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PyMoe - All the Anime
TeshiKO - Oct 14
0 replies by TeshiKO »»
Oct 14, 8:29 PM
Authenticate using Twitter, G+, or whatever.
FoxInFlame - Sep 21
6 replies by FoxInFlame »»
Oct 13, 1:44 AM
Getting placeholder value for anime list?
EMChamp - Oct 3
2 replies by EMChamp »»
Oct 4, 4:20 PM
First time API user (Android)
ZephZeph - Feb 13, 2013
2 replies by Katricia »»
Sep 26, 5:15 AM
Search using anime ID
FoxInFlame - Sep 23
4 replies by FoxInFlame »»
Sep 23, 3:16 PM

Club Comments
_North | Sep 19, 11:59 AM
Looks like you can get them through individual post requests, but that's a pain to do hundreds of requests like that.

Drutol | Sep 17, 2:41 AM
Rewatch is bugged? I was about to implement this in my app... Thanks for heads up ^^

_North | Sep 15, 10:45 PM
Will rewatch in XML be fixed

nstratos | Sep 7, 10:04 AM
@Drutol Awesome, thank you!

Does anyone have info about the 429 too many requests error?

nstratos | Sep 7, 9:20 AM
> White-listing is the thing of the past.

What's the source of this?

Drutol | Sep 7, 9:15 AM
White-listing is the thing of the past. To be honest I didn't experience any 429 errors thus far and I haven't heard of any API changes recently (except https) :(

nstratos | Sep 6, 3:18 PM
I've been getting error 429 "Too many requests" recently. Anyone knows if there's been some changes to the API related to that? Is white-listing not working anymore?

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