Graham "Gurahamu Supekutā" Specter

Graham Specter

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Graham Specter (グラハムスペクタ)
Graham Specter is a mechanic and one of Ladd Russo's loyal devotees. He is one of the powerhouse fighters of the Russo Family, taught how to fight by Ladd himself.

A young man who was not directly involved with any of the main events in the anime. He harbors deep admiration for Ladd, whom he refers to as an "older brother" (or "boss ladd" in the english dub), and can be compared to him insofar as his psychotic, murderous attitude. Graham is obsessed with breaking things, a complex that generally manifests in dismantling cars, but sometimes results in his wanting to "break" other humans as well. He dresses in a blue mechanic's outfit and carries an oversized monkey wrench. Graham also has a peculiar tendency to speak frantically, repetitively, and often philosophizes violently and contradictorily--he will lament about his current state of affairs in the most negative way possible, before changing his mood and suddenly view the same issue in the most positive way possible.

Voice Actors
Sugita, Tomokazu
Patton, Chris