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<strong><span style="color:pink"><3<3<3 <span style="font-size: 200%;">Welcome to the LoGH Shipping Club<!--size--></span> <3<3<3<3<!--color--></span></strong> Here, you can discuss your favourite pairings in LoGH, and maybe even make fanfics and artwork of them in their most intimate moments! <span style="color:pink">Kyaaaaa!<!--color--></span> The thought alone makes me so excited! So have fun everyone!<span style="color:pink"> :) :D :P X)<!--color--></span> Supported pairings: Rein<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Kirch Rein<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Yang Rein<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Emile Rein<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Annerose Rein<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Annerose<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Kirch Ober<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Rein Ober<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Bitten Ober<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Truniht Ober<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Dog Ober<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Mitter<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Reuen Mitter<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Reuen Poplan<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Dusty Poplan<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Ivan Yang<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Bucock <span style="color:pink">(Cock, tihihi~)<!--color--></span> Yang<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Murai Fyodo<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Yang Schenk<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Yang Caz<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Yang Fork<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Yang Murai<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Bucock Schenk<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Kasper Schenk<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Katerose Julian<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Mashengo Fyodo<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Julian Bagdash<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Julian Julian<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Emile Meck<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Heinrich Meck<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Ernst Meck<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Bitten Heinrich<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Heinrich Rubi<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Rupert Lennen<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Merkatz Magdalena<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Annerose Magdalena<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Hilde Fredrica<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Jess Fredrica<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Julian Kurt<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Tonio Sid<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Bucock Kirch<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Steinmetz Wahlen<span style="color:pink">X<!--color--></span>Fahren

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Ritsu-no-waifu - Apr 9, 2010
7 replies by MostCuriousThing »»
Jun 21, 2012 7:46 PM

Club Comments
japonecka | Nov 11, 2012 8:43 AM
We need more fan fiction and we need it soon. We need stories about the night when Poplan found drunk naked Bucock in his bed and many more. I think we need to start making google documents with fanfic where everyone can contribute and show us her/his favourite ships from LoGH! Who is in?

Baman | Nov 10, 2012 8:34 PM
Alright Ceka, so where do we start?

hikky | Oct 13, 2012 2:27 AM
That feel when you see this club again and set out to write an LoGH fanfic as a joke but then you really start to get into ReinxKir and you really don't want Reinhard to lose to his sister :(

cuppy | Jun 23, 2012 11:57 PM
oberstein and his dog are the truest pairing do not front

GoddamnBatman | Jun 11, 2011 3:42 PM
Where is my OTP of Schenk/Poplan?!

also LennenXMerkatz is bet pairing ever made
where is my fanart of it

SY_IS_DEAD_IRL | Jun 2, 2011 12:54 PM
hell yeah Kircheis x Julian.

(Oberstein x Terraist is not bad either though~)

japonecka | Jun 2, 2011 11:13 AM
I really miss Kircheis x Julian ... because it´s the best couple!

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