to execute him. Much like Shanks, Dragon can't be a part of Luffy's life physically but is well aware and proud of his son.


Ace faceLuffy and his older adoptive brother get along very well, despite being on different pirate crews. As kids, Ace was not fond of Luffy, but soon felt closer to him when he saw how lonely Luffy really was. He even began to protect him from Garp's tough love. When they get older Ace still loves his brother even after being separated for over three years. When Ace is captured, he worries about Luffy constantly. Ace defended his brother to the very end, sacrificing himself to block a fire attack of Akainu.

Luffy's Bounties

Luffy poster

First Bounty - 30,000,000 Beli

Luffy attains his first bounty after his battle with Arlong at the floating restaurant. As a result, he has the highest bounty of the East Blue.

Second Bounty - 100,000,000 Beli

Luffy's bounty is increased when he battles Crocodile in Alabasta

Third Bounty - 300,000,000 Beli

Luffy's bounty is raised to 300,000,000 after the fight with the Marines and Enis Lobby.

Fourth Bounty - 400,000,000 Beli

Luffy's bounty is raised to 400,000,000 Beli when he arrives at Fisherman Island

Fifth Bounty - 500,000,000 Beli

Luffy's bounty is raised to 500,000,000 Beli after the events at Dressrosa.

Luffy's Combat Style

Luffy's fighting style is completely self-taught. He follows no rules or code of honor so he will do things in a fight many other won't like hitting women or animals, hitting below the belt, attacking opponents from behind, even using enemies as human shields. He doesn't use weapons as often as Zoro or Usopp, preferring to fight hand to hand. His Gum-Gum fruit powers make him a very dangerous opponent as he is able to come up with attacks using his powers, seemingly out of nowhere.


When faced with someone he doesn't like, Luffy usually starts things with a plain old punch to the mouth. This can be used to judge the toughness of an opponent as if they can't handle a single punch, they won't be much of a fight.

Gum-Gum Strikes

Luffy's best weapons are his fists and throughout the series he uses his Gum-Gum fruit powers to deliver stronger punches. He can either strike with one mighty punch or use a Gatling attack of many rapid-fire punches to defeat his enemies.

Luffy multi punch

Gum-Gum Kicks

Here Luffy stretches his leg out high in the air and using all of his might bring his foot down on top of an opponent. This is a very powerful attack that drove an opponent through all the floors of Arlong Palace. He can also use a rapid fire kick just as easily as a rapid punch attack.

Luffy multi kick

Gum-Gum Slingshots

A move where Luffy will grab onto two anchored objects and stretches himself as far as he can before jumping and launching himself at high speed in any direction. He can travel a great distance in a short amount of time if he has to. The only problem is that his landings when he reaches his destination are not the best and it's more of a crash landing than a graceful dismount.

Luffy slingshot

Gum-Gum Inflation

Luffy takes in a great inhale of air and holds his breath, making him inflate to several times his size. This can be used to make a giant rubber shield, or he can launch himself in the air and turn himself into a giant wrecking ball. He can do this move quickly and he can turn himself into a giant crash pad if he needs to catch someone falling from the sky.

Luffy inflate

Second Gear

A technique where Luffy is able to improve the blood flow to parts of his body to make him stronger and faster. This technique turns the affected area red and only has a short time to use. It is a very taxing technique on Luffy and can take him out for a while.

Luffy second gear

Gum-Gum Headbutt

A close encounter technique where Luffy literally uses his head as a weapon to konk opponents if he is trapped or restraining an opponent. Sometimes this knocks Luffy senseless as well but his hard head and Gum-Gum fruit powers work well together to surprise a foe with a mighty strike.

Luffy head butt

Evolution of Luffy's Techniques

Since Luffy makes up moves on the fly, every battle for him is a learning experience on new ways to be effective in a fight. The use of attacks is only limited by his imagination. As time goes on he gets better at using his attacks more effectively and becomes stronger all the time.


  1. Luffy has had two different English voice actors. Bella Hudson under the 4Kids license who has also voiced numerous characters for Pokemon and Colleen Clinkenbeard for the Funimation license who has also done voices for Dragon Ball Z, GT , and Kai, Fullmetal Alchemist and FMA: Brotherhood.

  2. In Japan, Luffy is voiced by Mayumi Tanaka in the TV series. She has also done voices for Sailor Moon SuperS, Dr. Slump, and Urusei Yatsura. In the OAV specials, Luffy is voiced by Urara Takano, who has provided voices for Zatch Bell, Pokemon, and Yu Yu Hakusho.

  3. Ring of Honor wrestler ACH is a big fan of the series and has dressed as Luffy before wrestling matches.

  4. In 2016 Luffy starred in a commercial showing off his soccer skills alongside Japan national midfielder Shinji Kagawa.

  5. In 2009 Luffy was featured on the cover of Japanese men's fashion magazine Men's Non-No.

  6. In 2016 Luffy appeared as a limited edition gender swapped figure made by MegaHouse.

  7. In 2012, Luffy was featured in a TV ad selling life insurance.

  8. In 2015, Luffy along with Shanks, had their faces adorn facial beauty masks. Luffy's face featured him in kabuki style red face paint.

  9. Luffy Avatars have been featured in the online game of Second Life.

  10. In 2016 Luffy and the other Straw Hat Pirates teamed up for an ad campaign for Kai's Xfit razors.

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