Reo Mouri

Reo Mouri

Gakuen Alice
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Gakuen Alice
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Reo Mouri
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Alice: Voice Pheromone
Birthday-August 20

Reo is a graduate from the Academy, who turned into an international celebrity. He is first seen in Episode 13. He came to Alice Academy to perform in the Opening Ceremony of the Alice Festival. During the performance, he faked an injury and took the chance to kidnap Natsume in the hospital.

After he failed to kidnap Natsume the first time, he manipulates Ruka (episode 23) to do his bidding. His ability control device is the earing he has in his left ear. Narumi was Reo's senpai when they were in the Academy, and out of both of them, Reo thought that Narumi would be the one that would retaliate against the Academy, but now he believes that Narumi had betrayed him.

Voice Actors
Suzumura, Kenichi
Shin, Yong Wu
Vivio, Marco
Laquet, Damien