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Drutol | Aug 24, 7:11 AM
Maybe it's https?

_North | Aug 24, 1:19 AM
Hmm, I keep getting 400 trying to access /login.php, unsure why.

Drutol | Aug 23, 11:48 AM
As far as I know whitelisting is thing of the past, my app works without specifying user-agent for one :)

_North | Aug 22, 10:47 AM
Whitelisting is still a thing, right. I submitted an application a few months ago and got no response, what email domain is it coming from?

Drutol | Aug 17, 10:02 AM
Thanks for the heads-up :)

Xinil | Aug 16, 11:58 PM
Hello everyone. About a year ago I made mention that we were working on adding HTTPS/SSL support to MyAnimeList. I’m pleased to announce that it’s finally here! At approximately midnight tomorrow (August 17 11:59pm PST), you’ll be able to securely browse MAL through HTTPS. This functionality will also be available for our mobile users.

Also, in order to allow our 3rd party developers ample time to update their applications, we’ve decided to allow our API to support both HTTP and HTTPS for about 3 weeks. Please update your application(s) as soon as possible. By mid-September, the API endpoints will only use HTTPS.

We hope everyone enjoys this added security and that your browsing experience is not hampered in any way. Please let us know if you experience any issues!

Nexxkinn | Jun 24, 9:20 PM
Is there any way to parse full news from an rss feed just like crunchyroll do?

HatWearingKid | Jun 11, 2:54 AM
Hey guys,

Im not sure where to be for this. But i have a problem with the API.
I can't get the api to work. I want to make a login system in Visual Studio. But how do i get it to work so, that it returns a boolean.
If username and password match, return true else false?
Anyone here to help me out?

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