Lala "Laura" Gonzalez

Lala Gonzalez

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Lala Gonzalez (ララ ゴンザレス)

Lala is an exchange student from Mexico, and a skilled practitioner of "Lucha Libre" fighting. She belongs to the same amateur wrestling club as Ichijou, who she sees her as a rival, often shouting "Ichijou!" when she meets her. Lala dislikes Ichijou's name because her mother, who abandoned her and her father when she was a child, was also named Karen.

She detests the D-cup-hunting pervert Imadori, especially when he managed to grope her chest while being choked. She thus tends to beats him up whenever she sees him after sufficient provocation. Lala works in the same fast food restaurant as Ichijo, where no one dared to go to her counter because of her violent temper. She even grabs customers that annoy her and drags them inside for a beating. Lala's closest friends appear to be Harry Mackenzie and Masakazu Tougou, who both look out for her. Later on, her animosity towards Ichijo softens. Her character is the direct opposite of her rival Ichijou, being that she is tall, well-endowed, sour-faced, hot-tempered, and very easily provoked.

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Voice Actors
Kobayashi, Yuu
Rial, Monica
Scianca, Patrizia
Sindberg, Susan