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[Game] Guess the anime character! ( 1 2 )
Rayaxe - Sep 22, 2015
56 replies by -Animewatcher- »»
May 6, 10:33 PM
-Animewatcher- - Apr 22
4 replies by dianali »»
May 3, 4:24 PM
[GAME]Lets count to 5000! ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
ruarifinn - Mar 13, 2016
288 replies by -Animewatcher- »»
May 1, 9:30 AM
[GAME]Have you watched it? ( 1 2 3 4 5 ... Last Page )
Luchia - Sep 21, 2010
344 replies by -Animewatcher- »»
May 1, 9:30 AM
[GAME]Count down to -3000 ( 1 2 3 )
ruarifinn - Aug 18, 2016
146 replies by -Animewatcher- »»
Apr 26, 9:16 PM

Club Comments
Koku117 | Yesterday, 6:48 AM
Hi everyone! Happy to meet some new people 🙌🏼 Enjoy your day, from your friends over at the oasis!

-Animewatcher- | May 17, 7:21 PM
Is that where that smile, sweet, sadistic meme comes from?

Ky0mitsu | May 10, 1:51 PM
Tonari no Kaibutsu Kun, Plastic Memories, Servant x Service and Lovely Complex are also pretty great! Well, Servant x Service is not really a romance focused anime but, anyway, it's great

-Animewatcher- | May 10, 11:33 AM
Anyone watching any romantic animes current?

-Animewatcher- | May 8, 9:54 PM
@Complexfan119 Cheers to you! Hope you enjoy it. ( ^ w ^)b And let me know what you think~

Complexfan119 | May 7, 2:23 PM
@-animewatcher- you sure took a long time writing a recommendation :). I’ll probs start on clannad after story because I’ve seen it around videos and webpages. I quite liked angel beats aswell as it was the few that was good on Netflix and certainly got me to cry:))) but cheers for the list

-Animewatcher- | May 6, 10:31 PM
@Complexfan119 From your interests, I can see you like school life animes mostly, so I've based my list of recommendations based on that similar trait as well as that dramatic aspect that get those tears going. So my first recommendation is an older anime it's called Kare Kano. It definitely has very dynamic characters and you'll see both comedy and drama at play and how it effects all the characters. And it also has romance so that's definitely a plus. You follow the struggles the two main characters go through and I definitely think it says a lot about growing up and how maturity affects us in different ways.
The next recommendation I can make is Kaichou wa Maid-sama. This anime is a lot more light-hearted but the romance does grasp you and it's definitely an anime you'll enjoy just to see how their story plays out. It was one of those binge-watches because it was so easy to watch and get hooked.
The next recommendation is Clannad After Story. This one has been one of my all time tear jerkers and I've never regret watching it. If you want your feels to be pulled I recommend this one for sure. I can tell you it's one of the top animes for a reason.
My next recommendation is Angel Beats! This one was definitely more action packed compared to the rest of them but it was the concept of the anime that made it very different from the rest on the list as this one is more about a different kind of life. It touches a lot of very emotional topics so this one was also a tear jerker. LOL Sorry I'm only recommending ones that will make you cry.
The last one I recommend is one of my all time favourites, Anohana. This one really got to me where it hurts. xD You'll be following the lives of those who are trying to move on after someone they loved had passed away and it's really a beautiful and moving story.
I hope you get the chance to watch all of them and tell me what you thought of each of them!

Complexfan119 | May 6, 4:33 AM
@-Animewatcher- I mean I've watched some such as: Your lie in April, Domestic Girlfriend, Yamada and the Seven Witches, Citrus, Orange, Masamune kun's revenge and several more. But of all those I probably enjoyed Your Lie in April and Domestic Girlfriend the most because I like emotional ones that make you cry:)

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