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Shougo Kiryuu (桐生 将吾)

Gender: Male
Age: 16-17
Birthday: January 29th
Height: 175.6 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Blonde

Shougo Kiryuu is Yuuki Hase's best friend and classemate of Kaori Fujimiya and Saki Yamagishi. Being a reliable person, he gets good grades. He normally speaks his mind, making him seem cold/rude. Shougo also speaks very casually and might appear somewhat stupid to some onlookers, but as seen in episode 3, he is very calculating and logical. Also, Saki and Shougo were classmates primary school.

It is also mentioned that Shougo is deemed "hot" by several female classmates, but is too "scary" to talk to.

(Source: Isshuukan Friends Wiki)

Voice Actors
Hosoya, Yoshimasa
Forsberg, Nick