Mina Yayoi

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Mina Yayoi (弥生 水奈)

Age: 15
Blood type: AB
Birthday: March 11
Hobby: Dolphin goods collection

Mina is a first-year student and another one of Sayuri's closest friends. She tends to be fairly shy, relatively quiet and always doesn't have self-confidence. Because of this, Riku met her for the first time at the library when she tried to reach a book(about dolphins) from a high shelf and seems to have developed a crush on him. She is one year younger than Sayuri and Tsukasa. Also, she belongs with the school's swim team, and goes to school on a bicycle, making her quite athletic for a girl of her kind (the shy, quiet type). She has long, blue hair worn with two pony-tails.

Voice Actors
Fujita, Saki