Mal-badges's Comments

Jikan_ | Yesterday, 3:32 AM
@Tebaldi Please report it in the bugs topic and explain whats wrong. Which badges is not correct, etc.

Tebaldi | Dec 10, 10:58 PM
Hey, I'm facing a bug! I update the badges... then... after a while they come back as they were long time ago. What should I do?

Jikan_ | Dec 8, 4:14 AM
Oh, thanks for the informations ! Look like is a mess to deal with it

avory | Dec 8, 3:36 AM
The rewatch badge was giving you the ammount of shows someone was currently rewatching, there are a few bugs going on with rewatching in MAL itself too so I'm not surprised it'd be messy to try and do something with it yourself.

Soul_Eater22 | Dec 5, 5:57 PM
Ok it got registered in
Thanks :))

Jikan_ | Dec 5, 1:01 AM
Base on the myanimelist api you have not rewatched any anime. Are you sure you specified it in your list ? If yes, when have you do it ? Maybe the myanimelist api need time to be update

Soul_Eater22 | Dec 4, 5:09 PM
One of the reward is re-watching anime and I've rewatched 35 anime and it's not showing up on my "Mal-badges" account...


LunyRed | Nov 30, 3:44 PM
Nice new changes. :) And thanks for adding that new badge! :D Honestly, I'm surprised that I had enough anime entries for the "Cars" genre to earn a badge for it. I'm happy about this! xD

Looking forward to see more new badges added in the future. :) Thanks for your great work!

Jikan_ | Nov 20, 1:36 PM
@_Ask_ Thanks ! Happy to see you like it ! :3

_Ask_ | Nov 20, 1:25 PM
I just found out about Mal-badges. I love achievements and stuff like that, so this is right up my alley. Awesome concept @Jikan_

Jikan_ | Nov 20, 11:46 AM
@SheyCroix xD
Hahahaha xD I just think somebody make me some publicity and I wanna say Thanks :P

SheyCroix | Nov 20, 11:22 AM
@Jikan_ you are probably becoming popular~

Jikan_ | Nov 12, 11:07 AM
@anime90 Welcome ! And thanks !

If somebody know what append today can explain me ? xD
Every day I have ~20 pepole who go to the website but today 120 xD How ??

anime90 | Nov 10, 2:34 PM
Hello, I'm new to this club :)
just add mine to the profile
like the idea of this ^_^

Jikan_ | Nov 9, 7:12 AM
Thanks ! :)

einonymous | Nov 8, 8:08 PM
Just wanted to say, interesting concept!

Sojin | Oct 11, 8:44 AM
@Jikan_ Nothing comes to mind at the moment, but let me send you a pm about something. Give me a couple of minutes.

Jikan_ | Oct 11, 8:43 AM
Thanks ! If you have any idea post it ! :)

Sojin | Oct 11, 8:40 AM
Hello @Jikan_ and club. Just wanted to say hello and I super impressed at your website. I look forward to seeing where this club goes.