Hiro Hayami

Hiro Hayami

Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live
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Pretty Rhythm Movie: All Star Selection - Prism Show☆Best Ten
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Pretty Rhythm: All Star Selection
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King of Prism by Pretty Rhythm
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Hiro Hayami (速水 ヒロ)
Hiro Hayami is a young man enrolled at Edel Rose who aims to become an idol. Self-centered, many of his sweet words towards girls are covered in lies. He will do anything to achieve his goals, including stealing and trickery. He has a near-obsession with Kouji, and almost debuted as an idol alongside him. Bell is one of the only people who understands his twisted personality.

In King of Prism:
Birthday: October 10.
Blood type: AB

The absolute idol who proudly has an overwhelming female popularity.
His fans have a habit of bringing a yellow rose to his concerts and fill the venue with them.

Voice Actors
Maeno, Tomoaki