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Farlan Church (ファーラン・チャーチ)

Farlan Church is one of Levi's companions, the other being Isabel Magnolia. He's a young man with light colored hair and a strong build. His bangs hang over his forehead, between his eyes.

He was threatened by the Survey Corps in order to force Levi to join Erwin's divison. He's a very talented 3DMG user, but how he learned to use it and how his group got the equipment is still unknown. Farlan appears to be the person of the trio who keeps things calm and steady. He knows when to give up, but can also be defiant. Levi respects Farlan's opinion, and Farlan in turn has respect for Levi.

(Source: Shingeki no Kyojin Wikia)

Voice Actors
Yusa, Kouji
Castañeda, Arturo
Colt Levy, Ryan