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How to search for characters?
tirafesi - Mar 20
1 replies by 5hRreDDy »»
Mar 20, 6:57 AM
my_status being set to 0 when attempting to set manga status [Python]
5hRreDDy - Feb 20
3 replies by nstratos »»
Mar 10, 3:03 PM
Pull anime/manga info by id
K3fka_ - Jan 6
2 replies by FoxInFlame »»
Feb 11, 2:08 PM
Please someone, make an unofficial API for URL GET requests!
FoxInFlame - Sep 7, 2016
1 replies by FoxInFlame »»
Feb 6, 4:35 AM
Unofficial API Documentation
philon - Nov 11, 2015
4 replies by UsagiAddict »»
Jan 9, 3:37 AM

Club Comments
Sk98 | Mar 24, 7:26 AM
Thank @FoxInFlame . I am making a window program for my own use. Its very simple that only get search results. for now I am using official API which returns XML data. Since I am just a newbie programmer I can only use that for now. But official API dont retrun <Genres> so that its quite inconvenience

npstr | Mar 21, 7:03 AM
Already noticed the space thing. But sometimes the same happens while using the space (eg, "steins+gate" or "steins%20gate"), and I know I have occasionally received successful responses for "steinsgate".

Something is wonky inside the MAL API and I'm just happy someone confirmed they have the same problem, because otherwise I'g just go crazy.

FoxInFlame | Mar 21, 6:42 AM
@Sk98 There is not a way for the official API to work like the Web search. If you want to search like that, you have to use an unofficial API. I use one that I made myself, the matomari API.

Just don't use this though, because I change the code every few days, and it's not done yet. Use a better stable faster API, like Atarashii.

FoxInFlame | Mar 21, 6:38 AM
@npstr It looks like the link doesn't work if there are no results. Inserting a space between steins and gate returned 2 results, but trying 'steins gate123' returned an empty one, like yours.

npstr | Mar 21, 5:50 AM
Hey, I have trouble with some requests timing out.

For example

Sk98 | Mar 18, 1:35 AM
Thank. I found a way to do it.

By replacing whitespace character with %(regular expression).Thress result found
Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven's Feel
Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven's Feel 2
Fate/stay night Movie: Heaven's Feel 3

Sk98 | Mar 18, 1:26 AM
Yes. What I mean is API search method dosen't work like Web search method - returns results

Using API feels like you have to know the exact name of the anime. My question is that if there is a way to work API like Web search method.

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