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Lil-Bird | 4 hours ago
Even if it's a partial comeback, it's better than nothing. Looking forward to seeing what you can do. :)

Jikan_ | 4 hours ago
Yeah, the only problem is that the actuel API only give anime list of a user, not the gender or the time user spend to watch anime (like in mal profile). So I think some badges will be disable, maybe with time, is still not fully checked XP
I'm really sorry to say that you have to wait but i will look about it !

Lil-Bird | Yesterday, 12:59 PM
Ooh, that's actually good, especially since the fate of the API is still up in the air at this point.

Jikan_ | Yesterday, 11:59 AM

I was without internet on vacation, previous API is down, i can use another way but I don't have all the informations I need. I will look at it when I can.


Tarandeep_singh | Yesterday, 4:32 AM
API is down

Tarandeep_singh | Yesterday, 4:32 AM
API is down

LadyHaru | Yesterday, 3:23 AM
Hi I'm new. The badge doesn't work?

Tarandeep_singh | Aug 18, 11:55 PM
No idea

Luigi_chief | Aug 18, 2:13 PM
When will the site become normal again?

Tarandeep_singh | Aug 17, 6:46 AM
Hello again

Jikan_ | May 27, 2:02 PM
@Lil-Bird The API is still down, I will try to contact mal-graph to understand how the fix it tomorrow or try to find something. Thanks for the informations :)

Lil-Bird | May 27, 11:01 AM
MAL Graph is back to normal (not sure how, though, must've been a work-around), so there's hope yet.

Jikan_ | May 26, 2:27 AM

So everybody, I send an email to support concerning the API. She answer me that he has not sure if the API will be up, they are still under consideration. And they don't give a date or an estimate time. So I wait :/

Jikan_ | May 26, 2:25 AM
@Lil-Bird Please post-it in Support or Bugs when the site are not broken. Thanks :)

Lil-Bird | May 25, 9:21 PM
@Luigi_chief you must've recently joined. MAL-badges, as a third-party app, is currently offline due to the API being disabled. I don't understand it myself why this had to be, but the site might not work for a while, if at all.

Luigi_chief | May 25, 7:14 PM
Im level 1 but i have 4000 episodes seen and 160 animes completed? 0 badges and 0 xp

Lil-Bird | May 25, 10:58 AM
Tbh I'm not all that mad about it, it's not like I depend on it to watch anime. I guess the thing's been acting up lately or something; I don't know how to really explain, let alone prove the bug to post in the thread about it, but any time the badge of a certain genre or such gets to the next level, the XP only updates to half the projected points. Like I got up to the next level of "Game", and I was supposed to get 500 XP, but only got 250 instead.

So if and whenever MAL-badges gets to return to operation, maybe that bug'll get fixed as well.

MeDicenJaden | May 25, 9:00 AM
Man, the api ruined mal-badges at the moment

Kenchuky09 | Apr 25, 9:10 AM
Hello, discovered this club by anyone on the forum. Some good idea I think hehe, even if I have'nt watch many anime.

Carlos742 | Apr 24, 2:46 PM

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