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LunyRem | Apr 1, 10:00 PM
Dang! xD lol. So much for good news.

_cjessop19_ | Apr 1, 2:58 PM

LunyRem | Apr 1, 2:28 PM
I just realized...

I hope this news isn't just some nasty April Fool's prank, is it? :I

LunyRem | Apr 1, 6:48 AM
@_cjessop19_ We're finally getting new content for MAL-Badges?? Is this real?? :D

Are there now more people working on the development of the coding for the site especially the delayed updates from the Kanban page?

Will all the data & contents from the huge spreadsheet finally be applied to implement the level 50 badge cap? Will the incorrect thresholds from specific badges (e.g. 194X Fan or 195X Fan) finally be fixed?

I wish the Level 50 update will finally come true. :) I've been waiting for that ever since this club has been revived around December 2022.

Please don't leave us hanging! ;w; I still support MAL-Badges. I'm so stoked and excited that's why I look forward to those long-awaited promised updates!

_cjessop19_ | Apr 1, 1:18 AM

Starting today, progress to MAL-Badges's development will continue after many months of being on hiatus.

A lot of new content will be released soon, so please stay tuned to the kanban page for recent updates.

Most importantly, the Wincest badge will be updated to include the OVA.

Sorry for the long delay!

trashpanda143 | Mar 30, 10:49 PM
@_cjessip19_ thanks so much

_cjessop19_ | Mar 30, 6:40 PM
@trashpanda143 we aren't affiliated with AWC, you'll have to go to their club and ask around there.

trashpanda143 | Mar 30, 6:58 AM
Hello everyone !
Happy easter weekend !
My name is Nini and I am new to the platform
Can anyone please help me with designs or maybe teach me please. I am in the dark here and trying to start the AWC 2024.
Thanks so much

Lil-Bird | Mar 28, 11:10 AM
It's really not weird when you realize all those top users with the trophy icon are all new troll accounts that add every entry as completed. Time for another cleansing, it sounds like.

_cjessop19_ | Mar 27, 4:34 PM
Does anyone else find it weird that the top user has 103% completed?

Mira | Mar 20, 12:20 PM
I have a problem finding my profile on MAL Badges. I changed my name months ago and whenever I search for my name it says 500 ERROR

_cjessop19_ | Mar 12, 7:37 PM
We are now at 17k users

ggultra2764 | Feb 21, 9:38 AM
I'll give things a few days to see if the site can recover itself. Otherwise, sad to say I'll be jumping ship from this club as there would be no point in being involved if the main attraction to it is dead and not being properly maintained.

svefnpurka | Feb 21, 7:50 AM
What a shame, this was a fun project while it lasted. Hope we see a return or some other take its place.

ggultra2764 | Feb 21, 5:41 AM
And looks like the site is completely down as of this morning.

Nevelin | Feb 16, 3:28 PM

It can already be assumed that the project will die. It originally died for the same reason, and the same thing is happening again.

The history of Myanimelist has already shown that this site almost died, because the original author also did everything himself and did not seek help.

It's a shame that people associated with this site, make the same mistakes all the time.

I feel sorry for @_cjessop19_ because he tries and puts his heart into it (I can see it from the very beginning).

LunyRem | Feb 8, 6:04 AM
There's now a new version of MAL-Badges at v20240208.1, to my surprise. Although there's only one minor update within the site for the Back-End. Maybe Koito is still around.

I just wish that most of the "To-Do" stuff in the Kanban board would get implemented into the website somehow, as nothing has ever changed in it for several months. And it looks like some of the things in the "Verify" column have already been completed a few months ago, so they should be removed from that column since they're already working.

_cjessop19_ | Feb 8, 2:36 AM
And also, there’s the lack of communication as well. She hasn’t talked to me for a long time, despite my frequent posting and work on the spreadsheet.

If I had access to the code, I can somehow manage to get a few things added in.

_cjessop19_ | Feb 8, 2:26 AM
I got told by Koito that she wanted to develop the site at her own pace, and that there was no need to rush. Well it looks like she’s going the same pace as HxH. I did ask before if she could speed up a bit, even for me to help out with the coding, but she doesn’t want to.

It is a bit frustrating seeing how much effort I’ve put into the planning stage, perhaps we could’ve been fully done by now.

Lil-Bird | Feb 7, 6:41 PM
This very thing happened to MALGraph years back because the keys to the kingdom (so to speak) was handled by one user. The previous iteration of MAL-Badges was mainly run by one person, so it was understandably done at their own pace. When there's more than one listed staff, I don't get why two or more users don't have access to everything to ensure things run at a reasonable pace instead of always grinding to a halt because the main goes AWOL.

Just something I've observed over the years, makes things no less frustrating to see.

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