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Sarah Adiemus (サラ・アディエマス)

The best friend of Yakumo Tsukamoto, Sarah is distinguished by her blonde hair done up in a bun. She is a British girl raised in an orphanage, and is a relative newcomer to Japan. She is frequently seen together with Yakumo, as they are classmates and members of the Tea Club. With her cheerful and positive attitude, she does her best to support Yakumo, particularly on the latter's relationship with Kenji Harima and her difficulties with the unwanted attentions of Haruki Hanai. She stayed over with Yakumo to accompany her while Tenma was away for the Kyoto trip.

Sarah has several part-time jobs outside school. She is a nun at a local church, performing duties such as hearing confessions, playing the organ, and babysitting children. Although her position as a nun may preclude her from pursuing romantic relationships, she reveals in a conversation with Akira Takano that she may have an eye on someone; furthermore, at least one hopeful student has expressed interest in her. Aside from her duties as a nun, Sarah also works with Hiroyoshi Asō of 2-C at a Chinese restaurant, waiting tables and cooking.

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Voice Actors
Fukui, Yukari
Lau, Gwendolyn
Choi, Mun Ja
Darmon, Emma
Stanschus, Arlette
Deliquet, Julie
Bonfitto, Sabrina